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  1. Thanks Piet, I'm glad you like ti. Rafael.
  2. This one's next. http://www.marisstella.hr/gotovi_modeli_galery.php?id=124&tip=2
  3. Paranza Adriatic Fishing Boat 1:25 Scale An Italian boat which is typical of the central Adriatic and was widely used at one time in the area between the mouth of the Savio and the Gargano. Specifications: Scale 1:25 Length: 340mm Height: 510mm Part No: SM045
  4. Wonderful, Elmir. Will study your build log when I have the time. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Ya, you fix the parts in position with Play-Doh (or a similar compound) and then apply glue.
  6. Kevin, you might consider getting a Hold and Fold (thesmallshop.com) or an Etch Mate (misiionmodels.com) bending tools. Also, I suggest you spray paint the etchings BEFORE folding as it is far easier to touch-up paint after folding than it is to paint these tiny etchings when already formed. Keeping the folded etchings in position could be achieved by using a moldable material like Play-Doh molding compounds, then applying CA and removing Play-Doh. It worked for me. Just suggesting. Am following with great interest. All the best, Rafael.
  7. Wonderful work. It was good to see a weathered model, seems a rare oportunity in MS building. But weathering everything, including the crew really works, doesn't it. Gives it charm and warmth. Love it!
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