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  1. Hi chris my apologies,having re-read my e-mail I realised that I have not explained very well at all. What I really wanted to know is the measurements of a full size gun carriage from the victory,In order to scale it to fit the 32 pounder that my friend made for me. Many Thanks Lawrence
  2. Hi Chris, My name is Lawrence I am a very recent member of this excellent site and am wondering if you could give me the dimensions of a gun carriage for a 32 pounder from the Victory. A very good friend of mine has made me a 31.3cm length brass cannon ( it weighs a ton!!!)with the proviso that I construct the carriage. I fully realise that you must be very busy,but I would be very grateful for any assistance. Kind regards Lawrence ps.Happy New Year
  3. many thanks Being stupid I was looking for map pins, which I normally use. I think I will have a lot more success now. Regards Lawrence
  4. hello Vitus my name is Lawrence and I live in Greece, I hope to start building the HMS Fly very soon I noticed your pins, the ones with the big green tops, and would like to know where you obtained them. I have seached almost everywhere and can't find them regards Lawrence
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