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  1. I wouldnt comment on the question . But I have never seen that herring bone pattern anywhere before - how interesting !
  2. Different - I spend all my time trying to make my planks joins invisible but it certainly has a decorative effect. I have never seen that before - I presume on a working or naval vessel it would not be done - just un-needed expenditure of money and effort. Cant think of any practical reason - but nice to have an handsome vessel. I built Snake many many years ago - didnt turn out anything like as nice as your build !
  3. I am intrigued by your planking and how clearly it stands out - did you chamfer the edges of the strip ?
  4. Long standing heart problem under control but also Admiral is ill and all sorts of storms hitting us - the modelling is such a great break from it all.
  5. Right return to the build. I had a bit of an heart scare and while I was in hospital being angio'd( all clear) my little parcel of replacement bits arrived via Germany - beautifully safely packed - I think MK have dealt with the packing issue now. So I started to look at the first planking and bending it to shape - followed the book but broke a piece of gunport strip right across on one of the detailed scribed lines so I will go back to my own preference of a lot more soaking - by chance I have a spare since that sheet was one of the replaced sheets. The instructions do warn CLEARLY about the danger of breakage at the scribed points - take note chaps! I am going to use a couple of spare bits of light ply to protect the scribed points each side of the strip as a I bend and bend the "sandwich " I really am going to have to pussy foot with this kit - constant awareness of how delicate everything is.
  6. somewhere on here I think I posted a couple of pics of an anchor stowed as you are asking about - i shall have a look in my picture files again tomorrow if you cant find them
  7. Technically it is perfectly possible to have a utility which downloaded site content within some defined subset such as a build log ( especially your own ). But who is to do it and is there a strong requirement and do the moderators ( God bless em) have a desire to head down that road. The matter is under the control of the site webmaster. And the fine details depend upon the host and the implementation of the site.
  8. Well what a FUN day! The ritualistic crawling about the floor for the dropped pieces. Attempt after attempt at making rings, Unwanted attachment of pieces to the desk Cleaning my little brushes from last time I used them !! And of course I had forgotten that if you paint things they get thicker which with this tiny stuff matters But I think I ended up more or less where i wanted. So first trial could do with a bit of paint attention - but it is assigned to the least obvious deck position ! and i think the rest will be satisfactory now I have made all the mistakes possiblewith this one !!
  9. So quick trial - like the paint colours and I do like the simulated trunnion cap but I need a finer brush ! To me that breech rope ring seems OK ish - 1.5mm diam using 0 .5mm wire. I may try just a 1.0 diam and see how it looks. Then start doing the guns. BUT need to get this right - because UNLIKE any other gun I have built the barrel is locked into the carriage construction so you cant take it off to fiddle with rings etc I hope soon though to get on with the main hull when I get the replacement bits which are on their way The 0.6 rope looks passable but again maybe I will go up a but when i come to fit it. Humm the ring and the rope dont seem quite to match.
  10. I will figure the rope size out later - for now i will just make my own simple rings from coated wire to the size I want - I have several wite guages in spares but this will do for me/
  11. Yes - I was just trying out a test set and i think its the way to go. But I am not sure about the recommended ropes - first the labelling on the .5 and .6 mm line appears to be reversed!! But the 0.6 still seems a bit light weight to me for a breach rope - delving into my stores for some more samples . And I am not to sure about the supplied rings - again back to my spares box - i have some 2mm diam eye bolts which seem a bit small and 3mm which may be a trifle large. Humm Any commenst ??
  12. More Guns stuff Now got all my paints etc so I can move forward. Just seeking thoughts on the rigging. At this scale just the breech rope will probably suffice but I have some suitable nice small blocks spare which would allow me to also add the tacklesif I wished. I notice that in the youtube video - though not mentioned - the final guns suddenly sprout the additional tackle eyes. Has anyone tried extra rigging?
  13. Wonderful bit of sail trim there (I am intrigued though that his spanker isnt hauled in more ). I dont know where the pic was taken but it must have been on a long run with a steady wind - it must have taken ages to get them all "just so"
  14. With or without sails yards were commonly angled as you describe. I cant quite see if you mean you are doing it with or without sails - without sails as below or with sails - close hauled

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