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  1. Querry where did you get the mug? I want one. Being an ex Marine Engineer.
  2. Depending on where you are there is also the chance some individual has use the tree for target practice. Have seen many clips of people milling local timber only to find lead pellets or shot in the felled trunk.
  3. Simply stunning mate gives me thought to finish my Grosser Kurfurst. Picked upa PE set including nets from one of the US Pe manufacturers about 3 years ago. Could not figure out how to do the blocks on the boom ends. Your build log has given me ideas,
  4. A similar parallel can be used for the term that of sacking a city. It does not convey an impressing image. But when you actually see the aftermath it does become sobering. In my case viewing the destruction that the Burmese inflicted on the ancient Thai capital of Ayuthia, 60 miles north of Bangkok
  5. Did many an hour or watch on Admiralty 3 drum boilers. Circa 1967-1974.
  6. Er vossiewulf I do not think the Japanese attacked Darwin in 1904 maybe 1942. The port you should refer to is Port Arthur, i think that was the name of the Russian base on the peninsula.
  7. This sort of artistry is really take your breath away stuff. Can only say Awesome
  8. Love what your doing so far. By the way the way what are those stands you use. Are they Home made or a commercial product? It looks like you can place your hull in any position to be able to work on it.
  9. I concur even though my service was with a different navy, I thank all servicemen who served because they believed in their country's cause. Thank you for your service.
  10. Are any of you aware that you can get Card models of two Australian Paddle steamers, The "Pevensey" and the "Alexander Arbuthnot" Both are in 1"100 scale and available from WORLD OF PAPERSHIPS Tm which is a Dutch publisher. No affiliation just a satisfied customer. The Pevensey will build into a model measuring some 335 mm or about 14 inches long. The other slightly smaller 230 mm. The "Adelaide" is also available. Both my copies were picked up from a Melbourne based Hobby shop. Just hope this post is legal?
  11. A lot of this stuff mentioned also applies to both Copper and Aluminium (Australian Spelling) Both will work harden with repeated bending. Copper does require annealing for it to be made soft, I suppose Al does as well. personally I have not done this.
  12. From the last painting it seems to be very similar to the card model that was used as a demonstration by CC Coyle in his V108 build.
  13. Many people might dismiss Manfred Zu Mondfeld in Historic Ship Models but on Page 278/279 he does show how tackle was used to load/unload various items, the one illustrated being casks.
  14. In my case my old ship HMAS Diamantina is now preserved as a maritime museum vessel in Brisbane Australia. Her greatest claim to fame, was to accept the Japanese surrender on Nauru Island. She was also at the time of her decommissioning the last Australian built ship during WW II. She no longer has the shape as I remember her. Having been retrofitted to be depicted as she was during her war time service. I do not know if HMAS Castlemaine also a museum ship is older. moot point. Tina was longer in commission. Correction to this post as I have not mentioned class or designation. Were as follows Class = River class. designation = Frigate. Sometimes the record just has to be set straight.
  15. First saw this build when it was in its inception and followed it through the Propellor builds, Have not re-visited untill today, when I read the complete build log in one session, some 5 to 6 hours. I can say is that it is simply "amazing". The solutions to problematic areas are ingeneous the mind simply bogels. Would love to be able to achieve the same skill set that you regularly demonstrate, by the kind of work that you post on your build log.
  16. This should be interesting as I was serving as a Stoker on HMAS Sydney (Vung Tau Ferry) May 68 to June 68. Took up 4 RAR (Royal Australia Regiment) from Brisbane Australia to Vung Tau Vietnam. (If this is the one with names of serving personel then I am on that list.)
  17. reply to amateur the bookasI understand it was purchased at the rijks musuem in amsterdam price was Euro 78.95. Text is in English and is a Seawatch Publication. Sorry for the delay in replying.
  18. In reference to the photo in the post no one mentions the photographers plight. He is also up the mast to take this particular shot, makes one wonder on the adage of "one hand for the ship, and the other for yourself" then what hand was used for the camera shot? To borrow the words of another forum poster enquiring minds would like to know.
  19. My brother just came back from a trip to Holland to visit with family. Whilst there picked up for me 17th Century Dutch merchant Ships by Ab Hovig. Very nice too only problem is there was no plans kit as stated attached, Question then is How can I obtain these? The Book was purchased from the bookstore in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. What to do?
  20. I agree with a lot of the comments mentioned here. Even Merchant Navy has done away sextant use, I don't think it is a requirement now. Did a delivery of a double ended car ferry from Busan (Pusan) Korea to Cancun Mexico and the deckies relied on GPS. The vessel had no synchronization (when you couple two AC generating machines to run in parallel) on the switchboard for generator change over, the result being when swapping over generators at the end of the week to minimize running hours. The result was a blackout transfer. Resulting in all everything going black. All electrical appliances had to be reset including GPS unit. Positioning was re-located through the use of various personal GPS units that was used with personal electronic charting programs that a lot of the people had on their personal laptops. On the other hand in my Navy days we had some dodgy navigators whilst on a trip from East Coast Australia to West coast Australia one has to transit the great Australian bight, Had one bright navigator place us 300 miles inland half way through the trip only 600 miles of course he was ribbed about this for days.
  21. Saw a news article today 08/23/2015 that NASA is talking to a 3D printer start up company in Perth WA in gods own, the land of Oz. Seems he can 3D print in METAL that will open up all sorts of interesting possibilities. It would appear that he can print items up to 1000kg or 22000lb in a 24 hours period. Will try to find the link and post it.
  22. Agree 'Rhonda" also gives excellent customer service over the phone as well as by email. Have used Float a boat many times.
  23. Yes "grey funnel line" (Royal Australian Navy)1967 - 1972, since then merchant marine as sea going engineer. The last 25 years in the Offshore game once again as sea going engineer dealing mainly with vessels involved in the oil game. Initial finding (seismic). Aquisition (drillships). Explotation (production platforms, pipelines) and service vessels to service all these. Oh yes before I forget I have done a few deliveries some small some large. eg Busan (Korea) to Cancun (Mexico) the Pacific west to east is not exactly small. The other long one was Porto Montt (Chile) to Bundaberg (Australia) that time crossing east to west. Also shipbuilders trials on new-builds.

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