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  1. Hallyard winches on windjamers, Passat and Krusenstern Tadeusz
  2. Hi, The Cornwall Model Boats offers big choice of ship model accessories in resonable prices. http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/ Tadeusz
  3. Polar exploration ship. Model in scale 1:100, solid hull ( bread and butter)
  4. Hi, No initiative can go unpunished. Above was proven during fifty years of my marriage. Tadeusz
  5. Hi, It is sure, hard winter is coming. Tadeusz
  6. Hi, Ship boats I made as epoxy and glass fiber laminate using fine glass fabric ( 25 g/sq. m and 150 g/sq. m.) . Laminated structure was made on wooden core covered with layer of paraffin. It was 4-5 layer of glass fabric with fine on the top. After full cure of epoxy light sanding was applied for better paint adhesion. Final painting with acrylic paint. Tadeusz
  7. Hi, The admiralty pattern anchors for the three polar ship I done a proven way. The arms and shank cut of aluminum was connected with use of centering pin and CA glue next grounded and sanded. Tadeusz
  8. Hi, After a long break, I go back to modeling. Meantime, my workshop was twice flooded with water from a broken pipe fortunately there was no damage tools, machines and models. I am working on equipment today installed a fife rail, pin rails along the bulwark, windlass, pump and winch as also deckhouses, skylights and companionway. Tadeusz
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