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  1. Thank you all for the replies and advice. I spoke with a gentlemen this weekend who is very good at woodworking (He has not built a model ship yet, but can clearly see the complexity of such a project). He gave me some valuable advice, the most important of this was that I should NOT use the barrel wood. The shape of the planks are insane and it will just be way too difficult to square these up into useable planks... it would take a lot of skill, experience and tools I cannot afford at this time. So I will now be reading over all your comments again, as some of you have "warned" me tha
  2. Expense is the problem at the moment. I've spent so much already and still cannot get nice workflow going. I think the problem might be the wood I'm trying to size, It's all curved to the shape of wine barrels, actually whiskey barrels, so I need to figure out a plan to either work with this wood or buy some wood that is flat and only needs sizing. I don't know Am a bit discouraged at the moment. WIll see how it goes, but agree I need better tools.
  3. Hi Alan I hope you are wrong, but I think now is the best time to find out. I'll see how is goes for now, but my biggest problem is getting the planks from curved to straight so that I have something to work with! I may have to pay Rare Woods a visit and see if I can buy some more better wood.
  4. So it took me a while and many trial and error attempts, restarts, throwing tools across the room and a good dose of madness, but I build my own table saw. I was hoping the cuts would be more accurate than they are, but I'm going to use is to get the planks close to size (instead of perfectly on size) and then sand it to perfect size using the sander. Started with a Circular Saw and added some Aluminium strips that extend the foot so I can attach the saw to a frame. Made a frame and attached the saw to it... Added a table top to it And added s
  5. I scroll through your work often and am always blown away at the thought that 1 person did all this!
  6. This weekend I got a whole new level of respect for what you all do! I started building on my model and as you can see from the pictures below, it did not go entirely as well as planned. It took me approx. 90 minutes to make 1 piece. I got as far as 2 pieces. The shape of the 2 sections of the keel I made came out fairly well, but as soon as I attempted the scarphs/joins I quickly knew I was in deep trouble. I started with the piece of the barrel wood. The lay the cut-out over it to get a rough idea if the sizes to cut it down to. And cut it.... I then rea
  7. Hi Allan Thanks I've seen those plans yes, very pricey. I think I'm sorted for a while with my McKay plans. I did make some saw dust this weekend. I'll post some pics.
  8. Hi Allan That is good to hear. I will most likely take longer than 8 years, but who's timing us anyway. Many people have commented on the size of the (yet non-existent) model, and I feel like a bit of a "cheat" as I specifically decided on a larger size hoping it would be EASIER to create all the detail when building from scratch and in my completely inexperienced mind that "cheat" still makes sense, however there is also another reason for this specific size... and it is actually a bit of a funny story. After some research on the ideal model ship I'd like to build, I picked the Vi
  9. Hi Alexandru Yes your build (not to take away anything from all the other fantastic build logs on this site) was the one that originally truly inspired me. In fact I was Googl'ing something to the likes of "HMS Victory models ships" and found your log which lead me to this Model Ship World. I will be copying your work in many ways and really hope you don't mind. My tools are a few levels more amateur than yours, but lets see were this takes me. Yes. its been quite some time since I asked you about the plans. I bought the plans at a smaller scale than I'm building, so I've spent mo
  10. Thank you mij, So far this members here have been extremely supportive, its truly motivating me to at least keep the posts coming even if I'm yet to lay the keel. That will happen soon... promise
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by cutaways :/, but I think I get the gist of your question. Yes I will be building her up deck by deck. Fitting at much detail as I can (time will tell what that last few words really mean haha) I recently purchased 160 LEDs that flicker like candles so will even attempt to rig up lanterns that each flicker independently as if it has a candle in it.
  12. I have completed scaling and tracing the plans of the Keel. Here they are printed, ready to be cut. This weekend should then see the official start of my build...
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