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  1. The admiral and myself once had a strange thing happen to us  -  in the countryside  a load of cows came over to us shortly followed by the farmer  - he shouted at use   "Dont talk to the  xxxxxx  Cows  they are too busy"     so I thought stuff this  and stood there  having a right moan at the cows about the farmer  - 

    Oh  - should have said  Its my own pic from that very day.



    close moo.jpg

  2. Evening all,   over the last couple of days I have been re - working  some of my figures  - starting with the French 54/55th Ligne regiment  as firstly I wasn't happy with the tunic shade of Blue, I mixed quite a bit of Flat Black into my dark Prussian Blue  and got a slightly darker shade, I the set about re painting the Blue areas,  to day I have been concentrating  improving some of the details  including giving the faces  Two/Three levels of shading and colour variations  - from slightly rose'y cheeks to highlight areas on the noses and over the cheek bones - same with the hands,   I think they look better  - they are  more tidy now than when I first painted them  - guess that's what happens to us  - we all improve the more practice we have.





  3. I have to say It  (but please don't shoot me)    - you know what she is Crying out  for ?  -   some  superbly painted  figures,       that would so compliment a Fantastic design and  give the ship  some life  to go with all the details  - I  am not biased   - of course I am not  lol.



  4. Evening all,   a bit more progress tonight  - I have been carrying on with the detail painting on 2nd  and 1st KGL  - takes so long  even to work on Five at a time  - the Sixth one is having some time out for swearing,   lol  - have also done a bit of shading on the faces - not quite as good as the Perry ones as the moulded details are not quite as crisp.





  5. 2 minutes ago, Bedford said:

    Ah yes the old boat build three step. One step forward and two steps backwards!


    Never mind Chris, you'll get there and more importantly you'll be happy with it.


    I had an old town plastic canoe which I had to sell to make way for my dinghy build but it had a hand hold in the breast hook / deck at each end so I just made an eye splice in three strand rope around the hand grip and left the line long enough to almost reach the forward roof rack and attached a dog clip by way of another eye splice. I then had a short webbed strap with an eye in each end that went around the roof rack for the dog clip to attach to. This had the effect of creating a fixed length lanyard with which to set the longitudinal position of the canoe on the car while providing the required mechanical restriction against it sliding forward in an accident. I used a ratchet strap to do the same thing aft, this allowed me to pull the canoe against the forward strap. Then just two straps over the hull.


    Why have I told you this? Well if you went this way you wouldn't need cleats but I'd recommend two screw pad eyes such as the last one pictured in your previous post and I'd probably through bolt them.

    Nah  I know Chris  - he  will have his sanding block with him even on the lake.



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