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  1. Hi all, I recieved my first wooden ship today, dispatched by Cornwall model boats. I have had a quick look and all looks fine. I chose this particular model as it has been billed as a great starter model and there are many fine examples on this site for me to draw inspiration from. I also ordered the glue required and the paint set, but resisted the temptation to add the other "recommended" purchases like the planking and rigging sets. I am certainly looking forward to starting it. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  2. Hello, and welcome to my second model ship build. As I wait on the arrival of some additional parts to finish my Jolly Boat, I though I would get a head start on my next project. As normal, There will be a bit of a preamble before the actual build log, so feel free to skip ahead to the next post. I thought long and hard about my next boat build and decided on HM Schooner for a number of reasons. Some of which are: a) It seemed like a good next build as it isn’t too complicated. b) Double plank on bulkhead construction (Jolly Boat is single PoB) c) As a smal
  3. Greeting all Well here we go with another build. There was quite a few ships that I would love to build but frightened me off including the SOS and the San Felipe. So hopefully I can cope with the DIana which should keep me happy for a couple of years. I like others will replace the tanganijka strip with maple when I find how many strips are needed, as the supplied looks horrid. I will also need to purchase some decent dowel, as some of the supplied would come back if you threw it away. There are also a few castings that are not useable, so I shall just order them when I
  4. Hello, this is the first time I have done a build log for a model so please forgive me if I get a few things wrong. I live in the North East of England in a little seaside town called South Shields. I was an electrical engineer & managed to take early retirement a few years ago to do a bit of adventuring before I got too old and broken. I started this model about 2 years ago but had to put it on hold as a few other project got in the way, like getting an extension built and making the loft space suitable for a model railway. I have built a couple of wooden models in the past from Billing
  5. hi all, this will be my first ship log, so be gentle with me! The reason for the build is a fascination with the ship, which I saw raised from a long distance many years ago and was better to see on tv that evening! Opening the kit, I found an error in packing, two of one sheet and a missing one, (easily done I guess) a quick call to Jotika and Stockton Modeller got me the sheet on the way, excellent customer service gentlemen, despite the kit being five years old apparently! I am building to the volumes published by the trust, and using the Anthony roll etc as further
  6. Hi all, Well, this is quite something for me.....the first build log on Model Ship World V2.0. My last work was published on the old version about 12yrs ago. My apologies for being so tardy. Over the last years I've been busy working with plastic models and magazine publication stuff, and whilst I still have some commitments left to fulfil, I thought I'd dust off (quite literally) my 1/80 Caldercraft Mary Rose kit. Thirteen winters and summers haven't warped the old frame and she's still rock solid. I started building this one year before I launched Model Ship World in
  7. Finally I managed to start a building log. I have unfortunately already more than 2 years behind me, so it is too late for the early stages. I have not figured out how to make good pictures yet, so these pictures are kind of a test....
  8. [This is a rebuild of my original posts] Here is the start of my build log. Have not done anything like this before so please bear with me. Sometimes I have too much verbiage – what do I mean sometimes! A short deviation: Back in ’83, no not 1883, I flew over the pond to visit the Victory as I had just finished a model of her. I brought a piece of the Victory back here to Canada (given to me) and decided that someday I would build another and put that real piece of the Victory into the next model. That time came last October/November 2009, (can it really be twenty-seven years). I started to l
  9. Hello All, I've been 'stalking' a number of really well done build logs on the for the Caldercraft Agamemnon (Mobbsie, Henke, Vicnelson, etc.) so I thought I should contribute vs freeloading. This will be my second model ship, but the first in 30 years. My first was a Billing Boats Bluenose (of course I'm Canadian 😄) in 1990. Back then I needed something to do in the evenings while my wife finished studying for her nursing degree. My Bluenose has been on our mantle ever since and survived 7 moves over the years with only one major overhaul to repair accumulated damage.
  10. Hello everyone, this is my forth kit build and my second build-log. I bought this kit on eBay for a very reasonable price some years ago because this model is one of some that forced me into the hobby and I hoped to develope enough skill someday to build it. So let’s give it a try. I wanted to build the Cheerful next but after building the Sherbourne and the AVS I got a little tired about modeling another single-masted ship. So returning to 1/64 scale - seems tiny in comparison to quarter-scale. The kit itself seems to be of good quality - except for the supplied walnut s
  11. Hey fellow Builders! I've been lurking on this site for almost a year now and I feel it's time to reveal my work... or pile of poorly painted bent sticks. I would like to give my thanks for all the other Sherbourne builders on this site as it has been immensely helpful to see your builds! I started building this lovely little kit last August and have been working on it slowly over the last 9 months. It would totally be done if I wasn't working so much, I'm a line cook so I get home and most of the time collapse into bed. Anyway I bought this kit after doing some researc
  12. Hello all Now is the time to start my second build log since I have finished the Americas Cup Endeavour. I am more interested in warships of the age of sails so it feels natural to build Sherbourne as a second kit. The ship is not so big but still has all features of a period ship. The main purpose of this build is to learn as many skills as possible so I can not tell how the finished model will look like. I will scratch and replace many parts in the kit just to learn how to do it. The model will be of darker but better walnut than supplied in the kit. I bought it in a local hobby
  13. Hi Folks, Yet another Victory model under way. My kit was an anniversary present (30 years!) from ‘the Boss’. I first became aware of this model through the pre-issue information in a popular monthly magazine but had to dismiss the idea due to its cost. When it was suggested as a possible gift I didn’t need asking twice. The early stages of this build were originally shown on another website that unfortunately had to close down. I think it only fair to point this out as the rate of progress this build log will initially show will not be truly representative. Progress has been sporadic
