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  1. rigging the shrouds before stays is the normal practice. If it is done otherwise, the loop of stays around the topmasts gets below the shrouds which would be incorrect, as they have to be over them. I found it is not practical to finally tension the lines until a much later stage. The braces will pull the shrouds after you rig them, and have to adjust anyway. Also note, the Occre rigging plan show the stays tied off on the middle of the masts. In practice, the lines were belayed on the deck or the mas top as below, if you choose to to complicate your life further
  2. congrats to your fleet. Very nice progress through the line of builds on different difficulty levels. Looking to the list of your future builds, you may want to have a look on Dusek's take on Le Cerf. That one seems to be a more modern design of the same subject.
  3. nice work, that's certainly a difficult bend. you may consider styrene strip for such difficult parts, especially if the model is painted as yours. another option is the "flexible beech" sold by Cornwall in several dimensions. That's a chemically treated wooden strip, and you can tie knots on them even dry, but after soaking can be formed to any shape, which is well retained when dried again.
  4. part 198 is the sling, which holds the yard as a security measure. the loop is the bottom part of the sling (actually holding a thimble), which is clearly visible in the the front view. My build log have a picture of the sling in post 38. Be sure, you install them before the topmasts are glued into place. the blocks on the mast cap must be for the lifts, they are lines to lower/raise the yards. What makes me wonder, these blocks should be under the mast cap, and forward of the position shown. The lifts must clear the shrouds in front of them, and I see the proposed alignment would
  5. A year ago I had a plan to finish the model in 2020, which goal certainly wasn't met. Now it's time to make another public commitment, to finish it this year, 14 years after I started At least, I was able to install the topgallants and finish all standing rigging, also made the yards for the mizzen mast. The lines are not tied off, I'm sure they need adjustment later, especially when rigging the braces. Below is a picture of the current state, with standing rigging done:
  6. very nice planking, Andrey. If you set up your build log, all members can follow your progress and you can get advice on building.
  7. Hi Andrei, welcome to MSW and thanks for looking into my log. I'm happy to discuss your Diana build. The best way is to set up a build log of your own, simply by clicking the "Start new topic" button in the build log section. selecting the "choose files" option below your post, will allow you to upload pictures, which you can insert to your post with the "+" sign:
  8. there are several ways to do this, software like Adobe Illustrator can certainly do that. Much depends on the quality of your image, and probably you will have to adjust it manually after the conversion. I think Adobe provides a trial period, which might be just fine for your needs. But if you make a search to "jpg to vector" you find several videos on youtube and other solutions, like vectormagic.com and similar.
  9. I came across this video on youtube recently, showing the finished model. I think not posted here before:
  10. you made great progress on the second planking. looks very nice. regarding bending the thick wood, I can think of a couple of options. - soak it for several hours, than take a fairly large pot from the kitchen, clamp it slowly and wait until dries. than remove it, soak it again, and clamp it to a smaller one with a bit more severe bend. I had some success this way in the past, working progressively towards the required bend, but it takes a lot of time. all previous advice about using heat/ steam will help the process. - if you are going to paint your wales black, you might use t
  11. I made some progress in the recent months, actually finished all the ratlines. They add a lot to the look of the ship. Actually it wasn't too bad. On average I tied 7-8 lines per day, but sometimes I really got into it and finished a whole section in a day. Here are some pictures of the current progress. the topmast stays are already on, but not finally tensioned. I started to work on the topgallant masts, which is the next task on hand. Finally a picture of the rigging thread collection I use, purchased from a local source.
  12. congrats for the nice planking! regarding the bulwark templates, I used them, but if I was to do it again I would plank the bulwarks. For the gundeck it's not an issue, nothing will be seen. But on the forecastle deck there is an opening for the catheads: which is a rather dubious feature. A flat piece of timber laid across the deck, connecting the the two sides.. can't imagine it is correct. The point is, the bulwark templates already have a hole for this board, which I decided not to install, and found it difficult to fill the gap nicely in the bulwarks. But the decision cer
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