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  1. Wow, Congrats James on a fantastic job. I hope to do this later when released. So far i've done a couple of fishing boats, the Supply and Endeavour. I'll fill in until then with the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, Tamiya.
  2. Very nice Popeye,as usual.Fishing boats are still my favourite.Great job mate.
  3. Congrats Pat beautifull job,nice to get her in a case before the nasty dust gets it.You can just sit back now and look at your ship.
  4. Thanks a lot for all of your compliments.Out of the three versions for sails I think I like furled the most.
  5. Thanks very much Gentlemen,it means a lot to get great compliments.Dave we will be in the new house in September.Another case is on the cards for my Supply as well.The cover is 4.5mm Perspex made by Bnt plastics in Chch and the wooden base made by a guy at work out of rimu.I'll be keeping an eye on all of your builds with interest.Ron.
  6. The case all done,turned out real good.Occre very kindly sent me my missing sail so it's all ready to display in the rebuilt house when we move back in.
  7. Thanks Popeye,just getting the case sorted now.The house is going well,onto the cladding next week.
  8. Thanks,there are good female modellers you're right but the comments I have had have been from men so far.
  9. Thanks a lot for your comments men.the 0.25 and 0.5mm thread is caldercraft from cornwall model boats,those sizes in Occre thread were rubbish.I'm getting a guy in Christchurch here to make up an acrylic case top 4.5mm looks a bit stronger than 3mm.One of my work mates is making a base for it so should turn out well.After we move back to our rebuilt house after the eartquakes in September I've got a plastic huey to do then maybe a Chinese junk,i like them after visiting China.We'll see.
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