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  1. Some time ago I promised my wife to make for her a ship in a bottle larger sizes than previously made. I begin to fulfill a promise - it will the model of the steam schooner with the glorious history and the symbolic name "LENA". History: The wind power meets the power of steam in late 1800’s . In this period of maritime history, a hybrid generation of ships appeared combining these two. They kept the glory of sail ships and added independency from wind. Lena is a little steam schooner like that. She was launched in 1875 in Sweden by Motala. She was 26.8m long, 4.95m wide
  2. Hi everyones! First of all I want to thank to Piet. His miniature diorama in some way inspired me to this mini project. From time to time I have a desire to try their skills in the direction of further miniaturization of shipbuilding in bottles. Here, a short history of one of these small projects. The flask with strange shapes, reminiscent of a heart with an asymmetrical arrangement of the neck, lying in a drawer of my desk for a long time, but I did not have any specific ideas for using it as a receptacle for the construction of a model in a bottle ... And then ... As always, the
  3. Hi everyones! I decided to give this building the separate log. Some time ago I bought a new material for the making of the sea for one of my current projects. I've never used this silicon, so I decided to first try it with some simple project. Thus, about one and a half years ago, I made this hull for yacht, but at that time I was not satisfied with the result, so that the hull was lying in the drawer of my desk all the time. Now I have decided to slightly improve this hull and use it for this project.
  4. This is a quick little build I had to do in a hurry. Eventually I plan on doing another one. Any way here's the story. A member of the European Ship in Bottle association reached out to ship in bottle builders in another forum and asked for help with a special project. The Royal Yacht Association was holding a ball to raise money for the British sailing team. The ball included an auction. The association wanted memorabilia signed by the athletes that could be auctioned off. Some one had the idea of getting a bunch of ships in bottles together and having the sailors sign the sails. So t
  5. Hello all, A few months ago I got the urge to try something I have been thinking about of doing for a long time. I have always been very intrigued with dioramas. It adds to the realism of our models but making a diorama with large models is not an option for me, space wise. So, what size should my diorama be and how to protect the diorama from dust and possible mishaps while on display. What subject should I choose? In my frequent visits to the Dutch website "Maritiem Digitaal" I found a few paintings of ships in a shipyard. Being also an artist I love to accumula
  6. I created this build log for my blog. I figured I'd see if I couldn't just copy it over. I started the usual way by carving out the hull. I decided on doing a really small build. I had been reading a lot on miniature SIB's and figured I'd try it out. I then worked on the forecastle. I ended up cutting match sticks to splinters and gluing the splinters on the ship. Other builders used styrene which I may have to try out. I continued using match sticks to create the channels and chain plates. I painted the ship with acrylics and after checking it
  7. hello every body thisi is my first attempt in building a ship in bottle, the plan belong to souvenirs de marines album. actually this is a top sail schooner, for the sake of simplicity I skipped the square sails and many of the stays etc. Next time I will try to add all the rigging (if possible :-) mehmet
  8. So crazy thing happened at work a week or so ago. We had a secret Santa sort of thing at work and one of my coworkers went well out of there way to find a ship in bottle kit. They went to just about every hobby store in Denver and found this one which was under the $20 limit set by the company for this activity. I'm actually highly surprised they found one at all in an actual store. I've only ever seen them online. After I got it they told me they want to see it when I'm done. I accepted politely and told them I would, inside I was thinking haven't you seen the ten ships in bottle
  9. This is a ship in a glass Christmas bulb ornament. I started it last year & had so many problems. The glass bulbs are many so thin they kept breaking on me. I went through 6 bulbs & two years before it worked out. It is already complete. This is being posted after it was done because I didn't know if it would ever work out or not. The glass bulbs & the drawings...
  10. Hi all, A while ago I'd intended to build a Real de France in a bottle, but I've changed my mind on that as it's going to be a present for my girlfriend and she wasn't keen on the ship. I've since deleted the topic I'd started. So I've gone with her preference, which is a model of Chuck Passaro's 18th Century Longboat in a much smaller scale (1:100). It might be just a tad easier than the R de F . Here's a pic of the finished article (Chuck's, not mine) : I have a very nice (empty ) bottle of Dimple Scotch Whiskey which will be suitable, as I'
  11. Since my Syren build will be a very long term project I will work on some smaller builds on the side starting with this one. I love hot sauce & save bottles of every different kind I try. This one has a pirate Captain Rodney on the label. I though it would be cool to put a pirate ship in it. The bottle will stand up on this one because the label is staying on. It will be one of my hot sauce bottles & a ship in a bottle at the same time. Because of the labels the ship will only be able to be viewed from 2 sides instead of all the way around. Thought it would be fun to do something a lit
  12. So, I've been having a couple really small craft store bottles lying around the hobby area for quite some time not knowing what to do with them. The body of the bottles are roughly 25mm high and I bought the bottles on a whim because I found them adorable. A couple days ago I got an idea; why not make a ship in a bottle from one of them? I haven't gotten far on the build but I did manage to do a bunch before I realised I wanted to log it so there aren't many pictures on the prep work nor on the initial stages, but the hull is simply ice cream sticks held together by two
  13. I started very small project to digress a little from my other "prolonged" projects. A little history from book "Koch – Russian polar ship: research and reconstruction problems": Koch – unique polar ship of pre Peters time is presented. Created by the Pomors, Koch became the only ship in the world that was adapted to sail in the ice conditions during the Epoch of Great Geographical Discoveries. Due to Koch, Russian manufactures and explorers could begin mastering of the Northern Sea Way, colonise the vast northern area, and found new settlements beyond the polar circle. Nowadays th
  14. Another of my small projects. I recently have seen the photo of the model boat, which was interesting me. I have wrote to the author of the model and he told me that this boat is a typical for Sardinia the southern Mediterranean area Andalucia. A couple of weeks ago I started building the model of this boats in a bottle. Best Regards! Igor.
