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  1. Everyone thanks for the thumbs up and we continue a bit further made the 4 8,8cm guns (combination of 3D and scratch, the 3D level of details is really amazing almost impossible to produce by hand, so I decided to make it a Combi of scratch and 3D) made the rest of the gun I’m placements made the last to sloops and made the davits plus the gearboxes for the davits installation. still need to make some more details to the davits but it gives all ready a impression.
  2. Thanks everybody for the comments and thumbs up. and we continue a little bit further made the last air intake, and added the rest of the details to the fire control that where still missing, still missing the splinter shields for the 8.8 guns. I forgot in my enthusiasm to make some pictures, during the process, sorry ! below also a picture of the compass stand, standing on my cutting board.
  3. update started to build the compass platform and the rear fire control below some picture explains more than words
  4. Eu...................................................h..................................., just plain beautiful !!
  5. Everyone thanks for the thumbs up. the chapter sloops. I finished the last one of this section and added some more details , still need to make 2 more, but I have to wait a little bit more on them, unfortunately they send me the wrong hulls, they where 13.5cm instead of the ordered 10 cm. so I will continue on the rest of the structure that still need to be constructed, like the compass platform and the fire control and mast. below some pictures of the sloops
  6. First Thank you all for your kind words and thumbs up. And we will continue a bit further with the sloops, below some pictures that I think more or less clearly show my steps , Three more sloops I have to make. Out of a total of 11 Of which 2 I ordered extra in Germany because they were not included in the kit I bought at the time ,( by the way the sloops are made out of resin, it takes some time and patience to get them as I would like to) The 2 that I extra ordered are currently on their way. So as said a number of pictures below, that will explai
  7. Very nice done, build her by my self in a 1/100 scale, but this is also very amazing, I like your details even that they are very tiny !!
  8. Thank you all for the praise and the tumbs up I also started making the large oarboats. They are not 100% ready yet, but I will make further details when the rest of the rowing boats are placed. under some pictures of the progress of the construction
  9. Everyone thanks for the thumbs up! today not much words let pictures explain.!
  10. Everyone thanks for the thumbs up In the meantime I made the ammunition cranes and hatches for the 8.8 cm artillery. Since I don't really have clear pictures and information about the situation, I came to the following. I think this is pretty close to reality. Below some photos.
  11. Thanks everybody for the thumbs up !! started with the construction of the motorboat standard. below a few pictures, explaining more than words
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