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  1. This a drawing from Basil Greenhill's book "The Evolution of the Wooden Ship" 1988. I have not been able to produce such an abrupt upward curve in the upper strakes fore and aft. So I have chosen this method:
  2. I don't really have any skills in that area. Wouldn't that mean coating the hull in pitch? I saw a scandinavian model using a pitch coloured decking oil. Haven't found that yet in the hardware store.
  3. The ceiling planks are fitted but I left one side off in the cargo section to show the frames. The planks are clearly reused planks and rough as they would be regularly replaced with whatever was lying around the boatyard. This shows the removable bulheads in slotted boards. These are up against through beams to prevent amphorae shifting into the crew area. Cheerio Dick
  4. They are a bit reluctant to supply methylene chloride because of its toxicity so they usually sell other glues to the general public. That's my experience. BUt you can get it if you go to the bulk supplier in your town. They also have these cute squeezy bottles with a needle on it that lets you run the stuff into the join. Worth a try. A couple of boards joined at an exact right angle and positioned like a V will support the sheets while applying the liquid methylene chloride. Dick
  5. Thanks, PietFriet. Wise words. I think a little break from the build is needed. There is still enjoyment and, having reviewed all my images, there is enough there to justify a reverse clinker model. A frieze from the Chapter house of Salisbury Cathedral showing noahs ark dated to 1230 CE. Undoubtedly this shows reverse clinker and the sculptor has taken trouble to be accurate. Dick🙂
  6. I find myself at a crossroads and I dont know which way the Snark has gone. If I go down the present path I am committed to a long build of a putative vessel using vague assumptions and no hard data. The other path is to shelve the hull and complete my other projects. At the end of the day is this reconstruction TOO frumious to continue. What value is this build to anyone but me and the Bellman?😕 Dick
  7. I have completed planking up to deck level and taken the hull off its stand. The hull is seen to be quite barge-like which I believe the hulc was , if it existed, and betrays its probable fluvial origin. Obviously there would be a tendency to leeway and lee boards are not fitted. One of the advantages of reverse-clinker, it is said, is the resistance to leeway given by the horizontally directed plank edges . It is also said that the same feature minimises the amount of heeling in a cross sea. Perhaps the sailors can tell me if this is all cods. The hull is very light but quite strong even with
  8. Steven, The proper adhesive for polycarbonate is, I believe, methylene chhloride. This a bit toxic and you have to hold the sheets in jigs and run the liquid along the seam with a needle and syringe. This will actually fuse the sheets together. Superglue will produce clouding at the join. I elected to put he polycarbonate in slotted wooden frames which means they can be replaced if scratched. This is the third large case I have done this way ( see my round ship build, last page). Also see this link: https://www.cutplasticsheeting.co.uk/blog/uncategorized/how-to-glue-polycarbonate/
  9. It is comforting to think that the unfortunate Baker, when he did vanish away, reappeared in the universe where all Boojums have vanished away.😁 Cheers The Beaver
  10. Thanks, Steven, Alberto, andrew and Tony. The Beast is taking shape but I don't know anymore than you what this will be. Since I have applied the bottom strakes, the hull has banana'd a bit and the stress generated has pulled the keel plank away from the support. This seems to indicate that the hull is finding its own curvature. I rather like the appearance so far and no matter if such a beast was never built in Europe, I'm sure there is an alternate snarky universe in which it was. Cheers Dick
  11. I got the crumbs out by turning upside down and hitting it with a wooden mallet. I am worried that the hulc model may turn out to be a bread-barge in disguise after all. So the Port Admiral may still win. Dick
  12. Our hearts bleed with empathy oozing from our every pore at the thoughts of our southern brothers and sisters in thrall to Covid. The least we can do is have some more dip and another sip of wine. 😢 The Port Admiral did not want to release the bread-boat back to the boatbuilders, however, and tried to claim it as a gift. After a brief mutiny, It has returned to the shed for decking and rigging. Dick
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