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  1. When I was a young sailor in the RCN I became a Navy Diver. I always remember the words of one of my instructors," Remember Gentleman, when you enter the water you become part of the food chain".
  2. What gets my goat, is people who pull into Handicap parking spots who do not have a sticker for said parking. But whats even worse is the people who have a sticker so they can assist a family member or some one with a handicap, parking in the designated spot and then Running into the store.
  3. I do hope I am not breaking any rules but this is the kind of detail this book brings to sharpening.
  4. I take great pride in sharpening all my shop tools, plane irons, chisels, and knifes. Some years ago my wife bought me a book written by Leonard Lee of Lee Valley Tools. This is an excellent book that covers all aspects of sharpening, metallurgy, and and stone construction. The ISBN # for the book is ISBN 1-56158-125-9. It is listed on the Lee Valley Tool web site. Hope this is helpful to some.
  5. Peter the Pirate is sitting at the bar nursing a cold one, when the guy next to him asks him about his injuries. So Peter the Pirate starts by explaining that he got his peg leg after his first sea battle. When the cannon went off it rolled over his leg. The guy then asks about his hook where there should be a hand, and Peter the Pirate explains that when boarding a ship he was involved in a sword fight, and lost his hand. The guy then asks about the patch over his eye. Peter the Pirate responds by saying Bird Poop. Bird poop the guy asks, and Peter responds, FIST DAY WITH THE HOOK.
  6. I have had a very good Christmas. On the Admirals instructions, I removed everything from the shop and had carpet installed. It was then an early present, the Craftsman work bench. To top it all off, my son got me the Back lit magnifier. I can now resume my build of the Medway longboat by Syren.
  7. I agree with your views. I went through high school in the mid to late 60s. I took all the shop classes, drafting, wood working, metal working, and mechanics. I then went to a true technical college and took Machinist Mechanics training. I consider myself an old school mechanic. We used to rebuild parts, not just exchange them until the problem went away. You would be hard pressed to find a Automotive Service Technician that can rebuild a starter, or turn a brake drum. Having said that, the computer has made a lot of tasks much easier, and a lot easier to make corrections.
  8. I am thinking of purchasing the Proxon mini vice with the suction cup base. Do any members have experience with this product, or recommendations for a similar product. Thanks in advance. Bob
  9. Help..... I am trying to install plank #11, 6th strake up from the keel, stem end. I am on my 5th attempt at this piece and can not get the forward end of the plank to curve into the rabbet, the last 1/4". I am able to get the compound curve on most of the plank but the last 1/4" eludes me. What am I not doing? Every attempt at curving the last bit ends up with a broken plank. Thanks in advance. Bob
  10. I had one off the tabs on the build-board snap off. I glued it back on and no problem after that. Looking forward to your build. Bob
  11. Looking good. I will follow your build with interest. What was your source for that piece of Basswood?.. I live in eastern Ontario, (Kingston area) Thanks. Bob
  12. Thanks Bob. I know that I am my own worst critic, but still enjoy being in the shop. This is a hobby that I have wanted to get involved in since my first visit to the Maritime Museum in Victoria when I was a boy. If I achieve similar results on my build as you did on yours I will be over the moon happy. Your build of the PenDuick is a fine example of craftsmanship. Love the paint. Bob
  13. Thanks Bob and Havelock. When I look at my build I see every flaw and mistake and wish I had more experience in ship modeling. I then remind myself that this is my first build. I believe that any model I could have chosen would have ended up with the same mistakes and flaws. It is a hobby with a learning curve, and I am learning . I do hope to someday be able to build a museum quality ship. As far as my Longboat build I will achieve a mantel piece model short of a disaster, and worse come to worse there is nothing that wood filler and paint can not hide. LOL
  14. I Finally got some shop time. Owning an older home can take up a lot of time in the good weather. I am almost half way with my planking, 4 out of 9, and hope to do some more this evening. When is it a good time to remove the reinforcing tape on the frames? Should I do it now or wait until planking is complete. This is a slow build for me but enjoy my shop time, as little as it is. As you all can see I did cut one plank two short, so I did the same on the other side for balance.
  15. Hello and welcome to the site. I am west of you in Gananoque Ont. I will follow your build of the Terror as she is a ship and story that intrigues me. I am currently working on the Medway longboat by Syren. Not much progress lately due to home renovations and up-keep. Installed a couple of planks on the hull yesterday that has got my MOJO going again. This is my first build and I enjoy every aspect of it. Even repairing the mistakes. Bob
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