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  1. This vessel is powered by Two MAN K9Z 78/140D. The 9 refers to the cylinder count and the 78/140 refer to Bore and stroke respectively,780 mm bore and 140 =1400mm stroke. In my earlier days I spent a lot of time with this engines smaller brethren. Mainly K8Z 57/80C.
  2. Forgot to mention also many an hour on the throttles of the starboard Quadripple expansion engine as fitted in HMAS Diamantina. All manually operated in the days before Dynamic positioning systems. The term we used was manu-matic.
  3. Came across the SD14 Kit when I was an Instructor at the Australian maritime college in the 90.s. Was trying to angle to get in on the build, alas one of the Naval architects had beat me too it. When built was use as an instructional tool for all Marine classes.
  4. Actually in this country wine is sold in carboard boxes hence the expression of "Chateau cardbord" when dealing with your favourite tipple.
  5. Funnel walk ways would have been used by stokers to put the funnel covers on when the boilers that the particular funnel serviced were shut down. The reason for the covers was to prevent outside moisture from dripping down inside the funnel and mixing with the remaining residual soot. The boilers burnt FFO or furnace fuel oil which has a heavy Sulphur content. This Sulphur content in the soot when mixed with any water would produce a mild sulphuric acid which would attack the exposed external boiler piping. The removal of soot build up would normally be carried out with a soot blow, but only with permission depending on direction of travel and prevalling wind conditions. That crowd on the bridge did not like to be covered in soot, especially during daylight hours, so we would blow soot just after dark and before dawn. It was also very nice to sometimes see this crowd annoyed especially if they were wearing tropical whites. Pay back can be a b**ch. Some times it just happens only following the Engineer's orders. Daily soot blows would not remove all the accumulated soot, this would be done during the self maintenance period and be termed a boiler wash down. External panels removed and hidden and ingrained soot externally washed out using a high pressure wash. Once this has been completed tubing where it enters or leaves a steam/water drum could be inspected, for erosion, corrosion, caustic embritlement, necking or deformation of the piping.
  6. rpeteru, hope you did manage to get your mok so now you can drink coffee out of it.

    Been away due to several problems but now back on my built an d closed the hull.

    Sanding and filler is now the actions to be taken until I got a smooth surface for the paint to apply.

    Have a great one there, cheers.


  7. Depending on where you are there is also the chance some individual has use the tree for target practice. Have seen many clips of people milling local timber only to find lead pellets or shot in the felled trunk.
  8. Simply stunning mate gives me thought to finish my Grosser Kurfurst. Picked upa PE set including nets from one of the US Pe manufacturers about 3 years ago. Could not figure out how to do the blocks on the boom ends. Your build log has given me ideas,
  9. A similar parallel can be used for the term that of sacking a city. It does not convey an impressing image. But when you actually see the aftermath it does become sobering. In my case viewing the destruction that the Burmese inflicted on the ancient Thai capital of Ayuthia, 60 miles north of Bangkok
  10. Did many an hour or watch on Admiralty 3 drum boilers. Circa 1967-1974.
  11. Er vossiewulf I do not think the Japanese attacked Darwin in 1904 maybe 1942. The port you should refer to is Port Arthur, i think that was the name of the Russian base on the peninsula.
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