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  1. Your Victory looks great! Are you sure you are a newbie!? Welcome. I am originally from Portsmouth, Viginia where there is a great maritime tradition including being the location of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. I have been a follower of this website for many years and build ship models in my very limited spare time (busy physician with a big family) I have not had time to post a build log but hopefully will do so when I retire. Its a wonderful hobby!
  2. In follow up, I used the glue stick followed by a couple of coats of artist's spray fixative. Worked great. Thanks!
  3. I am building the Mamoli Golden Hind. My kit came with the printed cardstock ornamentation rather than the older kits painted wood. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to glue/adhere the cardstock to the planking? White glue? Spray adhesive? Thanks
  4. Randy I am just starting the Mamoli Golden Hind. Your build log is quite an inspiration! I have a question concerning the bulkheads. How do you remove the extensions without damaging the planking? The instructions are not very helpful. Thanks and keep up the great work Steve
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