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  1. all well over here cheers, and I trust and hope all is ok at your end.....sometimes I just look at the rigging and just think why do I put myself through this......then I got out and buy another ship to complete.....utter madness......I may do like albert finney did in the film network and stick my head out of the window tonight and shout....."I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" ...it may catch on.
  2. mast tops dead eyes in place using aforementioned method.
  3. hey Hamilton....long time no see.....hope you are keeping well......Bellona is now 7 years in the making.....Greyhound took about 10 months but my corel Victory about ten years.....
  4. foremast dead eyes using my solution in previous post.....seems to have worked fine.
  5. well... corels cast collars for the dead eyes mounted on the masts are useless(first pic)….they just keep snapping ….so my solution is a piece of black rope secured around the dead eye with just enough rope to poke through the mast and a brass eyelet poked through the opposite direction and glued in place. The eyelets will be blackened.....job sorted....just need 32 of them. Corels fittings are sometimes so bad they are not worth including in the kit.
  6. well this is the most rigging I have done in quite some time
  7. This model is on my build list....I have a fascination with Franklin’s mission to find the north west passage and the disaster that ensued....your build is looking good and don’t get to hung up over mistakes, we all make them, it is the only way we learn.....show me a man who has never made a mistake and I will show you a man who has never lived....keep up the good work.
  8. Just thought I’d let you know of an error in the placing of the pillars near the binnacle and under the poop deck for anyone doing corels Bellona. The first pic is where I had them originally and the second pic is the correct positioning with one single pillar in front of the binnacle and the other two further under the poop deck.
  9. I have just remembered why I hate rigging....well not all rigging, some rigging is easier to hate than others. Ah well ,...keep calm and carry on.
  10. a couple of the yards have been given some ropework...….this could take some time.....
  11. well after several false starts ….some main mast horse stirrups to start things off...….I have spliced the rope to form the loop and used a tiny drop of glue to hold in place.
  12. looking good Gan Do.....I do things differently from the instructions.....if I can help I will but it is so long since I did things on Bellona my mind may be hazy....
  13. covid 19 doing its worst....time to do some rigging on Bellona.
  14. picture gallery tape is neutral. I use it to frame my pastel pictures to prevent dust and insect incursion. one of my other hobbies....shown here an old paratrooper.

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