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  1. I am back!!! Was out of town for awhile but I have returned with a vengeance!!!! New life solo
  2. Thanks for the positive comments makes me feel really good when I look at all the work you all have done. I'm trying to be careful about weathering because of its short life on the seas so some will be touched up
  3. Opinions: Did I go a lol overboard with the weathering? It looks much lighter in person
  4. I couldn't believe the difference between natural light. This is by far the biggest undertaking of my humble model building. I tried to read all the other build logs of this beast and the other ships as well. The pure artistry that is displayed on a lot of the builds just floors me. I try not to overwork or paint to much trying for perfection because I usually mess it up Lol. Thank you all for the kind words and more pics coming shortly.
  5. Have no fail I will be back shortly with updated construction pictures, been fighting a severe sinus infection but almost over it. WEATHer here has been 70° but on Sunday temps will drop to mid 20s and we are getting sleet and ice.
  6. It wasn't to bad just made sure I wiped down the decks with alcohol wipes and washed my hands lol
  7. I wish the deck would have been smaller pieces because there were a couple of those moments I hoped it would lift up and thankfully it did. My first time doing it and I think Idid a decent job, ddefinitely worth the cost though.
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