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  1. I have 2 sets of the Aft Magazine Section plans for sale. Even tho i paid a donation to the Model Ship Builder site for the PDF of the plans (Long time ago), I'm not actually selling the PDF of the plans but just recovering some of the cost of getting them printed (My modelling days are over). The 2 sets cost me $60 to get printed but only after $25 for the both. There are 6 sheets of plans in each set. If your interested in the PDF of the plans then go to Model Ship Builder and purchase them there. Moderators, i hope this is ok to put up. If not then please delete. Cheers D
  2. Hi Paul I have just edited the list of books that are left. If any one is interested in the books or any of the other things i have for sale and have held off because of postage. I will be down in Lalor on Good Friday. I can bring the items you are interested with me on the day. Cheers David
  3. Hi all Have a bunch of wood for sale Roughly 150 lengths and 4 wood sheets. It includes different sizes, thicknesses and different size dowels. Silver ash Limewood Walnut
  4. Hi all Again i have another part built model for sale. The HM Bark Endeavour. The hull has been planked with just the first layer. All wood, rigging and bits and pieces included. Nothing missing. I have to say this again , but this will also have to be a pick up as well as I'm sure the cost might be high after i box it up some how. I live in Maryborough, Vic. Asking $100
  5. Hi all I have a part built Cutty Sark for sale. When i say part built only the frames and some planking has been done. The kit is complete with all the wood and rigging. The only thing missing is the copper plates which i used on another project. Unfortunately this might have to be a pick up only as i could only imagine how much postage would be if i had to some how box it all up. Asking $100. I live in Maryborough Vic.
  6. Hi all I have these books up for sale. The Fire Ship Comet $25 The Ship of the Line $15 The Sailing Frigate $15 Rigging Fore & Aft $10 Historic Ship models $10 Sailing Man of War $30
  7. Your self criticism of your work Mobbsie is why your build is wonderful . What you see as an error , i see as perfection . If i can get mine to look half as good as yours i would be happy . David
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