  14. Hi Everyone This is my first model of this type and having only just found this great site and wish id done so earlier! I’m at the rigging stage of building HMS Mars, I’ve done the stays and rat lines, ( even found how to do the mouse!) but if anyone can point me towards pics of the yard rigging stages onwards that would be great.The plans are pretty good, but seeing it is so much more helpful, as the nearer the end I get, either I’m getting denser, or its getting more complicated! Right now I’m not sure if I never want to see another model again, or jump straight back in and
  15. Hello Everyone, Welcome to my build log of The Schooner Pickle and I hope you enjoy it. Most of you will know the history and significance of 'Pickle ' and it has been told in detail in other logs of this build, so suffice to say that she will always be famous for carrying dispatches from Admiral Collingwood detailing the Victory at Trafalgar and the news of Lord Nelson's death to England. On the 28 of july 1808 Pickle was grounded off Cape Santa Maria on the Chipiona Shoal on her approach to Cadiz. Pickle sank quickly but all her crew were saved. I also int
  16. Here we go again then! Just re-opening a build log for my Victory. Will post whatever pictures I have in a little while. As a re-introduction I started my Caldercraft HMS Victory at New Years this year. Right now first planking is complete, lower and middle gun deck ports lined, middle gun deck is planked. Today I'm going to get started on the stern galleries. I'm hoping all the other Caldercraft Victory builders will be back with their build logs up and running again soon...you guys are an inspiration and a fabulous source of problem-solving and technique. Patrick
  17. HM Brig Supply 1759 Yard Transport / Convict Ship - the ship that, ahead of the first convict fleet, was first to enter Australian waters and what became Sydney harbour. First impressions; a very long, heavy box (the delivery note claimed it was 3Kg!), on opening I was surprised first by the amount of sawdust(!) then the reason for all the weight; copious amounts of 5mm thick ply and walnut panels very much in evidence, not to mention a staggering amount of planking, doweling etc. The quality of the wood and indeed the fittings appears good and that is very encouraging. The instruction
  18. Hi Guys, Here goes, as a newbie I dont have a clue as to what I'm doing so please bear with me !!!!!!!!!!!! I dont intend to rewrite the entire log and I dont have it saved so if anybody has any questions please dont be afraid to ask. Aggy arrived on the 16th January this year so I have been working on her for about a month now, progress has been steady but a little on the slow side compared to my usual build rate. The kit I find is very good in that everything fits as it should do if a little tight, theres a lot of sanding and rubbing down which is better than having a sloppy
  19. Hi there everybody! New member from Norway here. Just made an account on this wonderful forum. I have spent many ours reading building logs, and i must say there are some extreme skills around! I have been a modeller since childhood, but only with plastic and R/C cars and boats. Until now. Started this Pickle build several months ago. Work and kids take time and effort so i put in some building when i have time to spare. Posting a few pictures from where i an now. As you probably already have guessed i am from Norway so please excuse my English 😊
  20. I’ve had a kit of HMS Snake barely started for several years, during which time I’ve struggled to get back in to building, what has caught my imagination is a conversion using the Snake kit as a starting point. My plan is to convert the Snake kit into a Cruizer class ship sloop of 1828, also named HMS Cruizer, which may seem odd at first sight as there already is a Caldercraft kit of HMS Cruizer of 1797. Confused? Stay with it a moment and I’ll just put things in to context. HMS Cruizer (name class) of 1797 was a two masted brig sloop, which s
  21. HMS DIANA 1794 By Ray– A 38 Gun Heavy Frigate (Caldercraft) I intend to depict her as built in 1794 with open rails on the quarter deck and replace the quarter deck carronades with 9 pounders, I also intend to plank the decks as in Anatomy of the ship “The Frigate Diana” by David White so will replace the supplied wood with Maple. I have had the kit for several months, but only had a quick look inside the box to see if all seemed present and correct, I did not want to start thinking about her too much until Pegasus was completed. Now Pegasus has been completed I delved into the box in
  22. Hi, ------------------ NOTE: I actually started this years ago on the old forum, but had a long hiatus (3 or 4 years) from the hobby for various reasons, and it coincided with the great forum implosion. Luckily I still had some of the photos, so I'll simply re-submit those photos again in the opening posts. ------------------ To sum up, I chose the Ballahoo since I just wanted a relatively gentle introduction to plank on bulkhead wooden ship building. I didn't know at the time whether it was something I would take to or not. In fact, I'm still not 100% sure if I'm really a mad ship-b
  23. Hello All, after looking around for a while for a nice model ship project, I was able to buy a started Calder Craft HMS Diana in good condition at a reasonable price. I have been thinking of building a ship model for a little while now, and even started designing a few projects for a scratch build, but in the end I decided I needed to get a good quality kit as a first build. The Diana was on the top of my list because a) it's Royal Navy (British ships interest me most) and it's a late frigate, a type I find very attractive. So it was pure luck that one popped up on Ebay which turn
  24. This is my first ever build of a wooden ship and Ihave taken my time before starting it.I have bought three books on the subject and found the last book which I bought 'Period ship kit builder's manual ' by Keith Julier to be the most informative and easiest to follow.I've read quite a bit of these books before I started my build with a great deal of apprehension.I don't want to make a mistake that cant be rectified so have also read the log's from other builds to see which way is the best to approach it and can hopefully learn from their 'mistakes' / learning curve. Checking off th
  25. Hello! I already introduced myself a few weeks ago and thought that maybe a building log is a good thing, because it's my first build. So al the help is welcome! I'm from the Netherlands, so my spelling won't always be on point ;). I began this ship in 2015 but paused at the first planking stage. Life came in between and i didn't knew if i would continue this wonderful hobby. But recently i picked it right up where i left and addicted ever since. I'm now finished the second planking and plating the hull with copper plates. Yesterdag i spent the whole afternoon with c
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