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  1. Greetings, everyone! How's the weather at your places? We are enjoying a very pleasant indian summer in Moscow these days - I cannot remember when the weather was this good at the beginning of october. Now I'm going to share a few pics - my main camera is malfunctioning so these were taken with a phone (sorry for quality). The progress is quite modest however - tree nailing below the wale - it took almost half a year to do, molding under rails (figured profile made with special scriber). Now marking places for smaller tree nails upwards from wale.
  2. tewatson, thank you for you kind words! Meanwhile I've finished tree-nailing lower part of the hull (some pics to come of course). Now I'm trying to come closer to paintwork - main idea is to combine painted parts with oiled parts. I've made a "training cat" out of scrap wood strips, tree-nailed it a bit, then divided it in four stripes - one covered with tung oil, one painted with white Vallejo primer made by airbrush, one with couple layers of black Vallejo primer and one with more layers of black et voila: Next I tried to follow the technology mr. D
  3. To add a bit - in 2-nd Pacific Squadron were in fact ships that were coastal monitors indeed - Admiral Ushakov, General-Admiral Apraksin, Navarin - our sailors called them "self-sinkers" ( самотопы ).
  4. To all colleagues from around the globe - stay safe! That virus thing will end one day - that's for sure! Meanwhile working from home due to anti-virus measures doesn't improve the time I can spend on modelling ( how I hoped it would otherwice... ). So today I have only this photo to share: only one side is nearly finished and that's two months ( okay, there were two long holidays we've spent in a village so let that be a month and a half 😉 ) . So maybe by June I would be closer to paintwork.
  5. RGL, you set the bar really high with your works - I never stop to admire them 🙂 Some historical things: armor was low in water 'cause ships were overloaded with coal - they had to travel from Camran' to Vladivostok without a chance to replenish the stores - Port-Arthur was lost and Tsindao was a trap and Germans weren't quite happy to let our fleet in. It wasn't a coastal monitor - without coal overload those ships were quite a sea-going vessels. Service of Tsesarevich ( Grazhdanin) and Slava was definitely adequate. Concerning low quality of these forms - IIRC
  6. Tree-nailing turns out to be even more repetetive than planking or making of armoured vehicles' running gear and tracks, so a good audio-book or a music concert is essential! Marking of a port-side took me a course of lectures on Franko-Prussian war of 1870 , Joe Bonamassa live from Royal Albert Hall concert and Francois Couperin Les Concerts Royaux 1722 CD 🙂 Now my daughter is watching Guardians of Galaxy and the whole movie length is just a one and a half row of nails )))
  7. Edwardkenway, thanks for your kind words, welcome and make yourself comfortable! Although my building pace is not that fast at all I must admit - the keel has been laid three years ago as of now 😉 So it tends to be quite a long - long building log )))
  8. Meanwhile I've marked port-side for tree-nailing and made a first attempt with pear amidships:
  9. A bit more of a progress: transom planking and fashion pieces some imperfections are "surfacing" on closeups which are not so visible with "unarmed" eye:
  10. That's quite different from what is in my kit. Cannot say for sure is it a "bug" or a "feature" though 🙂 Since all these parts are meant to be painted anyway.
  11. That's why I chose to use pear and boxwood for every purposes other than hull planking - pear holds edges much better. That's something new - in my kit everything is in basswood and there is no plywood at all - seems MS has made changes into complectation of a kit since those days I've purchased it... Concerning depth of field - for wideshots I also use DSLR time-triggering on the pod, with aperture set to minimum and shutter set to long time, ( please pardon me acting a Captain Obvious 😉 )
  12. Hi, Delphic Oracle! Always glad to see someone building Rattlesnake and nice progress ! Concerning bulkheads - it's a good idea to dry fit all of them simultaneously - in my kit their fit was awful and more than that - laser-engraved inscriptions on laser-cut details in some cases didn't correspond with true names of bulkheads on drawings. So I had to change places of some bulkheads and only then it came more or less in order and I could reach some proximity to hull lines. But even then I still had to add some shims/ move vertical slots on bulkheads etc. Getting a MS Rattlesnake's hull to s
  13. Happy New Year, everyone! During these holidays I happen to have an hour or two to whittle some details on Rattlesnake. I've become keenly aware of necessity to widen my electric tools park: having a micro-router a chesstrees like the ones I've made are made within minutes - while working with "bare hands" I've spent an hour and a half )))
  14. Greetings, dear friends! As some of You may know "Work, work and no joy make Jack a dull guy" 😉 A joke of course! From time to time I happen to find an hour or two to add some bits here and there. So a small progress to present moment: sheaves placed, protection from ancor ( don't know how it's called correct), reinforcement in nose area etc. Still a lot of things to do before painting/ varnishing the hull.
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