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  1. Pegasus has much nicer stern treatment windows etc but apart from that overall they are the same kit with Pegasus having some extras
  2. Ah i see. Ive just packed my stuff away to move house again so cant really have a look.
  3. BE - can I just check - your part 21 broke "vertically" down the grain if I understand you correctly. The grain on my bit runs the other way - horizontally ! I just took out the "slot" and checked . I love it but this wood stuff isnt half difficult. One can see the advantages of ply and MDF !
  4. BE, two posts into the build and you are modifying it already !! The sterm frames are indeed a bit awkward - I did a dry fit and found that. The problem is that for each one you are trying to fit slots in two sloping surfaces. so its not a straight push fit. If you try and fit with the BHS in place you are risking breaking a frame. Check that none of the forrad slots bind - the two outer ones 17 on mine did and just a slight pass of a file made everything much easier My main tip - dont try and fit or remove one at a time -manipulate the SET ! So you have to sequence first fit all of the frames into the aft BH then slide and rotate the aft BH down until the frames rest on the forrard BH Then you can just slip them in Also note that its easy to get the wrong slot its the inner three each side ! You can see that these are not quite aligned
  5. Of course some of us manage to turn carvel into clinker anyway if the strip shaping goes awry !! But great to see BE leading the way !
  6. Had to stop myself getting the glue out!! Anyway looks like a great kit - but its back in the box till about November in a new house ! I look forward to the other logs I suspect are coming!
  7. Just a bit more trial fitting before it all is disassembled and goes back in the box its all fits so well and the gun is really neat Not sure about how I will handle the " jigsaw. Needs a bit of thought. And of coiurse Chris designed her to be painted - so I better try the various woods with a touch of oil or varnish or or or....
  8. And I claim another first - I lost a bit !!. Ten minutes and then found it inside the manual - beware that lovely book - it can enshroud and hold pieces between its pages !! And number two error - number the parts - as the book says before removing from the sheets -the eagle eyed will already noted that bulk heads can be transposed in my case 4 and 7!!!
  9. Not a race or anything - but here we go ! Kit arrived - in good condition. I am unfortunately not going to be able to do much - because I am actually packing to move house. But I couldnt resist having a trial fit of the keel and BHs. This is the first MDF kit I have really tried so it was interesting from that point of view. The wee bit of a surprise was how small and delicate the bits are - oh dear that going to be a challenge for my clumsy hands. Anyway it all assembled "just right" not tightly rigid so things had to be forced nor sloppy - everything just sat neatly in the right place. Wonderful start - Now I shall have to pack it all up again and allow other builders to streak past But Thanks Chris !!
  10. Started planking - I had thought the natural chamfer from the laser cutting would be enough - but nope needs more - so whip out my trusty David plane. Ah I forgot it uses the same blades as the oven hob scraper and the admiral had needed a replacement !! Orders blades!
  11. yep CA ages badly - I have "crystalline rigging" in one or two of my earlier builds where i used a touch to seal knots
  12. Progressed further. JustI fitted the bits I should have fitted before. I had deliberately left off doing the aft deck , the taffrail and the counter because I was a bit puzzled by the complex stern construction - but would have been wise to have caught up there BEFORE I put on the bulwark strips Anyway needed a bit of careful easing into place but got them all nice. LITTLE NOTE - the counter has these nice lines on them which look like planking - but they are not - they are to facilitate the curving - so they go INSIDE the build.
  13. AT LAST !! Got the gunport strips on - not perfect but adequately. Became quite a jigsaw puzzle for the upper ones - 6 pieces instead of two !! But I got there in the end and a quick check with the gossamer thin second planking strip (with all the nice laser details on ) confirms line up - phew
  14. The wood grain isnt very straight but not a problem - its simple the laser lines weaken the strip in many places and you have to be more careful than I clearly am !! I have had MUCH more success using the plank bending nipper though. I think the difference is that with heat or soaking bending you are working with bending a length so there are strains along the length and pressing at one point can strain a weak point further along. But with the nipper you are only stressing an area immediately around the blade. I am in the middle of assembling the "jigsaw" of broken pieces - just scratching a piece for the top planks to butt against to replace the stem bit that broke - again. Hope to get it all together ok before the weekend .

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