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  1. Everything perfect! super work. He is congratulating. How many nails did you stick?
  2. Thanks albert, dvm27, fmartins. Oil is employed at the end. Dye - oil - wipe with a cloth. Good luck.
  3. Good morning Thank you J.P , druxey and fmartins I use dye teak and rosewood and then linseed oil. Such small models need to use veneer rather than slats. Anchor made of tin It was a small accident Everything is ok .
  4. Thansk Mike K. , mtaylor, albert, Oligator, Jeronimo, WackoWolf! It is very nice for me. Thank you that you appreciate my work. Hi Mike, ​In my scale (1:27) everything is easier and any mistake could easy fix. So far everything is pretty OK with plan, but sometimes I found small inaccuracies.This is my first model built this technique. I'm still learining.
  5. I thank Mirabell61 , albert , druxey . Everything already in the shipyard . Much work was . Now time off
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