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  1. Joe, I'm ashamed to say I've only just seen your build here. You are doing an outstanding job, and your rigging looks fantastic. Taking the time to serve all those lines is definitely worth it, and something that is maybe possible (and remain sane) on a ship with less rigging than the typical man o' war.
  2. You know I'll be following closely Sjors, I'm sure you'll have fun with this.
  3. @ Eammon - I think you and many others deserve a perseverance award for sticking around @ Sjors - Its great that you'll be starting a Snake build as well, there are a number now in progress, and there is still a chance you will finish yours before me 🙂 @ Mike - Thanks for reminding me that you put these on your badger, she really is a nice looking model @ Martin - Hope it helps, like always, we stand on the shoulders of those who go before The Ensign: Really the only missing item at this point is an ensign. Making one's own is really the only option as aftermar
  4. I seem to recall that the black lines are the 'as designed', the red shows 'as built', and the green would show alterations made after the fact. Of of course, how disciplined this update procedure was is unknown. Curious which plan this comes from, looking at the barricades, it looks like it shows a ship pierced for cannons (smaller ports) which would suggest an earlier design. I came to conclusion looking at a number of plans (which would have been drawn at slightly different times for different ships/yards) and considering the changes in approach at the time this class was built (esp. bui
  5. Could be true, although that is inconsistent as well. On the right side the 1 is followed by another numeral and is not scripted. Although hard to read, it also appears that there is no use of the medial/long s anywhere (e.g. in Bowsprit) which also seems a little odd.
  6. Glad to see you have taken these on, can fully appreciate the fiddle factor but you seem quite the old hand on these smaller boats. I agree there has been a huge gap in the market for these high quality minikits, these seem like a great upgrade to the older kit supplied options.
  7. Looks great Rob! You've clearly been busy. Forgive me if I missed it, what did you decide on for the topgallant masts (stump, common or long)? Also curious if you are following the plans, or the rigging diagram in the AOTS Diana book, and whether you've seen any differences.
  8. Michael - welcome aboard and thanks to you and the others for the interest. Nun-Buoys: I've been trying to get my head around these for some time, there seems to be little info on these in sources but seeing how others have tackled these (esp. BE and Chuck) were of great help. I seem to recall that the buoys should be around 1/3 to 1/4 the length of the anchor but for the life of me can't find the reference or place that I read that to confirm. The body of the buoy was shaped from some spare dowel, and 2 ringbolts inserted at the extremities leaving some of the length expose
  9. definition of "prolific" - producing a great number or amount of something, an abundance of inventiveness or productivity I think your comment "I have no room anymore" proves it 🙂
  10. Just incredible what you are achieving Mike, hats off to you dealing with that insane PE at that scale, looks great though. How do you fold the PE at this scale?
  11. Hi Dunnock, great to see another 'Diana' coming to life, looks like you are thinking well ahead. I'm sure you've seen many of the other fine builds going on right now and I'd suggest letting folks know you've started your log. Sure you'll get plenty of support and this kit definitely has its head scratching moments. Look forward to more.
  12. Good decision, if its any consolation, one learns more from correcting and redoing mistakes than doing it right the first time...at least in my experience.
  13. Welcome to the Snake club Matthew, you seem to have made a very solid start. Definitely don't be afraid to fair the bulkheads a bit more, that will really help you get a smooth line of the planking.
  14. Looks pucker from where I'm sitting Peter, well done. Are you going to rig the catharpins?
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