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  1. "Type of brush" yep the hairy kind with a handle, seriously its a fairly decent size brush that I use for hand painting my Warspite build, paint wise in using the excellent Lifecolor set of acrylic satins, they are really good. Its one of those painting jobs - the more thinned out coats its get - the better the finish. OC.
  2. Do you know what I would do lou to hush the rushers up - take some pics of demon cat and post them, atleast they will be pics. OC.
  3. If I pull this one off I think I will have earned the NRG achiever medal of stupid painting endurance. OC.
  4. Yeah it just took a bit of sanding with fine wet and dry, its had a few more coats back over the whole hull, but to be honest its like trying to paint a glass from top to bottom with a small brush. OC.
  5. Sort of an update - I have been having trouble with the join line not joining flush despite sanding to two halves, and even with many coats of paint it looked Horrid, so I tried to apply some styrene cement, thi wasn't doing a very good job (dont the smallest and least complicated builds tend to give us grief) So plan number two was to use some C/A and smear it inside and over the bow nose area. This was done to some extent and when dry I was able to give the bow (super glued area) and the rest of the hull a thorough sanding with very fine wet n dry and water. The result was the affect you get when you sand a car down ready to re spray. Then it was back on using my little hairy friend and muliple thin coats of dark grey. No pictures as I didn't have the heart and thought it looked a mess, still having to use my phone camera also. Not the best day TBH. OC.
  6. Excellent work kevin its so graphic and nice that scale. OC.
  7. Admiral said she neds to be convinced its a submarine ........ Blushing Old Collingwood moment OC.
  8. Wife just took note of my sub build and asked "where does the batteries go" OC.
  9. Thanks mate, yep its not always easy to make a round smooth object detailed and interesting, but I will give it a go. OC.
  10. Hiya mate, I will continue to buile up the base color first and attack the bow area where there is a gap, then I will look at simulating some tiles with tape masks. "note to self - look on flee bay for that flast coay rattle can carl mentioned" OC.
  11. Right I decided to attack the sub (no pun intended) by closing up the hull, this was quite a tidy job but needs a bit of filling near the bow, any way I also put the two halves of the sail together, then glued this to the hull, when set I lightly sanded the hull to create a key, but also masked off the top section, then I started to apply the first few brush coats of dark navy grey. It will need quite a few coats (all thin coats) to build up a smooth finish. Here are a few pics. OC.
  12. That is some service beneath the waves, I spent a day at Dolphin in 81 school work experience based at Collingwood for the week, facinating experience taht led me into applying to be a WEM the year after (didn't make the grade though). OC.
  13. Some other T boats appear not to have the channels on both sides, just want to work out if I can paint them in the same dark greay color as the tiles. OC.
  14. Change of plan for my next stage as I am not happy with the finish so far - I decided I will join the bottom and close the hull, and possibly construct the sail and fit it, then I will be able to work on the join seam and sand as needed, then I will mask to where the generic waterline would be be and give below it a few fresh coats of paint by hand as I dont have a sprayer. The sail will give me something to hold onto while hand painting and the masking will help with even brush strokes, then I will polish with soapy water and a sponge as before to smooth out any brush marks (well thats the idea) OC.
  15. Im not sure about replicating the tiles and missing ones, I might be able to tape up a few bit by bit. OC.

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