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  1. Fantastic work as usual and i can,t wait to begin planking ,my favourite part .Although i have never done it single plank, so many instructions and pics will certainly be a big help .
  2. Lookin good Rusty . I am also in the pear camp but am thinking pear up to the wales and possibly Tulip above but still not decided . Have noticed a lot of builds with diff colors above and below the wales ?
  3. I had started with 5mm ply and then changed to 5.5 mm so i agree the practise is usefull . Did get my sheets to day and thankfully all is good . so onwards and upwards cheers Boyd .
  4. Sorry to hear of your mishap but now you have got me worried , I had problems getting the AO sheets printed and went ahead anyway .Am hoping to get them to-day so will need to check .At least it,s only ply but it,s the time wasted that would annoy me .You were better to find out now than further down the line . Boyd
  5. Frames all glued in and now preping for fairing .I noticed a few of my frames slightly out of line from port to stardoard (left to right ) so took the precaution of adding small spacer blocks to keep everything in line before fairing , added advantage of making the whole frame a lot more solid . Found a simple solution to supporting the bulkhead extensions (sticky up bits ) ,some old stiff packing foam ,with the added advantage of supporting the hull when upside down for fairing .Again some pics ..in no paticuliar order .
  6. Tks all for lookin in. I am taking pics on an i-pad and it seems to distort the colors quite a bit , but u get the general idea . Still can,t figure how to get pics in correct order and add text in between so forgive me if it seems a bit muddled at times . My naming of individiual parts may be a bit basic at times so bear with me if i mention " pointy bits " or " curved thingies " as i try to explain myself . Enough confessing !!!! I haven,t managed to find anywhere local that can print those humungous A0 yet (another advantage of living in the sticks ) so took a chance and went ahead wi
  7. Welcome from N Ireland . Every build is a learning experience so the next one will be better . Perfection is something to aim for but can never be reached . Just enjoy and don,t be afraid to ask questions ,the folks here will always help . Havw fun ,Boyd
  8. Tks for all the likes folks ,some times i will need encouragement . I made up the bow section from pear and although it may not be to everyones taste i love the look of natural wood grain , this has just been given a coat of sanding sealer for some protection and again i,m pleased with this type of finish
  9. Quick couple of pics tto show progress , Still nothing glued but all cleaned and fitted to what will be the rabbit line , i thought it better to do this before fitting the raddit and hull? ,which will come next with build board .
  10. lol ,,well that didn,t go to well maybe a bit of bouble clicking going on as well . Anyway nothing u don,t already know .Prit used to stick ,i find works well and is easy to remove . I didn,t try to cut to close to the line with the bandsaw and again when cleaning up on the bench sander tried to just leave the line on . Stayed of the line when cutting the slots due to my thinner plywood ,although am wondering if too tight a fit could restrict room for glue so left a clean sliding fit . Also left the bottom of the frames slightly proud to leave room for final fitting to rabbit. Am thinking the
  11. Morning all , As i know u are like myself and enjoy plenty of pics i thought i,d post progress so far . I went ahead with the 5.5 ply which in fact is 5.4 -5.7 so the admiral got to keep the bed after all !! This is just the basic stuff and how i did it ,no doubt there are better/ different ways so feel free to offer advice or opinions , i,m open to all and any suggestions . Sry pics not in order, i need a refresher course .
  12. Mike , tks for lookin in ,your build is a gem . i appreciate your concern but i still feel that as this part of the build will not be seen i can fill out out when and if necessary . i,m probably wrong and have been before but time will tell . Let,s face it this model will not be on public display and as someone said it,s the journey that matters ..I live in hope !!!!! Worst case senario i have to start over so i,m always learning !!! Gregory ... I,m a farmer by trade ,,an inch means nothing to me ,lol Bruce .. The amount of ply it takes for this build i would need the
  13. tks Brian , i,m sure there will be plenty of problems down the line , It,s all part of the fun finding the solutions . I think it will be fine , it will give me something to think about in bed at nite ,,,,lol . Boyd.
  14. You are hereby releaved of any responceability, LOL. I think i,ll chance it and worry about the consequences later , I,m no purist so don,t mind shifting a few things about to fit .. On my head be it and thanks for taking the time to answer , I knew this would be a fun build !!!
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