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  1. Just a note - Chris Watton's Vanguard Models is now the UK stockist for the Master Korabel kits VANGUARD MODELS
  2. well they are usually fine - except steel/iron - yours look as if they are probably OK.
  3. Really coming along nicely - like the lots of drop planks ! Are you sure your nails contain no iron if you are leaving them - othererwise may get some rust later in life. I had a nasty surprise a while ago with some nails that I discovered were only brass coloured steel and th moisture from the next layer adhesive did them no good at all
  4. He MUST be related to Chris Watton !
  5. 190mm - I really couldnt tell - it could have been full sized - great work - as usual !
  6. First thing to do is to position the holes for the pedestal - I have always found also that the holes come in handy during constructions Heres a rough guide to the way i do it pegasus pickle
  7. I am full of admiration for your adventurous spirit and workmanship - but you could have at least waited until some lesser spirit had finished a standard version first ! Query - your planking seems to drop at the bow end yet you are talking about tapering - is this an optical illusion or am I missing something ?
  8. Dont even think about how fast Chris can work ! He can build a hull in a weekend . I have "suggested" to him several times that he increases his estimates of "mere mortal " build times a bit - like ten fold ! All using a toolkit which appears to consist of a rusty pair of pliers and a stanley knife - and I am not kidding !
  9. I have used .5 pins - or the very small drill bits that come with sets and are really too small for anything much. But you dont really need them - use the scrap "line up" bits and then use short lengths of "SOMETHING" ACROSS the whole vessel on top of the capping strips with elastic bands running between the ends of the lateral strips under the vessel -. That holds well hold well - and also ensures everything is lying dead flat. The " SOMETHING" can be your choice - I have a collection of 5mm thick short pieces of hardwood which I use - but Lego works well !! I must write a paper on the use of Lego In Model ship buiding - I use it a lot ! Here is my jig for squaring bulkheads My Pickle had a really duff set of ply keel and BHs -very sloppy fit and slight warping. An a selection of Lego , wooden strips and car feeler strips all my standard tools !
  10. Just taking the tip further 1 you can get MUCH finer pins than those 2 Hammer them in through - yet another - scrap strip piece. 3 Then when the rail is stuck you can remove the pins and a touch of paint is usually enough to conceal the hole. But persevere with elastic bands - they are infinitely flexible but do get a range of of sizes and thicknesses
  11. Use a few scrap strip pieces (sanded if needed)againsty the bulwark under the capping-one or both sides - to get the alignment and then elastic bands Take care NOT to glue the scrap !!
  12. Ceremonial Barge oars were "tossed" ie held vertically a lot so were not tied on,
  13. I think there are none I have tried for years to find any but the basic stuff - more or less - if Cornwell dont have it - give up and look to the US. But with Crown going down !!!

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