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  1. I agree with Jim when he wrote "I think the basic advice is - only buy tools as you need them - otherwise you'll end up spending a lot of money and having a drawer full of tools that you never use." I Love buying tools as much as I love working on model ships. I have bought many tools that I only use once in a while. The Tool I used the most is sand paper. Different grades attached to different sticks and different size dowels makes excellent cutting and finishing tools. Next a hobby size mitter box and saw is a good way to cut the small planks of wood that come in the kit. Try putting a small piece of wood on the inside with double edge tape or a pencil mark for repetitive cuts. A good knife with different blades is important. Good luck on your Phantom.
  2. Reading your log and looking at your pictures has help me a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Best Vern
  3. Thank you for the Information on the Use of the drawplate. Best Vern
  4. I Bought a Draw Plate and I could never get it to work. What is the best way to use one? Thanks Vern
  5. " Fair a Frame " by Model Shipways was a big waste of money, time and now storage space.
  6. Dear David and Russ Thank you for the helpful suggestions. It was nice of you to take the time to answer my questions. Best Vern
  7. Dear Fellow Ship Modelers One of my ship model projects is the Flying Fish Clipper Ship by Model Shipways. The Keel, False Keel and Bulkheads are glued up and I am at the point where i can start the planking the hull or begin laying the Deck. Can anyone tell witch should come first and why? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Best Vern
  8. Hello Jack Your Latest pictures look very good. The ships cannon have a very clean look to them and the cross section construction looks very nice. Good Job. Best Vern
  9. Hello Jack I wanted to compliment you on the great job you are doing in building the Santisima Trinidad Cross Section. I am between models right now and I will start building the Santisima Trinidad Cross Section Model tomorrow. Your Kit build log is wonderful and I will use it as a reference as I build my Santisima Trinidad Cross Section. Thank you for posting it and for all the great pictures. This will be a big help in my model Construction. Best Vern
  10. Thanks to all my fellow ship modelers who have givien me good advice on this topic. I sanded the part just enough to give a flat surface, then cleaned with laquer thinner, and after the part wast completely dry I used CA adhesive and it work Well. Thank You ALL Vern
  11. Hello Jay Thank you for answering my question and for posting the photos. They were a big help. Best Vern
  12. Dear Fellow Ship Modelers I am starting the rigging phase of my ship model and I had herd that Beeswax is often used on shipmodel rigging. What is the purpose of the wax and What is the best way to apply it. Are there other products that serve the same purpose that are better then Beeswax. I would be greatful for any advice on the subject. Best Wishes Vern
  13. Thanks for the advice, I will see if our local store has it. Best Vern
  14. Thanks, I will buy some epoxy tomorrow morning. I did try CA the gap filling kind and white glue and I did not have much luck. Best Wishes Vern

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