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  1. Evening all, so  we started the day of  by insisting that the "spoiled pooch"  must come out on a  dog walk,  we decided to  go a slightly longer route that takes us along an old canal then we normaly take a short cut under a train bridge and into our local park, but we were stopped in our tracks (excuse the pun)  by a flooded  underpass under the train line - we had no choice but to turn back.  This added quite a distance to our dog walk  we found a bench rersted up than went home  - got in knackered.


    After dinner I decided I must do abit  on the Chally  - first off I decided to touch in using my acrylic Nato Green  tin and brush  -  "upsss  - very flat out of the tin"  it stands out against the slight satin from the  tamiya rattle can,   so I made the drastic step of hand painting the whole  thing  (hull and turret)  using the flat acrylic with a brush slightly watered down.   It went on not too bad  but I was having to  mess witgh it a lot between the coats drying as I was getting brush marks on the  larger flat areas,    I decided in the end that these will probably polish out when the paint is hard using a soft cloth.


    No pics again as I am not happy to show it yet.



  2. 8 hours ago, wefalck said:

    Ah those bygone days in the late 1970s/early 1980s cruising open top around southern France ...

    At some stage I had to replace the front wings with a good pair from the breakers, but had to match the colour - was able to do quite a decent paint job with a mohair brush ... yes, car model builders spend quite a bit of effort on their paint jobs.

    Yep used to do that job with my dad  - Twice we hand painted a car  using tekaloid paints  and big brushes  out doors in the sun.



  3. 26 minutes ago, lmagna said:

    I usually take my dog for his walk................ I don't do it for him. :D

    Nah mate our dog is way to spoilt for that  - she sits in the armchair filing her nails, and tells us  to make notes of whats going on  - what dogs are out walking thier keepers  - we have to give her a full rundown when we get back  - then even do her some dinner  - its a good life for some.😁



  4. Evening all,   right  - paintwork rectified,   I made a bridge support that  was stuck spanning under the turret ring  from a lolly stick, I then attached Two of my large plastic clemps  and this afternoon  went out onto our patio  and did the first of Two layers, they both went on without incident and no dust this time as I wore a new glove,  I then put them aside to dry outside while we went for our dog walk, when we got back I gave them a check over and still fine and was dry enough/de gased to bring them inside.

    I will be doing some detail painting and building/painting the small sections tomorrow  (I hope)?



  5. 4 hours ago, cog said:

    Kevin, you can, it just takes time. HMAS Vendetta is quite doable, the larger ships are a different matter as there are so many repetitive actions, e.g. making 28 tripple AA guns of a 32 parts gun. Getting older has it's problems too, because you get headaches more easily from staring at those minute pieces, but if you take a break at regular intervals, again it should be doable.

    Or spending most of the time on the carpet looking for those tiny parts that went  "ping"



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