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  1. I did this build about 3-4 years ago on here but the original MSW, i got as far as part planking the hull but lost all info when the site went BANG, its an interesting kit keep your eye on getting all the editions. OC.
  2. Hi there please excuse me if this sounds like a silly question, in the above picture did you build that actual large ship? OC.
  3. Thank for the reply and sorry for the keyboard spelling - must teach mine to spell. Interesting what you said - she only seemed to have them during 1944 - nothing shown prior to that. OC.
  4. Geag what i was thinking was - on photos I have seen of Warspite at Dunkirk she has a lot of rolls of what look like possibly sand bags in in quite long rolls, I wondered if what you have put around the gun mounts are similar. OC.
  5. Any idea what the scale length of those taupe rolls would be - you show on the edges of the gun mount shields ? OC.
  6. Hi folks evening to all - I started work on the other side(starboard) rear deck balkhead, again I cut it from the fret and added a small strip of plastic ontop, when set using revel glue I sanded the top down to reduce the hight to match what I had done on the Port side, I also drilled through the port holes and then sanded back the join on the top plastic section I added. Here are a few pics also including one of the boats with the kit that will be detailed. Wonce again - many thanks for reading and liking my work. OC.
  7. She is a Monster greg, as you point out about the seems (Why Tamiya) they could have constructed the hull in two halves like we are used to, but guess they wanted to make the part count as high as they could justifying the price?. Tell ya what - that tamiya putty in the syringe - What an excellent idea Looking good mate OC.
  8. Hi folks - Evening, I got a bit more done on the ole girl this eve, I continued with the rear deck area creating some more decking over the extension above the old rear casemate, this again was done using some wood decking cut offs and required dry fitting and shaping, then when correct I fitted it down and added a bit of shading with a black wash - on and off with a rag. Here are a few pics folks again taken with my cam phone(over 10yr old model) OC.
  9. Just got myself a cam phone from the old old days - a sony ericsson K800I, gonna use it as easy to use option, as the cam I lent needs to be returned soon, and I will have no cam available appart from my wifes pas cam, but its not fair incase I break it. Any way here are a few test pics from the K800i - what do you think? OC.
  10. I tidied up the lettering a bit (best they going to be) then I glued the bulkhead to the deck, needs a bit of tidying up near the turrets, I also decided to add a bit more wood decking that should extend towards the edges over the old rear 6inch casemate, this is missing and not shown on many builds or even the pontos decking does not show this. So I basically cut the shape from left over decking and dry fitted a few times then after a few bits of cutting - I then pressed it down, it does need a bit of weathering to match the decking this I will do with a bit of a dark wash. OC.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion re - the letter scraping, my concern is knocking the letters off, as they are only secured down before painting with PVA onto a sanded PE plate, so making them PE ontop of PE, I should have used super glue but the one I have at the moment is one of those thick brush in bottle fella's and I wouldn't have had enough working time for moving them around on the tiny PE plate. OC.
  12. I carried on today with the rear starboard side bulkhead by generating a line for the camo break, I them painted the darker shade in a few coats and put it aside to dry, I then turned my attention to the name letters on the PE Fret, I attempted to remove these including the backing plate I had attached yesterday, but no luck they peeled away, so I had to remove them in a few groups of letters and place them on the backing plate, I was going goggled eyed due to the size of the letters, when set with the PVA I used I then attached the whole thing to the bulkhead. Next was to to give the p
  13. A bit more work folks - I attached the name plaque to two thin PE plates, I glued them down with PVA after giving the PE a slight sanding to help key it, I then placed a weight on it ald left for a few hours, when set I painted over both the letters and plate and gave that a coat of flat brushed on top coat. I will carefully cut these out tomorrow and either sand back the letters to a brass look or run over them with a white paint. I also added a few layers of 507C as a base coat on the wall secion(Bulkhead)?. The picture shows the letters attached to the backing plates still attached
  14. Not sure I understand this but what I was saying that in both mediums all the parts are attached to the frets by small stalks or as I called them pips, it just how they are made. OC.
  15. Started working on the rear walls not sure if that is the correct name for them? anyway I worked on the extension piece I added - this needed sanding down a bit to reduce its hight a bit more, then I fashioned some PE into a plate that goes on the wall and bridges a gap towards the turret. Here is a pic of it folks. OC.
  16. The PE parts are attached to the fret via tiny strands of PE material - I call them pips abit like the plastic kits and how they are joined to the plastic frets, we all cut the parts Plastic or PE as close to the part as possible. Hope that makes semse? OC.
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