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  1. I'm still here and slowly chugging along. I guess I have been slow to post anything. I didn't realize how long it had been since my last post but here a few pics of where things stand as to today. I guess the only thing I'm having an issue with are the little pieces that go above the roof and also the upper and lower parts of the pillars. No matter how many I make I don't seem to find any I like, let alone try to make 12 of them that look similar. I'll get it sooner or later... Hope things are good in your part of the world. Also everyone else out there.... Be safe....
  2. Chapter 2 is now complete. I broke/ruined my fair share of planks but I think everything turned out pretty good. I preferred a little darker seams so I ran a pencil on both sides of the planks. Below are a few photos to show where we are currently. Now it is time for a small break and do a review of Chapter 3. It will be a nice change of pace from the planking for a while.... I hope everyone out there is doing good and dealing with this virus. These are indeed strange times but we will get thru it.....
  3. Hey Ben. I see you decided to do the framing on the other side. Everything looks really good. This is going to be a beautiful build. Keep up the great work....
  4. Hello everyone. I hope this post finds everyone happy & healthy and dealing with this virus OK. I think it has touched all of us in one way or another. I've been plugging along and got one side of the planking finished up yesterday. It turned out pretty good and I've learned some lessons to apply to the other side. Mostly pay more attention to my seams and the tick marks.... The paper clips are there to protect the stern frames. Yes, I snapped one off but thankfully it was a clean break so not a big issue. Those clips do a great job protecting them. Question about using the wipe-on-poly. How often does everyone apply it?? I like the way it looks and protects the wood but I always seem to have issues with glue sticking to it down the road. I have not applied it yet. It's just wiped down with a damp rag to see how it looks and help locate any areas that need more attention.... and there are quite a few... I have a little more sanding to do and then some paint touch-up on the wales but I'll hold off till I get the other side finished up. Be safe out there!!!
  5. Looking good Rusty -- I have to agree with nzreg & Chuck. I love the look of the Cherry and your planking looks great. Keep up the good work....
  6. Hello everyone: Another little update. I got the wales and black strake finished up and about 90% of the interior bulwarks sanded down to the correct thickness. I still need to get the anchor linings attached, painted,. Then I will finish up the interior bulwarks. Then I can use Chucks tick strips to line off the bulkheads and see how everything really lines up. I'm getting to the point I don't like my camera to much anymore (just my phone). It shows way too many of the little details I don't see or miss. I don't think you all will be seeing any close-ups for a while..... I might have to use it after each row of planking to see how things REALLY look.... Moving right along --- one plank at a time.....
  7. That looks pretty darn awesome. Time to sit back, have a drink, and admire a job well done!!!! 🍺🍺
  8. Wow Ben - That looks awesome. I love the wood choice also. It is going to add some nice contrast. You really have me wondering if I should give it a try on one side. I think it adds a lot to the model and draws attention. Beautiful work.....
  9. Just a quick update - I got the 2 strakes added below the wales. They were a challenge to get them looking decent. Time to do a little finish sanding to get things in order and then figure out how I'm going to do those wales and black strake. One at a time!!! 👍
  10. Thanks Chuck - and everyone for all the likes... I have finished up the other side above the wales and got everything rough sanded. Below are a few pictures of the current state of affairs. Time to review Chucks videos about bending the planks and getting a good fit. I have to keep telling myself to be patient and not get in a hurry. Sometimes that's the hardest part !!!
  11. Well I got the planking done above the wales - only on the port side. Here are a few pics of where we stand as of today. Going to take some lessons learned from this side and make use of them on the starboard side. I don't think this side turned out too bad but hoping for better results on my "show side". Moving right along.....
  12. Well, after a little hiatus away from the shipyard I have had some time to get things going again. As you can all see I have got the wales and black strake attached and ready to go. The photos show the current state of affairs. Things have been rough sanded and still a little tweaking is necessary. Also have to work on some of the port openings a little bit and get them painted so they are ready to go. I also had to do a little de-construction and then some re-construction to get the run of the wales correct. Hopefully they are close now and the rest of the planking will flow into place..... And now its time to make some dust and cut some 1/4" strips to get ready to plank above the wales. Feels good to get back into the shop again..... Time to get serious now!!!!
  13. Looks pretty darn good to me. I'll be very happy if mine turns out somewhere near that. Great work!!!

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