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  1. Everyone thanks for the kind words and thumbs up front part, bow section is done, made the anchor buoy, and some small details. Next part, the funnels !!
  2. some time ago, But still working on the Scharnhorst, did some work on the bridge and the frond did not take much pictures during the construction of the parts, but made the compass, steering wheel, air-exhaust, belaying point for the signal flags, fire hydrants, changed the railing again was to low, and placed the railing and flagpole, navigation lights and the ammunition hedges and cranes. just a few things left on the list, and the frond and bridge are ready, so i can start with the smokestacks !!
  3. It’s Tork paper wipper painted (soaked)with a mix of acrylic varnish and paint (dark crème) when dry, cut to small strips then I soak them in speakglue, and when the glue is almost dry, I place the strips like tape, Then I form them with a small brush and a hairdryer. after one day drying and hardening, I spray it with a mat varnish.
  4. Everyone thanks for all the thumbs up And the story continues!
  5. Did not take pictures during the construction, will do next time. but use simple brass sheet 0.3 mm what I glue on a piece of hardwood, for the doors, and for the window frames I use plastic card. than I make the shape on a proxxon micro mill the doors are easy to make, the window frames are more delicate, I use Micro drills and routers used in the pcb board fabrication, they are easy to find on the internet. I make the basic window frames in basic shape, and because they are glued on plastic card, I can shape them very easy with Swiss precision files to the exact shape, when they are in the exact shape, I carefully slide them of the plastic with a very thin knife. and when it is necessary I use a lighter to carful burn the frame clean of glue. (Second glue, burns very easy)
  6. Everyone thanks for the kind words and thumbs up !. started with the construction of the bridge still a lot of work to be done, but the beginning is there.
  7. Yes what can I say on that ?, oh yes some ohhhh’s and aaaa’s absolutely beautiful done !!
  8. Thanks for the nice words and thumbs up finished the first tower, below a few pictures
  9. Thank you very much for all the thumbs up. started to work on the first gun tower. As it is a partly kit, I decided to remake the tower again, did not like the one that came with the hull. after studying old pictures and looking for some existing models I came to the following result. below a few pictures. (Still work in progress)
  10. Everyone thanks for the thumbs up. “Small” update made the kind of small davits (don’t know the real name ,sorry ?!?) between the stairs that are mounted on the hull. below a few pictures
  11. Keith, The idea came more or less, because i did not have a choice, so sometimes you have to be inventive. i went out to the "local hobby shop" to buy fimo polymer clay, to make the decorations and to make a kind of copy of the bow section to work from. but due to the fact that i live on a island and modeling is something that i absolutely not alive on this island, i came out empty handed, so i went to the building market, and found wood repair epoxy putty and a plastic repair epoxy putty, so i bought 2 types, the wood epoxy has to be hard dense and fine structure for the copy of the bow section, to make a negative copy and a positive copy, but with a medium till fast reaction/cure time and the plastic epoxy with a medium/ long reaction/cure time, and super fine structure i protected my bow with some tape, and added the wood epoxy on the bow section(negative), after that it is almost set I removed the epoxy from the bow section, let it cure completely 1 hour, than i treated the inside with some light grease, applied the wood epoxy on the inside(positive), and removed it when it was completely cured. than i treated the positive very very lightly with some white grease. builded up my decoration from the plastic epoxy, on the copy of the bow section, shaped it with micro carving and clay tools. let the epoxy almost cure completely, than i used a sewing line to remove the decoration from the bow section, let it cure completely 3 hours. some primer, paint and ready !! hope it helps you. The brand of the epoxy putty i used is J-B Weld.
  12. Because it’s still Christmas time and decoration time, I decided to decorate my lady too 😀 Made the decoration for the bow some of the stairs and the spare anchor. below a few pictures . Would like to wish all of you over here, happy days to come, and a good and prosperous 2020.
  13. Thanks everybody for the thumbs up and kind reactions finished the chapter anchor chains and all is related too it below a few pictures

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