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  1. Radio Paradise, NPR, and, sometimes, full albums of Shpongle...the latter will really get your neurons firing.
  2. Denis, The plans I have for the Steingraeber kit of the "Marie Celeste" are remarkably similar to those of the Agilis...your kit is the only other one by that manufacturer that I've ever seen; bought mine in '75. Looking at your photos definitely remind me of what I had to go through building mine!
  3. Alanyed, Congratulations on meeting your wife here in Indiana! Just moved here a year ago in March; as far as I've seen, tho', alas, Patti's no longer exists. Nice town, we're stayin'.
  4. Here are two pics I found in books that I have; the first is from Landstrom's "The Ship", a drawing of the Henry Grace a Dieu, 1545, and the second is from "Naval Gun" by Hogg and Batchelor. Not much but perhaps a little help?
  5. I'll throw my vote in for the French pre-dreadnought as well. Your builds are true works of art.
  6. I was admiring your work, checkin' out the details, then, when the photo of the display with the pencil came up, I sat back in my chair and said to self, "Whoa! Didn't expect it to be THAT small!" NICE!
  7. Aye, welcome! As for what you need to know to build that ship, merely peruse this site...virtually all of the information is available here, in abundance. Enjoy!
  8. Just looked for ZHL kits on eBay...lots of them for sale and, in completed listings, nearly all of them sold. Very frustrating, to say the least.
  9. I watched the movie when it came out and have seen it multiple times again since then, something I normally don't do with movies, and I'll be watching your build with equal fascination and interest, Yves. Great project.
  10. Wow, after that laborious informative and educational masterpiece, you do deserve a well-earned break. Well done, sir! And I wish you all those Happy and Relaxing Holidays as well.
  11. Continuing with the subject of cases, I've been making them cost-free from glass usually taken from discarded storm doors or old windows. It's fairly easy to remove the aluminum or wood from around the glass, then just clean it and cut the pieces you need. I have to say, tho', that cutting glass can be pretty nerve-wracking at times! Once cut, I glue the pieces together with E-6000 glue, then put art tape on the joints. Cutting plexiglass is a bit more problematic if you don't have access to a band or table saw but, in any case, one secret is to cut close to the required line, then sand it down the rest of the way. Here is an example of a glass case I finished just the past week.
  12. I use a couple of wooden test tube holders, they work great for xacto knives, files, paint brushes, pencils, etc., and don't take up much space on the work bench. Also, magnetic knife holders work well for larger tools - keeps them visible and handy if hung on a wall.
  13. Looks great, Eric! I suggest you build or buy a case for it, otherwise it may suffer the fate of so many of my earlier models...a tangled mess of broken masts, spars, and rigging due to cats, kids, grand mothers, and me being clumsy!
  14. Raymond, you're very welcome indeed. Ragove, I read about Edward Gove and yup, an interesting character - roundabout way to get rid of a governor but he eventually succeeded! Thanks for that bit of history. My ancestors arrived in New Jersey in 1650 and gradually migrated west, all the way to western Nebraska. Somewhere along the way we became related to Daniel Boone's sister Sarah. Now, it seems, I've migrated most of the way back again! More info on the Mary Celeste: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/centralamericaandthecaribbean/haiti/1336765/Wreck-hunters-find-remains-of-Mary-Celeste.html
  15. Here is a photograph that I found on the net somewhere that is purportedly of the ship and a painting, done in 1861 after her launch when she was known as the Amazon. Not much else out there except her fascinating history.

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