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  1. 75000 dollars?! Amazing and beautiful built with all the details... but I will pass on that one and concentrate on my own America.
  2. Took a walk downtown today and went into one of the "antique" shops, Found this model keel clamp with a started frame for the high price of 39 dollars!😆 New ones can be found around 25 dollars. I got mine for free. I have no idea what model it is.
  3. I have a seperate sound system for the media room, a KEF system, this little 8" is connected to the computer sound system, having external sound card.
  4. Got a surprise one day earlier delivery today..... USPS do deliver on Sundays. According tracking this package was scheduled tomorrow. But now I have a great subwoofer to my PC system. I use entirely Presonus products and am very happy..
  5. I have tried the festools shopvac at a dealership. I was surprised how quiet it is. It has a long nose and come with auto switch. Which means when a saw or sander is connected to power outlet on vac it starts when saw or sander starts. Yes they are pricey but comes in three different sizes too.
  6. Jasseji, That's what I understand to, all the hassle with paperwork.
  7. I have no experience with other paints than Vallejo, so I am very biased. I am using both the Air and regular paint. I like the product, could be because of it's pigments.
  8. Ben, I truly like the Sphinx.... but as it is in my workshop the "Time/Space" relation doesn't compute. However, I am truly happy to see a new source of great rope. Thank you for supplying us with that. (Just checked the webpage of yours) Now back to Jaceks build log. Sorry for the disturbance.....😄
  9. Vahur, I am glad our European members has a good source to get quality wood. My best wishes to you. Ps. I used to live in Sweden and took the boat to Tallinn many times. Beautiful city.
  10. Lol, please make for me too...
  11. 50 in Sweden during the 70's Another way to get that line was to have 5 or more people calling one and the same number at the same time!
  12. Oh yes, and it was 10 digit long phone number!
  13. What I realized before created my waterline was to have the keel level correct. You will get that from the plans. After that I used a laser level to get my line........ if it was correct or not is up to question. But using Amati build holder will not be the best way to the water line right. My final waterline was okay.
  14. Last weekend our model group PSSM, Puget Sound Ship Modelers had a great workshop/exhibition at Foss Waterway Museum in Tacoma Washington. I am the editor for our newsletter and promised members showing up a special gift. Not even our President knew about this. But everyone got a dedicated pen, the wood is made out of rosewood. It was a pleasure to give everyone involved something special.
  15. Nice save! Since the steering wheel house won't have any moving parts, going solid is a quicker way.
  16. 😁 Gregory, I wish.... have some models to be built prior getting anything new. Nice little mantel piece. Maybe getting the windlass.
  17. Here is my capstan from Chuck. I like this little kit, perfect for a single unit display. The case has glass cover with a mirror in the bottom.
  18. Chuck, the pictures are looking promising when it comes to the blocks. I like it. Enjoy your time on the beach - just make sure to turn the steak around every once in a while for perfect browning.
  19. Mark, I also my own darkroom in early 80's. Did everything myself, even bought raw film to be cut to my own desired lengths. Ilford FP4 and Kodak Tri-x was my favorites. Still have my camera equipment.
  20. Fullsize camera is always nice to have even though they are heavier than Micro four third, the sensors are much better.
  21. Mark, I knew it! You just couldn't stand it seeing others getting the Sphinx....😄 Well, I found my comfy chair and getting an ice-tea. I will follow this this build with interest. And you are off with a good start.
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