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  1. Well after a two year hiatus I restarted my Golden Hind project. Its an old Billings kit and quite a large one at what I figure must be 1/2"=1" scale. Its about 34" long. I just about to finish the standing rigging including ratlines. Thank God. Heres some pics I hope.Looks like everything posted just fine.
  2. Hey all! So recently I posted that I had a family member pass away. He was really into ship modelling. I found three kits left behind in his house. Doing some research I found that the Renown is a beginners kit. I took inventory of the kit and everything is there. Now I have a lot of questions. The pictures that I will post will show how he started to plank the hull. Some of the boards aren't fitting properly and others are "springy". Should I or can I pull the planks and start over? If so, where can I buy planks? What type of glue do you guys use and are the nails neccesary? Last question, when you plank, do you bevel the edges to make them fit tighter? Thank you so much for your time.
  3. Greetings, This is my first build log, and I currently have 3 ships in dry dock. I am working on a Hannah SIB (1/3 completed, and build log pending), MSW Fair American (still on the lofting floor), and this Billings Boats Karoline model. Karoline was a Dutch Potato Boat in the winter and a fishing boat in the summer. The kit consists of an ABS hull with brass and plastic fittings and cloth sails. Length: 1080mm / 42.5in Beam: 330mm / 13in Scale: 1/15 I picked this up this week from a local Hub Hobby in MN. The kit had been on the shelves for a LONG time. I saw it there 5 years ago and almost bought her but decided against it. I have regretted the decision, but was excited to see it still there and at discount. Not sure how long they have had it, but from what I can tell, the model is from the '80s. The factory plastic wrap was still on the box, but had some rips and moving the box produced quite a clatter of pieces inside. The helpful cashier allowed me to open the box and inspect all the pieces prior to purchase to ensure nothing was broken or obviously missing. Fast forward two nights. Last night, in my spare moments I decide to do a detailed inventory of the parts and instructions etc. Pretty basic instructions in the "Ikea fashion" of lots of picture with hardly any text. Shouldn't prove to be too complicated of a build; however, rigging might be a bit of an issue. As I started to work on the hull (which is molded plastic and will receive wood framing for the deck and gunwales), I noticed my first challenge. The sheet of plywood pieces is warped. The missing pieces there are the stem and stern posts which have some torque to them as well. Any thoughts on how to flatten this piece of wood? Thanks for your help. The plan for tonight after work will be to cut the excess plastic off of the hull and wash it to have it ready for painting when the time comes. Yours, Nathan EDIT: Added more photos. Unboxing:
  4. Repost of my previous build log of the Vasa by Billing boats. So, let's see if i can get out some pictures in the right order 😉
  5. Hello, had a knee operation last week so spending some time at home which after a day already had me thinking of what can I start to do to help pass the time and build a model came to mind, many years ago I was always build plastic kits, balsa planes etc. when I joined the navy as a young man even did a few more plastic kits during training, then it all fizzled out most likely due to beer women etc. and the years slowly passed. Now having aged a few years (46 now) I am rewinding the clock and going back to modelling again, whist signed up for a magazine HMS Victory kit that will take some time to collect I have bought a Billing Boats 1-100 Bluenose II kit to start and try and build up my skills. Box opened and starting to build the first half of the hull, seems this version the hull is built in two half’s built flat mounting the bulkheads (at least some of these ships terms are not totally new to myself, But I did serve in Nuclear Submarines so not used to the floating kind or targets as they were called.) Will welcome any tips.
  6. This was a project begun many, many years ago (pre internet) on the other side of Canada. After my initial enthusiasm I begun to realise that this kit represented more of a Scandinavian fantasy of a Grand banks choomer than the real Bluenose. Discouraged I lost interest and with the pressures of career and family my model ship building was put on hold. "Old Blue" accompanied me to Vancouver Island when I retired and eventually made its way on to the bench. if I was to resurrect this project I first had to accept the inaccuracies of the kit and my ability to remedy them. Having grown upin post war UK i learnt frugality at an early age and nothing is thrown away, Maybe rebuilt or recycled. I even save sawdust and shavingsand have put them to good use. Now my build log is lost I will repost some earlier photos and huopefully "Old Blue" like the Phoenix will rise from the ashes. I am enjoying the journey and not worried about the destination, Kip (aka sawdust)
  7. The first Dragen was built in 1929 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sailing characteristics of the vessel were so fine that the boat soon was used throughout the world, and especially in Europe. As time passed, the Dragen changed gradually, so that today only the hull is original. In 1948 the Dragen became an Olympic yachting class, and all measurements have been standardized by the international Sailsport Union. I started this kit about 25 years ago, had it stored in my garage since then. Then i got interested again, and started to rebuild/restore here. It turned out to be a fun project, and joining the MSW only made it better, a lot of helpful people with a ton of knowledge. The build will continue, but first upload the buildlog pictures. I had a big job ahead, it looked like a stranded ship wreck. Børge
  8. My plans for beginning a scratch build were put on hold by the Commodore this week. We were cruising a LHS in search of materials with which to begin a build that I have been quite excited about. And then the Commodore found the kits. Loooong story short…I walked out with a Billings Norske Love kit. A 70-gun Danish Ship of the Line - late 18th Century. I will begin construction soon (I need to buy a building board and I have another obligation to complete first). I have been doing research online with respect to other modeler’s efforts and have found some excellent resources. These are especially welcome considering the lack of direction within the Billings instructional documentation. This is a pretty ship and I know it will give me hours of enjoyment and relaxation (and occasional stress attacks). I intend to paint it completely (and appropriately) but that process is in the distant future...
