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  1. Evening all, so with the foremast shrouds done - today I started on the mainmast, I constructed the first two lengths of rope then lashed them around the mast above the crosstrees, I tied the lashed part quite tightly making a neater job than I did on the foremast, I then ran the rope down and attached the shroud deaedeye - I did somehow manage to get the first one alot lower (just one deadeye distance between them) so I thought I better do the same on the other side, when I came to do the second rope I intended to make the gap between the two deadeyes wider, but for some reason and
  2. Thank you denis, it can get a bit disoriented working under a low slung light and looking through the mag - glass - a bit tunnel visioned. OC.
  3. Good day all, so I had a short break - already new what I had to do (the temptation to work on her last night was incredible) so I painted two fresh blocks then when dry I made two sections of rope and de-fuzed them by rubbing watery pva on the the rope between my fingers, then I tied the block around the upper post above the tops, I then started routing the rope one side at a time - the first pic shows spaghetti junction, then I ran the rope down and did a few loops around the bits and glued and trimmed, I did the same for the other side and it does look better and runs far more na
  4. Thank you mark sincerley - its encouragement like this that inspires and enpowers not just me but others to carry on. OC.
  5. Dont worry mate I will get my mojo back, in hindsight I shouldn't have put the foremast yard on yet as it was just in the way while I was doing the upper foremast ratlines - and kept getting bumped, I was in a hurry becuase the lift ropes were getting my way a bit with the ratlines. OC.
  6. No problem mate, bet they will look great on the the ole girl. OC.
  7. Try this mate - http://www.avrmodel.com/en/accessories/3619-1-350-rn-white-ensigns-and-jacks.html or this - https://www.model-dockyard.com/acatalog/White_Ensigns.html OC.
  8. Hi mate, im not sure myself but lots of knowledge here so im sure someone will pop along. OC.
  9. Just what the admiral said, I will make some more lift blocks tomorrow and lash then around the topmast ontop of the mast cap then re route them to the yard blocks. OC.
  10. Not a great day today infact it was one of this flipping frustrating days at the bench where I took about six steps back First I started to do the upper foremast ratlines - talk about fiddly - my method using the tools I have was to cut a managable length of thin black thread then tie a simple singke knot at one end then and apply a dab of ca direct from the plastic bottle (that did start with a fine end but the glue soon eats it away - Locktite glue that is) also battling with the nozzle keep blocking, I use an angled pair of tweezers to catch the thread between shrouds and pul
  11. Good day all, Firstly as always thank you so mush for all the imput and the likes, more with the foremast yard, I painted/weathered it then ran the lift ropes through the blocks on the yard, I then glued the yard to the mast and lashed it inplace, then I pulled the lift rope taught at both ends and through the top blocks, but during tentioning one of the blocks broke away - so I had to make a way of conecting back to the mast top, I did this with some thread tied and glued - this repaired it but did leave both side slightly differently tentioned with the blocks at different placem
  12. Is it right to assume - all ships of sail would lower thier yards on the mid and upper masts, when not set for sail and when in port. OC.
  13. Will give it a go - thinking along I will need to get some MicroSet and MicroSol, for the transfers. OC.
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