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  1. Your Victory is making great progress! Nice looking copper!
  2. Hello there, it's been quite a while since I've posted. Made a little progress (took some time away from the build...back at it now). I've completed the rat lines / shrouds on all 3 masts and now starting to work on other rigging details. Couple of pics to show progress.
  3. Current update, had started on my rigging, talk about testing some patience. I had run out of 1.2mm rope from my Corel kit, however the good folks in Milan supplied me what I needed....free of charge! Kudos to Corel !
  4. I might have used a 1/4" bit, then a pretty sharp carving knife to finish off the corners.
  5. Yes it's very well worth the patience, thanks Mark....also it's not too bad this morning, only -3 C should be expecting snow today, fun stuff, especially getting out there on the driveway with the quad and the plow, can't get any better than that!!
  6. After a few more hours and some patience, the main mast with its' yard, topsail yard, and topgallant yard....again the main mast just seated in its' position, not fully secured yet.
  7. I simply applied a coat of clear varathane, it does make it look a little darker eh?
  8. Attached the 'Spritsail yard' on the bowsprit...not too bad of a task. And the Spritsail Topsail Yard....
  9. LOL, then it will be a fine build indeed ! I still have a few years to go before retiring, so the patience level is just not there yet (which I have a lot regardless).
  10. Hey Mark, Though it's a great idea and intention to have such jig, while planking my Victory, since each plank when it came down to planing the edge to 'taper' and fit properly, all I did was use a small 'plane' and carefully held it 'freehand' and planed what I needed, then lightly sanded. What I can see using a jig, you'll constantly place the plank in the jig, try and place it to get the shape you want, wing nut it secure, plane what you need and then take it out, try the plank and see if you have a nice fit (each plank may have a different taper, as it may not be always perfect for each plank), then you find it's out a bit, then you repeat the process...may be very time consuming... That's just me and my 2 cents. For my second build in my life, I think it panned out ok for me.
  11. Hi Mark, the build is looking good. As far as the masts go, don’t forget that some of the rigging will also naturally stabilize them up right, just as the real macoy.
  12. The extra rope is in, from Italy. Not that I'll be doing rigging soon, however was good to verify this before I start. Currently working on the 'yards' for the 3 masts, a little tedious I might add, lots of sanding to 'taper' the dowels into shape. The most tedious work is getting those walnut boards (in the centre of some of the bigger yards) angled properly etc...so they fit all around the dowel. Fun stuff. I use a combination of a file and my dremel tool to 'mitre' the edges to it has a nice fit. Couple of them as shown in the pics.
  13. Hey Mark, I received my extra 1.2 mm rigging from SRL today....so not too bad from the time I requested (Oct 23). They sent me about 3660 mm which in my request I said I may be short some 3500mm....

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