  15. In a dumpster at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, on the banks of the mighty Hudson River, I found a nice bottle. Seldom in life is ambiguity avoided so cleanly. The moment I saw that bottle lying there in the dumpster I knew what it was meant for, I knew what I would put into it, there was no question in my mind. As I retrieved the bottle from within the dumpster I reckoned it already had a pretty salty provenance. No doubt the rum that was in it had been consumed at sea by sailors. I took it home and cleaned it and there it sat with my other bottles, waiting for its destiny.
  16. I've been doing some research and interviewing some older ship in bottle builders and thought I'd open this discussion up on this forum. I'm gathering information on how some of the first ships in bottle were built in hopes of using the same materials tools and techniques and documenting the experience through a build log and my blog. It seems to me a lot of this information is fading in time or at the very least hard to find. I'd like to contribute another source to make it that much easier to find and keep it alive. Here's what I have so far. Wood used was mainly pine. While
  17. Today I received the Amati Hannah Ship in a Bottle. I received this beautiful kit from the Admirals parents for Christmas. Box art looks like it will make a wonderful model. Lets get started. Here are the obligatory box and unboxing photos: Started construction of the hull. Went fairly smooth. Hull is all glued together plywood that will be shaped once dry and final assembly of the deck is in place. Thought I would take this opportunity to do some painting on the PE that the instructions call for. Note that the quarter deck still needs paint. The instructions call for a
  18. I started on a HMS Victory cross section in a bottle. I made the hull by laminating strips of card over a form the decks are made from card as well they will be attached to the hull by strings that when pulled will assemble the model then the mast and rigging will be added. I still need to make one more deck then I can start making the details such as cannons the mast step and the chain pumps. Lextin.
  19. Welcome to my reconstructed build log for ESMERALDA, the existing Chilean Navy Training Ship, built at 1/640 scale in a bottle. Recent photo of Esmeralda - "The White Lady" - under sail. History of Esmeralda Esmeralda's construction started in 1946, under a different name, by Spain as the sister ship to Juan Sebastian Elcano, Spain's current school ship. Work was halted in 1947 after she was damaged in a ship yard explosion. In 1951 Chile acquired her as partial payment for Spanish debts and was launched, as Buque Escuela (school ship) Esmeralda in 1954. In t
  20. I kept telling myself that I should finish a model model before starting a new one but I just couldn't resist and started on the Mediator. The model is built using plans from carlosgf and will serve as a practice run for a 1:20 scale radio controled version that I will start on after I finish my Byzantium. Sloop Mediator 1745: Dimensions: Length of Gundeck 61' 4” Length of Keel 44' 0” Breadth 21' 2” Depth in Hold 9' 9” Burthen 104 74/94 Armament: Gundeck 10 British 4-Pounder Gundeck 18 British 1/2-Pound Swivel Se
  21. Building of Atlantic keeps its course. I decided a little to distract and try to make something of small and simple.This yacht has no name and I drew the easy drawing. Here that I managed to make today: Beat Regards! Igor.
  22. On 5 October, National Ships in Bottles Day, the Ships in Bottles Association of America (SIBAA) announced the start of a group build of Fantasy Ships. The only criteria is that the ships are depictions from art, films, books, movies, cartoons, etc, or from the creators imagination. My first thought was one of Hornblower's ships but decided against any of them. Then I remembered that the covered wagons from the western expansion of the United States were sometimes called "prairie schooners" because of their very loose resemblance to ships at sea. That triggered a visualization of a large Cones
  23. Love, exciting and new Come aboard. We're expecting you. Love, life's sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you. The Love Boat soon will be making another run The Love Boat promises something for everyone Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance. And love won't hurt anymore It's an open smile on a friendly shore. It's love! Welcome abord It's love! This will be my build log for the Pacific Princess cruise ship from the 1980's show The Love Boat. The Love Boat will be about 2 inches long and built inside a s
  24. Since my first attempt at making the Black Pearl in a bottle failed I decided to restart and this time I am making it smaller and will be making the chase scene between the Pearl and the Interceptor. I might have the Interceptor in the process of clubhauling as well as having miscellaneous barrels and crates floating in the water behind the Interceptor from when they were lightening the load. Lextin.
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