  9. This is my first build that I started 2 years ago and now I am just starting the standing rigging. I will have pictures from the beginning of my build shortly - Please be patient. Does anyone know were I can see details about running rigging diragrams for my Bounty. See you soon. Don
  10. I don't know why, but I have a fascination with things that are out of the ordinary. While I think the tall ships like the Victory and Constitution are gorgeous I was drawn to the little fishing trawler style of ship. After looking at my options I settled on the Krabbenkutter from Billing Boats. I've started it at this point so it is time to share. Pull up a chair, popcorn, beer, or cider and enjoy Lets start with the obligatory kit photos.
  11. Ahoy I am new here to this site I hope I fit in, this will be my first post This is my 1979 kit of the Billings HMS BOUNTY scale 1/50, I started this many years ago but never got it finished it is calling on me, if i dont get this done it would be a waste of money and time. As you can see the kit has been started and about 80 percent completed please excuse the pictures they will improve as the build continues... I have hundreds upon hundreds of builds i have completed and aboput 56 of them that need to be finished.. When I complete this vessel I will finish up on my 1939 Bluejacket Flying cloud clipper as of the update construction am attaching the blocks to the yards before they are attached to the mainmast. This is not a bad kit the fittings did not come with the kit back in those days Billings never add thier fittings to thier kits, they kept the cost down by not adding them to the kit. I was still in the Navy when I bought this kit it was the newest kit up to date in the billings lines.. I should have this build completed in 2 more weeks then i will get started on the flying cloud. Here are the update pictures of my Bounty. Boats
  12. Hi, here we go again! What Google remembers of the old log: ____________________________________ Hello dear friends! Not that I know any of you in person but the climate on this site the best I've ever found So, after 20 yrs of neglect time has come to continue a POB build. The kit as such is discontinued by BB. I started the kit right after I finished Wasa 1628 but it came to a halt when it was time to do the ships boat. Well, there was this thing called raising kids also, and well a few other things too... Unfortunately I have no pictures of the build until now. Pictures seen here is here present state. I realize that even way back then I did some bashing. F.ex, the skylights, are build ups instead of the supplied blocks of wood. The panels on the deck houses sides are an addition by me. Note, the deck houses are not glued in position yet. What really did not came out that good is the caulking of the deck. But what the heck, I will not redo it now. About the hull, it is ballasted and floats on here waterline Single planked also as is BB's standard for kits. It is possible to see where the bulkheads go, but it is not that easy. No putty here, just good old sandpaper. There are a lot of plastic fittings that I already back then thought of replacing and now I have the skill (I hope! ). It will be cutter rigged, meaning single mast and bowsprit. Sails will be main gaff, stay sail, jib, flying jib and gaff topsail. Dont know if I will set them all. Time will tell. And please, any criticism, constructive ideas or just plain old praise is appreciated! Cheers Håkan ________________________________ The story behind the build. At the age of 10 I received a boat kit from my dad. It was the Billing Boats Dana. While I did most if it on my own, my dad helped me out with the tricky parts. After that it took some five years before the urge to build something arose. The Kings ship Wasa of 1628 was a BIG story in Sweden (and worldwide I guess) back in the 70s. I remember the first time we went to see it, it was when it was still housed in a corrugated sheet metal shed. We went to see it a couple of times. Well, back in my early teens the only kit manufacturer I knew about was Billing Boats. Quite handy the also had (and still have) a kit of the Wasa of 1628. So, after a summers job with money in my hand I went to the local hobby shop and lifted the kit from the shelf. Four-five years later, after a lot of struggle, it was finally finished. We now write 1990 in the calendar. One thing was clear to me, with the next kit, I was to do a better job. It did not completely turn out to be a pigs ear or so, (only close) but I confessed I bit off too much for me to chew with it. So, after scanning BBs catalogue my eyes stuck to a kit called Regina. It was a plank on frame construction, but the frames were spaced very long apart I see now. Work commenced quite quickly in the beginning, the superstructure, deck, hatchways and the planking. Yes, about the planking, on Wasa I did not really know how to handle the stem and stern. On the edge of giving up my dad stepped in to rescue me, again. Not that he knew much about building boats, be he saw the problem and understood the sparse instruction better than I. So this time, I was very careful about the planking. Reading books about how to build full scale English smacks and so. It was a tedious job but the result was well worth it. And another close up From the pictures name you can read the day when I first uploaded the images. In a way you can there fore follow the build in time. More to follow
  13. Hi, i was wondering if sombody have like a totural on building a Wasa ship, like any pic or smothing. I saw some pics before they updated this page, so was wondering if any could help out
  14. (I will try to recreate my Norden build log) This is my first build. When I opened the box everything from the list was inside. The instructions are very basic for a beginners set. On some boards, the laser didn't go all way through and some were bit warped which made me think of problems joining the two halves, later on.
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