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  1. Dimensional would be best. I have a scroll saw, mini chop, as well as full size circular saw and a few other pieces. But I don't think, with my skill and limited tools, I'd do to well and trying to mill down larger lumber. I would like to buy some various strip and plank and then go from there. Ryan
  2. I'm midway through a build of the Emma C. Berry. I took a year+ off due to buying and renovating a new house. In the meantime, people have been anxiously awaiting promised updates of progress. I thought a fun project, or couple, would be to recreate some of the parts of some amazing builds on MSW. A recreated frame w/ blackened nails or a full keel. Accompanied by some plans and shadowboxed. I'm struggling on two parts: I can't seem to get wood to save my life. I have placed an order at Wood Project Source, but two weeks later realized I neglected to supply
  3. There is some white on the mast, and currently painting the buffalo rails. I ordered some Humbrol acrylic and find it to be world's better than the Model Expo paints. The cream and buff paints from Model Expo covered great. I am using the primer supplied with the paint kit.
  4. I'm having issues finding a good white paint. I'm midway through building the Emma C Berry, but finding the model expo white is really terrible. The eat of the paint kits cover well, but the white makes me feel like I'm painting with skim milk. Is there a better white, or a different method that would give better coverage?
  5. Hello, I am going to be starting this build soon, and found your build. Have you made any progess since the last post? It was coming out real well! I always like to read a few builds before I start a ship, but info on the Skipjack seems hard to find. Ryan
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