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  1. Thanks, I have been looking for plans for the power drill wood lathe.
  2. Allan, The email is on the way. No rush on the sending the files, I am a long way from the rigging. Thanks,
  3. Allen, I would like copies of what you have. It would be a nice addition to my reference material. Thank You,
  4. Mark, Thanks for the advice. I remember reading to annel the brass before using, but, when it came time to do it, I forgot. Thanks,
  5. Hello Everyone and thanks for stopping by. Today I attempted to make my first metal parts, the Pentle and Gudgeon. The first try went well. It looked good until I tried to trim it with the rotary tool. It heated up and twisted in the vise. The second try went better (not smoother). I kept dropping the tiny parts on the floor. I had to re-cut a couple of times because I could not find it. I used a hand saw to cut the tubing this time and a lot more hand filing. I still need to notch the rudder so the gudgeon is centered under the rudder post. This is the tin snips I purchased to cut the sheet of brass. I am hoping I can find some smaller. This pair is too large and makes it hard to see the score marks for cutting. Anyone have a recommendation? Well that is it for today. Tomorrow is a holiday so I may get more time in tomorrow. Untill next time, Catch Yall Later,
  6. I just bought the smallest pair of tin snips That I could find at the local Ace. Hopefully it is not to big to cut what I need.
  7. Well I went to start making the pintle and gudgeon, but I could not not find the brass supplies I purchased last year. I ran out and bought more supplies. I am sure the missing supplies will show up next week. Now what is the best way to cut brass sheets? The straps for the pintle and gudgeon are 1/16" wide. Anyone with some recommendations?
  8. Ron, You have convinced me! I have looked through my books as well and did not find what thought I had read. I am now planning on using wire rope for my shrouds. On an interesting note, about your note, someone gave me the plans for the Bugeye Edith Todd today.
  9. Hello Everyone and thanks for stopping by. Well I have just a quick update. I Competed building the rudder. I made it from 1/4x1/4" poplar, sanded down to 1/4x1/8" and then glued up. Sorry forgot to take pictures of the in-between. I then shaped it using my belt sander. This weekend I plan on starting on my attempts to make the pintle, and gudgeon for the rudder. This will be my first attempt at making metal parts, wish me luck. Completed Rudder and Skeg. Rudder and Skeg Dry Fitted. Until next time! Catch Yall Later,
  10. Hi! and welcome. I was able to accomplish some more work on my boat today. The skeg has been shaped and is ready to b glued into place. I am using basswood for most of the model. I have picked up some square poplar dowels of different sizes from the local Lowes. I use the poplar where I want something harder than basswood. I used a 1/8x1/8" strip as the keel shoe. The smallest poplar dowel is 1/4x1/4". I had to sand it down to 1/8x1/8". The stem facing was made from a 3/8"x3/8" poplar dowel. I first had to shave it down to 3/8/'x3/16", then taper the side into 1/8". I made the rudder post out of 1/4x1/4" poplar dowel, turning it in my drill. I decided to wait to add the skeg until I have the rudder completed. This way I can ensure a better fit. Skeg with the template glued. The Stem facing waiting to be shaped. THe Skeg shaped, with the keel shoe and the stem facing shaped and ready to be glued. The new Rudder post. Thank you for stopping by. I hope to have more to show soon. Catch Yall Later,
  11. Ron, Please let me know what you find?
  12. Patrick, I love the look of finished wood. However, I build ships for the history. Historically, skipjacks are painted inside and out, except for the mast. My plan is to paint everything as well. The hull will be white and red below the water line. The interior will be a light grey. The deck will be white. Ironwork will be black. In reality they were a pretty boring on color. The only wood that will be left bright is the mast, boom and jib club. Thanks for asking.
  13. The sides have been cut down, so it now looks more like a skipjack. I am currently working on the skeg and the stem facing. Here is the skeg glued up and ready to b shaped. Well I have a snow day tomorrow, so my plan is to complete the skeg and the stem facing. I hope to have something for show and tell at the next club meeting. Catch Yall Later,
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