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  1. This is definitely the most complete description I have read. I recommend it be a permanent part of the planking instruction in this website. Thank you dgreen10
  2. I really appreciate the info. I am grateful for the help in presenting different ideas. Sounds as if you are an ambitious builder (shipwright) Thank dgreen10
  3. I have just started the Cutty Sark. I have builkheads on the false keel and the false deck planked. Now comes the question as I am preparing to plaank the hull. The material provided is 2mm x 6mm or 0.5mm x 6mm. I honestly cannot get the 2mm planks formed on the stern, as the stock is so thick. I am in need of help and guidance. This is 4/5/2018 and I have worked with this for over 2 weeks. So any suggestionsprovided is welcome. Thank You as this ismy first post on this ship. dgreen10
  4. I am writing just to ask if anyone can help me finding the way to bring the drastic (Sharp( form to the stern of the Cutty Sark. The planking is 2mm thick and 6mm wide thereby creating quite a challenge. I know it would be best if you had a picture but possibly someone has experience enough to help. What is the best way or manner to create this sharp and twisted bend? Thank YOu dgreen10
  5. I am just starting the Cutty Sark (Constructo).  It appears to be rather light weight or thin material in the frames and keel.  However, I have built it in the plastic (Revell) and it is a beauty.  Sure love to go to England and see the updated ship in Greenwich I believe.

  6. You might want to try building your own holder if you do considerable model work. The crux of the matter is square, square, square as we all know. dgreen10
  7. Presently building Rattlesnake (Mamoli).  Just finished the HMS Endeavor.  Will post a snapshot of it.  Took me 6 months.  Todate have done scratch Endeavor, Constitution, Blue Nose II.  Kits Cutty Sark, Constitution, Endeavor.  Built 5 ft pond yacht.



  8. I am building Rattlesnake, the Mamoli company. I cannot figure out how to assemble the bow pieces number 15 and 16. Looking at the print leaves me without confidence in putting it together. If anyone has experience this ship and this assembly problem, I will appreciate your imput. It appears to me there is a problem gluing the above mentioned pieces on without making some correction to eith the false deck or the pieces themselves. Thank you so much. dgreen10
  9. does Artesania Latina HMS Endeavor have double hull planking?

  10. I am building the Benjamin Latham 2 Mast fishing schooner

  11. How do I upload a picture for the finished scratch built gallery

  12. I am in thimble of rehabbing an old 1880s model of a 2 mast schooner. The hull is finished and now I am working on the standing and running rigging. I have no plans so it is to be rigged based on my research and consolidation of information. I will post a picture of it in the next couple of says. I hope some one has similar experience and can maybe give me some feed back (help). dgreen10

  13. I am starting on the Benjamin Latham Schooner and would like imput from members who have built it from a kit!

  14. I finished the Virginia Swift Pilot Boat for another person. I spent well over 100 hours re-working the boat. I will post a picture as soon as I get one. Now I am starting one of my own from a kit. Will post progress on this one. dgreen10
  15. I need a diagram for rigging a Virginia Pilot Boat 1805

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