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  1. Very nice details. Would you mind sharing your technique for making the rope coils that have been mounted. Always seems to be lots of discussion on the 'right' way to do these to keep them workable, but the main sense I see from looking at older pictures is that the pin rails just look like a heap of rope coils, very similar to how you have represented them.
  2. Lovely progress Rob, I especially like the scale mini cooper (although I think the official compliment was four in differing colours 🙂 ) Your pinnace really turned out great, I've just finished the cutter, and really enjoyed the challenge, but I think the approach you are taking to make your own frames will give better results, so looking forward to seeing more. Oh, and very nice work on the ratlines...great stuff.
  3. With the waterline in place , it really shows that you nailed the line of the wale. Very nice, you've got a beautiful foundation to build on.
  4. Wow, catching up from the very start, so glad you are creating a build log, you look to be making pretty speedy progress. This looks like an awesome kit and you're doing such a wonderful job. Looking forward to more....I want this one day 🙂
  5. Hi Mitsuaki, I really like the additional detailing that you have put into the channels and the chains. I have been considering taking the same approach for making the preventer links with wire. It's a small detail, but the results you have achieved are such an improvement on the flat kit supplied part and add so much to be beauty of the model.
  6. Hi Peter, regular updates seem to be common malaise, appreciate you sharing your updates. The headworks look very good indeed, and those bow on views really are the beauty shots with Diana now in place. Very neat job on the cannon and corronade rigging, great results, its amazing how the empty expanse of the deck fills up with everything in position.
  7. Glad to catch up on more progress on your Diana. Good decision to do the gun ports correctly, you'll be much happier I think. That last shot really shows off the great work on your deck - one of my struggles is finding more decent maple to do the upper decks.
  8. Great start Sjors and nice to see another of your model builds. Your planking looks great and you seem to have overcome the challenges on some of the details. This looks like an awesome kit.
  9. Hi Folks, have been away from the shipyard and this site for quite some time, and I've missed the friendly interaction. Looking forward to catching up with everyone's builds soon! @Martin - welcome to the neighborhood! We got lucky and didn't lose power in the storms, hope you stayed safe. We definitely need to connect at some point so I can pick your brains 🙂 @ Sjors - Good to hear from you old friend, its been a while! Will check out your new model soon. @ Stergios - the yards were rigged from bottom to top. Not sure if that is the recommended way, but it made sen
  10. Hi Folks, Sadly been rather absent from both the shipyard and this site for some time. I very much hope to catch up soon on everyone else's fine builds here soon. Time to get a little more up to date, the cutter is pretty close to completion aside from a little fettling. Frames were added to the interior using strips cut from some scrap 0.5mm pear wood. These were soaked and pre-bent in situ prior to gluing with PVA: The frames were further reduced down to the keel former to try and get a bit more depth the boat. To my eye, applying planking
  11. You don't mention how you used the blackening solution and how much you diluted. I've found results to be much more predicable with a more dilute solution, and using a nylon brush to apply while agitating the surface. Once the reagent is spent on a small area (turning from blue colour to brown), then the brush can be simply washed in water, dried on a paper towel, and a fresh brush load applied. I've had much less predictable results using a larger 'bath' to submerge items in.
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