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    International Motorsports Association (IMSA) - a division of NASCAR - I drive truck for them.
    Harley Davidson
    And of course, trying to build model ships......

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  1. I'm not at home at the moment but I can verify that I have the same issue. And having the same internal debate. I'll be watching - I wish I was at home so we could compare more notes.... Steve
  2. Welcome aboard Bob. I've been following your builds since th Essex. Glad to see you here. I look forward to furthering my education...
  3. I'm also going to join in the fun and have been looking forward to this build for a long time. This is going to be my first scratch build so I will have a LOT to learn. I'm going to depend on you all for some help and guidance along the way. I have my order in the cart at National Balsa for some Birch Ply (false keel) and Lite Ply (bulkheads) and will be pulling the plug soon. I will be building it in Ceder & getting all the help I can from Syren (laser cut parts). Plans are at the printers now. Unfortunately I will not be making any saw dust til mid October due to work but I will be getting things ready to go. Looking forward to following along with everyone. 👍 😀
  4. I agree -- I think that's a great idea. I might have to do that on one of my future builds. It's add a lot to the ship and a great way to see the detail and time put into the model with out having to handle it or get out the magnifying glass... Very nice build!!!!🙂👍
  5. I have never replied to this thread but have been following along for quite a while. Your work is just crazy perfection. A beautiful masterpiece. I really hope this will be placed somewhere that it will get the attention that it deserves. I know this log is a real treat for me.... Thanks for letting us follow along.. Steve
  6. Looks like your back and working pretty quick on the Winnie - and it looks fantastic. It looks like your vacation worked like a charm 😉
  7. Looks like you did a fantastic job with the planking. Look forward to seeing more as you continue. 👍
  8. Well, the Medway is about finished 👍 About the only thing left to do are the flag (have to find the recommended spray) and the oars. It has been a fun and entertaining journey. I learned a lot - and also figured out I have a lot more to learn. Especially when it comes to rigging and knots, etc, etc. I would like to thank Chuck for this kit and everyone that has done the Medway before me - I learned a lot from your logs. Below are a few pics of the finished product. I might post some more later after I get the flag flying. Hope everyone enjoys the summer months (finally!!!) Steve
  9. Thanks everyone --- and Chuck - that means a lot. Suffice to say, it is a much bigger testament to your sweet kits and the thought & quality you put in them. I sure could not do it with out you and your expertise.....
  10. Hello everyone. Just a quick update. I got the rudder assembly finished and installed (temporary for now). Also got the thole pins, windlass bars, and fixed block made & installed. Below is the first oar -- 4 or 5 more to go. This is where she stands for the time being.... Time for a break from the ship yard for a couple of weeks and go back to work. Bummer having to leave Michigan to go to Sebring.... Not!! It gets a little crazy with all of the spring breakers though. I'll be checking in and watching all the other builds.
  11. Beautiful job Rusty. I like what you did with the windlass. I hope mine turns out something close to that. It looks very sweet.... So what is on your agenda now?? Anything special?? Thank you for your build log. It has been a source of both inspiration and learning..... Steve
  12. Thanks for the likes and comments, they continue to provide motivation. A little more progress has been made and I have a few pics to share to bring us up to date. All of the thwarts and braces have been glued in place with the exception of the one with the 'ironwork', I left that one loose in case I needed to tweak it a little when I get ready to place the mast. I have completed the windlass and have the also have anchors made up and ready to go. I also purchased the base stand from Chuck. I really like it and it adds some 'personality' to the kit. A couple of quick thoughts - the burl is thin and VERY brittle. When cutting it to size be very careful or you will end up with a lot of chips. I used a steel ruler and #11 blade but be very gentle. I made 7 or 8 passes with very light pressure. Also, try and not get any glue on it. I did and thought I had it all cleaned off but it came back to haunt me when I applied some Wipe On..... I also set the floor about an 1/8" below the frame. A personal thing I guess but I liked it better that making it flush. Anyway, the result is below. All in all it turned out pretty good and will dress up the model quite a bit..... Time to move on to the rudder, tiller, windlass bars, and the remaining little details that will help bring this to life. Hopefully I can catch one of the next rigging kits when they come available.
  13. Awesome work Rusty. A lofty target to strive for. Thanks for sharing everything.....

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