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  1. Hello Peter. Welcome from the east side of the province. (Gananoque)
  2. Stihl power tools make an excellent shop vac. When it is running you can carry on a conversation right next to it. They are pricey but are a great machine.
  3. What a great display. Lot of air, and lots of space.
  4. Beautiful work. I hope mine is half as good. Been a very buy summer with no shop time but the Medway sits proudly on my work bench. I started on the floor boards today. Shorter days mean more shop time.
  5. I work in a Hardware store and was talking with one of our suppliers about purchasing some yard sticks. He said they don't make them any longer.
  6. Thanks Kurt and everyone else. I am looking forward to purchasing and using an air brush. I will probably try painting some one use water bottles just to get use to process. I am very interested in trying the different types of paints and will listen to all suggestions on what is best for a very detailed plastic model. Bob
  7. Good day Kurt. I am planning on building the Italeri 1/12 scale Fiat 806 Grand Prix car. I do not think it will be more that 12" long. I will want tp use water based paints if possible. I do have a Porter Cable pancake compressor, and an 8 gallon shop compressor. Your advise appreciated. Bob
  8. I am pondering the purchase of an air brush. Going online is daunting. They seem to range in price from $90.00 to many hundreds of dollars. I want it to be reliable with available replacement parts. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  9. You've got a Friend ,Carole King
  10. How many old Sailors were asked by some Petty officer if they had put their name on the Starboard List, or if they had seen the can of Relative Bearing Grease?
  11. House of the rising sun, Eric Burdon an the Animals
  12. Good old Hockey Game. Stomping Tom Conners
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