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  1. Glad to see you have started this BE, keel section is looking very nice. I've jumped back in myself and trying to figure out where I was a year ago...
  2. David - you can rest easy, there is plenty of historical latitude at this specific time period when these ships were designed and built, which was a great period of change to really do what you want. Built up bulwarks were the fashion, then moved back to open bulwarks, and then finally built up again. Armament wise, carronades gradually added to, and final replaced the quarterdeck and foc's'l cannon. Available plans are not consistent for specific ships, probably because of the factors above and depending on when they were drafted and what they represent (as designed, or built, or when in s
  3. Photos look great. That could be an interesting way to go Mort, and obviously personal choice. Would you need to add or adjust any of the f'c's'l sdeck beams as these would be much more visible? Also meant to ask you, what did you use to simulate glass in your pics of the side galleries.
  4. Hi John, your Pickle is looking very nice. My suggestion would be to redo the mast, and instead of using a joining a separate section, just file down the dowel to the appropriate size. Aside from visually wanting the mast and topmast to be parallel, I suspect that this would be a potential area of weakness that may prove to be a problem when you come to rig the backstays.
  5. They are still used today as a command flag for officers of flag rank and for Commodores. As shown above, the flag for a Vice Admiral is reversed as the red spot (or 'ball') should be on the same side as the hoist. A Rear Admiral would have an additional ball in the quadrant below below, and an Admiral would have none (!). A Commodore would have a broad pennant (meaning 2 points) of the same design as above with a single ball.
  6. Just a quick comment after doing quite a bit of research on this before. The horizontal band (or bands) either seems to be a later development, and/or something used by other non-Royal Navies. I believe the USS Constitution currently has the horizontal band of copper plates in this fashion (open to correction here), but many contemporary references for RN ships indicate that the line of the plates around the hull continues up to the water line with no horizontal band. The copper pattern on Trincomalee also represents this, but of course this is not contemporary either.
  7. Congrats on getting that completed. I would definitely recommend spending a lot of time with some filler and sandpaper to get the hull into a nice smooth form before starting on the 2nd planking.
  8. Love these ships, and you seem to be very skilled with the PE. Definitely post more soon!
  9. Love the "look" of her Joe, those shots really highlight not only your focus on the detail but also the way you've tied everything in together and achieved a very realistic scale look. Definitely something to aspire to.
  10. Will follow along as well if I may Luc, very interested in seeing you approach this. Best of luck.
  11. The account sounds a little like the Warren Commission assertion of the 'magic bullet' in the JFK assassination...
  12. That comparison really highlights the quality of your blocks. I'm also very excited that you'll be releasing some of your new offerings (stove, capstan etc) in both 1:48 and 1:64, sure these will be very popular.
  13. I am in need of various sizes of Syren line to help me plan to complete the rigging of the quarterdeck/foc's'l armament on my HMS Jason Build. Given that I've used this on the upper deck armament I would like to keep the the build consistent, and investing in a ropewalk for this is not really an option given the small quantities involved. I do not need huge quantities, but hoping that some people out there may have some spare or unused packets that they would be willing to part with. I would of course generously compensate you. Light Brown, 0.008" rope Light Brown 0.012
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