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  1. Bit of progress  (sort of)   I took the wokka outside  got the outdoor bench set up again  with a box to  put it on,  got my rattle can  RAF Green   then after a warm up and thorough  shake, I started spraying.................ups................splirt splirt  got half the  wokka  done then it ran out😬


    So as it stands its put away  de gasing in the cupboard  keeping the smell locked away,    will have to wait now till the new year  before I can finish it.


    Oh well   I have my Waterloo  figures to keep me out of trouble.



  2. Evening all,    right  Primer day   - it was a bit fiddly  as it had be done outside,   the idea was to sit it on a box  ontop of our covered  deck bench, then   spray what I could while walking around the wokka, then left it a few minutes  to dry till I could pick it up and place it down so I could spray the underside,   only issue I had was a bit of a run  near the winch  - I left it to dry for a few moments then rushed it inside still on the box and straight into our cupbaord.

    This evening I was able to check it out and give the run a light wet and dry  - problem solved.





  3. 8 minutes ago, mtaylor said:

    I'm not sure that the intake filters were ever powered on choppers.   Most of the ones I've seen take the incoming air and 'cyclone' (for lack of a better word).  The realitively clean air goes into the engine and the dust and debris goes out he side/top/bottom of the filter.  Many different designs depending on the engine.

    Thanks Mark.



  4. Evening to my band of  following dudes  and  all who look over my little  workflow  -  so  I have started and completed  the maksing  ready for the primer/paint  layers, the main entrance door was straight forward  just Two doors joined together with tape then pushed inplace and held behind with blue tack,  the other side window was covered with card and tape  - the rear ramp area was covered with paper and tape and the upper ramp door secured with blue tack and tape  and finaly the gearbox cutout has had some sponge  pushed inside  - so  alreadfy  now.







  5. 25 minutes ago, Canute said:

    Nicely done screens, mate.  Unfortunately, can't do that on bigger jets, too much of an airflow reduction. We did have screens the engine mechs put on for some ground runs. Sucking birds down intakes is hazardous to engine longevity. I've had a couple of bird strikes, but wings and canopies don't make you stop flying. The Big Wokka is looking good, OC.

    Thanks Ken, much appreciated mate,   was you able to fly an F4   on one engine if you had to shut down  the other  re - bird strike?



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