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  1. Welcome Tony .. i have to agree about Billings instructions from past experience ,but as u say it,s a good way to learn , don,t be afraid to make mistakes ,we all do and learn from them . Good luck with your build . Boyd
  2. Hi Jorge . The books are the Fully Framed Model Swan class available from Seawatch books who have a link down the right side of the homepage here . They are not cheap but come highly reccommended
  3. Just a few pics of how the stern section finished up after a few redo,s and modifications .As i thought i had to remove the last 2 cant frames to install the new transoms . Have partially sanded them to make sure they are close to correct and will finish sanding later . Not sure if the rabit line is correct but worked on the assumption that the planks need to fit smoothly into it and as i don,t intend planking i,m happy if it looks the part . Have ordered vol 1+2 of FFM but having read Chuck,s post about the US customs problems am not expecting a speedy delivery if ever ,so will carry on blindly in hope . Next is the bow section ,, wish me luck ????
  4. Frank Mastini gets my vote as well ,good glossary at the end
  5. Welcome Scott from sunny N Ireland 10 degrees above here . I agree reading is necessary but the best way to learn is building , something simple to begin with to get the feel for it ,. Best of luck . Boyd
  6. Welcome Bruce . Nothing like diving in at the deep end. I look forward to your build log. Reading between the lines i suspect u have past experience in woodwork or something similiar so u should have no problem . Lot,s of luck and have fun . Boyd.
  7. Welcome James .. I had a son who studied in Nottingham a few years back , Visited him a few times , nice place . This is great site u will enjoy it . Boyd.
  8. Things going a bit better now and pics soon but i have been wondering is it worth buying 1 or more of the FFM books to help me complete this project . I don,t intend putting masts on this build and very little planking ,so i,m wondering which volume or volumes would be of most use . Can anyone with experience of these books offer any advice . Thanks Boyd
  9. My recent attempt to build the full Triton POF has to say the least been a challenge and although now going a bit better i was wondering about buying at least 1 of the FFM books to give me a few hints . My question is which 1 to buy or do i need to buy them all , bearing in mind that i do not intend to put masts or rigging on this attempt and will probably leave as much unplanked as possible . Can anyone with experience of these books advise on which volume would be the most helpfull . Thanks Boyd .
  10. Welcome from sunny N Ireland and another nearly 60 year old .. Its the new 40 . Boyd.
  11. Hi all . thought i would make another post about my painfully slow progress .I did remake quite a few of the aft cant frames, and the aft deadwood ,and the stern post but have i think finished up with something i can work with . I finally glued all the aft cant frames in place and then discovered that the transoms where to short so had to remake them all and also the sternpost as i had faired it incorrectly to the rabit line . I made them way to big as u will see in the pics but will fair them to size when in place , Problem is i may have to remove the end cant frames to install the aft section properly , not a big problem as at least i know now every thing should fit . I put a couple of pins in the sternpost to make sure i was fitting correctly . Nothing glued yet except the cant frames so still able to make small adjustments before final fitting did some fairing just to check that everything lines up but still a lot to do

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