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  1. lol sometimes i wonder if i have ever learnt anything in model boat building yes i have only built kits, and as a result i used in most cases what is supplied, but today i noticed that with the revised build details the call out for the Amerigo is 16 sizes of rope, 8 cordage and the same in steel, but what i didnt know was that even the shrouds are different diameters
  2. Thank you, the trolling im over that, but recent discussions in my household, all three of us, and one of them is the dog, have agreed that the Amerigo needs to be completed, with or without sails
  3. I can see very quickly how well your skills have come on since the start of your build, very well done for not giving up or moving on to the caldercraft hms victory lol Look at vanguard models by @chris watton he has a great new range, excellent instructions and british, kit are also paypal installments https://vanguardmodels.co.uk/
  4. ty OC the mizzen is next then hoping to start the upper shrouds at the same time as adding all the missing detail on the decks, why is it that im happiest building boats then after a while i want to do something else, get bored with that very quickly and come back to the main build
  5. good afternoon everyone futtock shrouds were done today which then meant i could get on with the rest of the main mast upper spreaders done made yesterday , have now been fitted surprising is the fact the the main mast is very similar size wise to the foremast
  6. good evening everyone nice to get back into a subject i enjoy, the main mast continues to be build up, hope to have it completed by the end of the coming weekend
  7. good evening everyone i got as if i have had enough of this, so has been put away for now, my craving to do some boat building has come back so i completed two wheels and into storage it goes
  8. good evening everyone lol it took me quite a while to sort out everything and get to where i left off main mast, i am finding it difficult to get any distance between the parts of the mast that overlap, the metal fittings are drilled out as much as i dare, whilst i ponder that i got on with the upper platform spreaders
  9. good evening everyone well i have had a few weeks away from the mancave, DIY, Gardening and looking forward to being in the mancave again, But i am going back to the Amerigo, i really want to finish this, and the condition with the admiral is, nothing new until she is complete, the addition of the sails is not in the contract, that gives me a while maybe another 4 moths to finish the rigging at least and time to think about whats next i like to think ahead a large paddle steamer - Like the Talisman i have a 1/48 hull and plans or a ferry kit from linkspan Linkspan Models i also love the new @chris watton Spinix
  10. lovely work as usual my friend, looks like they really are coming for my cheese and onion crisps now
  11. good evening everyone, well this stage of the project is coming to an end, more work is planned towards the autumn in removing all the shrubs and re planning the rockery area
  12. apart from the garden work that is in another thread, we are repainting the computer room, my new PC arrives in about ten days, i prefer desktops to laptops
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