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  1. Hola Brewerpaul: Thanks for your kind words, and the solution of making the flags with computer is really easy and so the way to fix them on wood. Saludos, Karl
  2. Thanks for your comments. I'm sure that when you finished your SF it will be just as well. regards
  3. Vaya, vaya: I did not know you had changed so far, for Villa de Santiago or for Arteaga? For now I have no trip to Monterrey, but when I go there I talk to you. Saludos, Karl
  4. Que tal Ulises: I'm glad that things are going well for you and that you're going back to model making. Let's see when I can go to Monterrey to see your new house and how you have fixed it. Felicidades!!! Karl
  5. Hola Andy: Nice to see you again. I finished my POB II 6 months ago and you can see the photos in the forum. Maybe they can be of some help. Saludos, Karl
  6. Hola Michael: You have really done a splendid job, especially considering that your finished boat has nothing to do with the original Corel Kit and much to do with the Vasa found in the museum. I remember your first post in February 2013 about Vasa, and although time has passed, it has been well worth it. Ready for the next project? Saludos, Karl
  7. Hola Michael: Thank´s for the compliments and it was nice to be helpful. In my case the lantern was provided with the kit, so probably you can ask for one (but seeing yours I don´t see the case). Thank you for the information about the miniature sailors, probably I´ll include a pair of them. Saludos, Karl
  8. Hola Michael: Very nice lantern you made and doesn't matter if it is real as it was (anyway nobody knows what it looks like, jaja). One question, where did you find those sailors, they serve as a good way to show the big size of the ship. Saludos, Karl
  9. Hola Michael, your rope coils are really nice and adding splendid details to your Vasa. Saludos, Karl
  10. Hola Michael: Your Wasa is getting real nice. Congratulations!!! Saludos, Karl
  11. Hola Michael: I see you are progressing well, despite the mistakes that always appear and those that you have been able to correct properly. Everything is part of the fun and also serves to exercise the mind and creativity. I see in several of your photos (2017-11.1) that you place the rigging provisionally, leaving them loose and without fastening it to the pin-rails. I think this lends itself to confusion and complicates its placement. What I do is place each rigging on its corresponding pin, although provisionally, inserting each one into the corresponding hole and holding it with the pin (as you have done). This allows to verify the position of the rigging and check if they have enough space between them or do not cross each other or avoid other complications. By the way, to make new holes, I use the drills of the dremel but using a manual drill. Muchos saludos, Karl
  12. Hola Steve: As others say, the planking looks very nice to me, probably you use a microscope to check your planking!! hahaha Saludos, Karl
  13. Virginia-built schooners first appeared during the American Revolution. Known as Baltimore Clippers, they helped establish the Port of Baltimore as a major shipbuilding center.In 1974, Baltimore city officials decided to build a replica of a 19th century clipper to serve as good-will ambassador for the city. The ship, named Pride of Baltimore, was launched at Baltimore's Inner Harbor on February 27, 1977. She was lost in micro-squall on May, 1986. The city then commissioned a larger sister-ship, and the Pride of Baltimore II was launched on April 30, 1989.
  14. Hi everybody: I really appreciate all your likes and comments. It is very nice to be and participate in this "Nautical Research Guild's Model Ship World" Forum, a great place to learn and enjoy about model making and naval history. Thank´s to all people that make it happen. Saludos, Karl
  15. Hola Don: It's nice to have people like you, always making good comments about my work. I really appreciate them. Saludos, Karl

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