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  1. At the custom furniture shop I worked at, we used solvent lacquer, did have TEFC motors on the spray room fans, but the spray room guy typically turned off the fans before spraying the final coat, more than half the time without wearing a mask. It would literally be a cloud of lacquer in there through which the spray room guy could only dimly be seen. He thought he got a better finish doing it that way. I and all the other people told him he was completely whackadoodle to do that, he never listened. No idea what happened to the guy but I assume he didn't live to a very old age. On the up side
  2. Otto Frei is where I've bought many, many things. The Venn diagrams of professional jeweler's tools and ship modeler's tool needs overlap quite a bit. Contenti is another very good supplier, I just tend to use Otto Frei as they're just on the other side of the bay from me so I get next day delivery with standard UPS. If you know anything about the Bay Area you'd know why driving over myself is a seriously less than entertaining option, getting anywhere around here now means fighting 8 and 10 lane wide 20mph traffic everywhere, even on weekends. About 3AM Sunday night is the only ch
  3. That's amusing, I thought Dalmatians had their spots from day one. I love dogs just as much as cats, but I never replaced my last dog who lived to be voting age. Also people in the Bay Area love animals, but there are houses and cars packed together in every spot possible, so you have to either work at getting them proper room to run or take them to doggie daycare which dogs love but it's expensive. With my job I just don't have the predictable time required, we have emergencies at all hours and I can be directing the application side of the response for many many hours and that's a weekly thi
  4. Keep in mind that although it's fairly strong, rice glue will still fail before the wood, and western joinery generally assumes the glue is stronger than the wood. If you look at traditional Japanese joinery, in general it is much more complex than western, and usually includes one or more mechanical interlocking features so the joint will have the full failure strength of the wood. However, that's only applicable to building furniture or anything else that will take significant stresses. I see no reason why it wouldn't be an excellent ship modeling glue for those who generally use
  5. I think it looks great, much more accurate than almost all sterns you see on cutters built here, including mine.
  6. I do also, but Chris needs to be cautious while building a small business. Chris, your initial plan sounds good, my suggestion is to keep adding figures to those available at a slow pace that won't distract you from your main kit development goals, and continue to do so as long as they sell reasonably well. Go captains > say three crew figures > lieutenant > bosun > more crew figures. And even if French ships aren't on the docket, if the rest of the figures sell well I would think about doing the same for the French navy. The argument for is that even though I'm not muc
  7. Unfortunately in my place I made the workshop impossible to cut off, seeing as it's the house's alleged dining room I've had no problems with cats knowing that there are places they aren't allowed on, but of course the young ones will jump up just to prove they can the second you leave the house. So extra safety measures will be required at least until she gets out of bratty cat teenager phase. I didn't have cats until I was 21, when I moved into a house with a girlfriend after college, and pretty soon there were four cats and three dogs. For whatever reason I picked up cat langua
  8. Sorry Sam, somehow missed your reply here. Yes, this is going to be a challenge Right as I cross into doing rigging, I'm going to have a 12 week old fuzz-covered energy bundle that some people call Tonkinese kittens. With Takita when she was little, I had to keep an array of pens on the edge of my workbench so she could entertain herself while sitting in my lap by throwing the pens on the floor. I have no idea why cats think that is the funniest thing ever, but they do. I had to keep continuously replacing the pen supply or the next thing on the floor was an important part. I can
  9. This actually reminded me that I built that as a kid in the early '70s. It was the first time I tried to do camouflage painting by hand, as I recall it came out awfully, but I learned a lot. I may go buy one just to see it again after all these years.
  10. I don't know how complete your testing is on your site, so this may be expected, but the slideshows in particular were behaving very oddly in Chrome.
  11. The whole "article" was a paid advertisement for Artec Eva, something you see more and more. The Team Chooses to Use the Artec Eva Scanner to Study the Viking Shipwreck And so, upon Auer’s strong recommendation, the team moved ahead with using Eva for working with the Big Ship. Experts using the faster 3D scanner Artec Eva to scan and document the discovery before damage set in to the Viking shipwreck. (Thomas Van Damme)
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