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  1. Have you thought about doing the UK Royal Navy equivalent next - Type 45 Destroyer OC.
  2. Hi there, thank you for that, yep it has had a good amount of sanding, but also a couple of re-builds, the deck was re-done as I wasn't happy with the planking, its deffinatlly a case of improving the more time and more you do, I know next time I do a deck it will be even better. OC.
  3. Evening/morning all hope all are well, not much progress (well zero to be exact) I have replaced my camera with a lighter more compact version, so I thought I would show just a quick pic from it. OC.
  4. Very nice indeed she is really coming on and looking superb, keep up the momentum kev you are creating a real superb piece of art. OC.
  5. She is looking beautuful such a credit to you everything is falling into place and all the colors are complimenting each other. OC.
  6. Looking very nice - she is coming together nicely. With my mention of cod that the fish variety - very common in the UK (Dont know anything about the potatoes you mentioned though) OC.
  7. Great work on the boats, they can be very crude sometimes (almost like kits are not interested in that detail) but you have have done some fine work on them. OC.
  8. This will be great to watch can I bring a bench and a fridge - oh and a barbi. OC.
  9. I would love Haribo and leamonade - yummy I would make a lovely ring out of one of them. OC.
  10. Hey pack it in - Nothing wrong with your building skills, I love what you do and how you approach your building, its not just the end product, its the whole thing its credit to you. OC.
  11. We will all be sitting on the edge of our seats till friday -think we should have a "got it" party late on friday all being well. OC.
  12. Great work kev, isn't she looking super, the grey primer really blends it all together. OC.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Merit-USS-Hornet-Aircraft-Carrier-1-200-Large-Scale-Model-Ship-Kit/141837268406?epid=1124921975&hash=item210628f5b6:g:1tIAAOSwt6ZWVabU In Ebay. OC.
  14. Evening all, not much progress of late wiorth posting about, I have just been tidying up the deck areas including applying a few coats of flat topcoat. Here are a few progress pics. OC.
  15. I would say the Hornet also - its a different angle for your skills and all those aircraft, I think you would do a superb job. OC.
  16. Awww this kit, I have built this one but about 50 years ago when I was a kid, I built most of the Airfix kist back then. OC.
  17. She is coming on good, work with second hull lanking has turned out nice and smooth, with the false deck - dont worry too much as long as its flat and you start wirh a plank down the center, you will not notice the gap. OC.

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