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  1. Thank you! That's mainly due to Tokina macro - lens which allows to get very close to the object part without much post-editing and also due to shooting in an aperture priority regime with an aperture closed as possible ( I use a tripod and always a timer). P.S. I've noticed that there were some mistakes in this post so it can be misunderstood - I've made corrections and stressed them with red colour 🙂 I'm so sorry for my English...
  2. Thank you very much! Handling of those turrets and torpedo launchers became fiddly due to handrails everywhere (they've drunk a lot of my blood those handrails). Weathering is just a simple wash - I tried to remove as much as I could and at one moment when surface was still wet from solvent it seemed ok, but when surface has dried this wash fragmented into "brown" fraction which conducts like a filter and "black" fraction which condensed into shadowy places of structures and for my taste there's still too much of them both but I wouldn't dare to remove more 'cause solvent now can damage paint and laquer - their integrity is "balancing on a ledge" after wash and solvent.
  3. Hello everyone! Well, here's aforementioned progress: First, I've assembled and painted 25mm autocannons - there's circa 16 of them on the ship. Each Veteran's 25mm consists of 2 resin and 2 PE parts. Next, I've equipped guns and torpedo launchers with handrails (tricky little devils they are ), then paint, clear layer and wash. Hull was painted and given a layer of clear gloss. I try to be honest - I show things I'm proud of and also things I'm not quite proud of 🙂
  4. Thanks, Javlin! I've got some progress since my last post here - just don't have enough time to take pictures. Hope I'll be able to share this weekend.
  5. Hello everyone! I've made masts )) Fore mast has more details but went much easier, mizzen mast is triky - I've tried my best, even re-made it couple times but still haven't managed to get it right. Well, here we go:
  6. Thanks! I just try to somehow reach what other colleagues do on these forums 🙂 Actually it's not quite a punch set - these are my wife's tools for rolling-in of gems in decorations 🙂 We share each other's hobby tools from time to time. I can hardly tell a manufacturer's name - in our country they usually can be aquired via jewellery-tools stores. I think the same is right for most of other countries as well. Best regards and happy modelling!
  7. As I've said earlier I came across shortage of some details in Lion Roar kit - so I had to improvise and punch some round-shaped elements on roofs of torpedo launchers from self-adhesive aluminium foil. It turned out to be slightly bigger than needed - but that was the smallest available diameter in our punch set:
  8. Thank you very much, gentlemen! Meanwhile some portholes are finished ( actually those were all portholes that were left untouched until present moment):
  9. Hello and welcome to MSW from Russia 🙂 I believe it's never too late to start a log - just show current status of your modelling project. It would be interesting for many of us to see pics of your build whatever stage it is on. Best Regards and happy modelling.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, to rescue please 😉 I beg you pardon my ignorance if I ask some obvious thing: Looking through period ships builds I've noticed that most of them have those fancy elements on keel area - horseshoe fore and swallow-tail at the aft. They are very attactive details I must admit and I'd like to introduce them on my model. However I've noticed that Model Shipways drawings lack either horseshoe and swallow-tail. What do you suggest - just do as I like, or would it be completely improper taking into account period and country ? (I've read somewhere that the shipbuilder who built original Rattlesnake was a self-taught man so he could introduce different approaches in his projects instead of following but one school either French or English ) Thank you Best Regards and happy modelling
  11. Around the time I was buying the kit and extras there wasn't Infini set on the market if I remember correctly. I wonder if Lion Roar is still around ? By 2010-2011 it was the best complex add-on (except some parts in their set were short of supply and 25mm are flat PE parts) I haven't made any significant additions to my 1/350 stash since maybe 2015-2016 and while looking through bulids that are started around recent couple of years I see lot of brands that are totally unknown to me: Infini, Big Blue Boy to name some..
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