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  1. Like most other folks on this forum, I'm building a Caldercraft Victory. This is my second foray into the world of ships, the first being a 1/200th Trumpy Arizona that I built by accident, seeing as somebody maliciously stuck the kit under my nose for fifty quid, so what can you do? Here's that one anyway:- SO the Victory, I bought as a 'long term project' in 2007, after, I'm ashamed to say, spending a morning in Portsmouth, recovering from a very drunken stag do and finding myself getting dragged around HMS Victory. Knowing nothing at all about ships, then or now, I was blown a
  2. Introduction here : http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/9692-new-member/ With the workshop sorted and the kit in my hands it's time to get started.
  3. Hello all! I go skiing in Germany for a week and it's all gone wrong in my absence...! It's a shame that the upgrade had a bit of a mishap but thats life. Well done to everyone who is pulling the site back together. I still have my images from the original build log and managed to find a cached text version from Jan 13. I will post the text and images to preserve the thread as well as i can. Also I have managed to find 1,2 & 3 of 5 pages of beefwellingtons snake build log in text format. Beef let me know if you are back and want the text. Anyway onto the catch up.
  4. I started this model apparently as far back as 2011, built it for a couple of years then mothballed it until just recently. I am now retired, so can dedicate some serious time to it. It is only my second model (after Royal Caroline), so I am still learning. That is where these forums are so wonderful. I shall be picking a lot of brains over the coming time, but I am in no rush. I am awed by the quality seen fromour fellow modellers,and if I can achieve 75% of the same quality, I will be well pleased. So, as you see, I am currently building up the inner and outer planking on the fo'c'sl
  5. Please consider this to be my application to join the Endeavour Builders' Club, although I'm not sure that I'd want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member. (Groucho Marx) I realize now that there are many members of this club with works in progress or completed, so I will start by linking to so of their beautiful work, mainly so I can find it easily when I update my own build log. HM Bark Endeavour by Dashi - Caldercraft - scale 1:64 - 1768-71 - bashed kit HMB Endeavour by Captain Slog - Caldercraft - 1:64 H M Bark Endeavour by Mindi - stopped build resume
  6. Hi all I started making the Sherbourne about 4 years ago and wasn't particularly impressed by the swivel guns that came with the kit so ordered some Caldercraft brass ones which appeared to be about the right dimensions as those in the kit. In the last few months I've restarted the model (I'm sure like a lot of other modellers, real life sometimes takes over!) Anyway when I came to construct the swivel guns, I realised that I had only ordered 6 instead of 8. Fortunately I'd kept the original packaging and ordered an extra 2 from my normal supplier. Unfortunately when they arrived they wer
  7. Hello all, Thought it was about time I had a go at this. Not great with this sort of thing so hope this goes ok. Started my Agamemnon March this year, couldn't believe how big it was when the box arrived. This is my 3rd build, HMS Snake ( Caldercraft ) and Racehourse being the others. Followed Mobbsie and Decoymans Aggie builds and they have been a great help.
  8. Haven't posted in here since the forum's previous incarnation, but starting a large new build, so here goes.... I've previously completed a static display HMAV Bounty in 1:64, and have the completed hull of a (huge!!) 1:64 Agamemnon on the shelf Unexpected windfall and a hankering to have a go at R/C sidetracked me (again!) in the direction of this kit. I wanted something Naval (ish) and at a decent scale, as I like lots of detail. After a bit of research and "umming and ahhing", plumped for Caldercraft's "Resolve", which fits the above bill, and both my static builds are Jotika/Ca
  9. On the old site there were a few build logs of Pickle which gave insight into this beginner level kit, but all that has been lost. I have a build log already done for this fine little model and I will re-post it here for the benefit of those, particularly beginners, who may be interested, and as a contribution to replacing our lost content. A little background to Pickle She is best known for carrying to England the bitter sweet news of the crushing defeat of the French / Spanish fleet at Trafalgar coupled with the news that Nelson had died. The Pickle was a purchased schooner
  10. hello everybody, I've just joined this forum and have two newbie questions in regard to building the keel of the Caldercraft 1:64 HM Schooner Ballahoo. I've read one or two build logs on here where people have left these parts off the false keel until after the bearding line and rabbet has been made. Being a beginner, I haven't done this on mine and gamely followed Caldercraft's instructions and glued the 5mm walnut keel, stem, sternpost together then onto the false ply keel (I plan to paint the keel white so avert your eyes from the glue stains) without a b
  11. Hi All, Only when I encountered some difficulty while trying to login, I realised what happened last week. By re-signing in I'd like to support and express my respect & gratitude to all Adminitors who are putting lots of effort and commitment into this site. Some data are lost but worse thing may happen in life, I guess. Anyway, here's my actual status : As I chose for an open bulwark build, one of the consequences was that I had to adapt the dimensions of the gunports at the quartedeck. Meaning : now they are all the same and the only carronades left are the ones at the foremost p
  12. Hello All and welcome to my build log! To make things clear - I'm a genuine beginner that only recently became interested in this wonderful hobby. I've never attempted anything similar or even worked with wood before. If you're just like me then this thread might serve as a great example of what can you expect from your first build. I'll do my best to cover not only my successes but also the failures. To kick things off I should probably show you the contents of the box, but then again there are already 12 other Pickle build logs on this forum and numerous other review
  13. We now return you to your regularly scheduled build already in progress..... Well, it's been a while since I've posted much of anything. My temporary shore job went temporarily bust just after Christmas (it all came down to a numbers game, there are simply not enough ships running this year to justify the overhead expense blah blah blah (we'll see what happens in audit season!)). Anyway, I'm not out of gainful employment, they've sent back to the fleet (yeah...what fleet?!) at any rate. Long story short, I've had some free time on my hands, so I figured I would start hacking my way through
  14. A few photos of my build. I didn't take any before these............ More to follow...............
  15. Hello to you all fellow builders, As you know , Mobbsie has ordered the HMS Agamemnon for me and finally she is in dry dock in Schiedam. I will not start on her . I have first finish the Le Mirage. But when you have a new kit in the house , you want to show it. That's the reason why I open a build log…... First of course a little history lesson and later on the pictures of all the stuff that is in the box. When I start on her I know I need a lot of help and advise from all of you. I have a few great examples of other Aggy's and I know that Mobbsie will be there for me if neede
  16. Greetings, There are some wonderful build logs of this vessel on this site so I will focus on the things a new builder encounters along the way and give you my personal take on building models in general. I hope people will find this interesting. I cracked open the box last night, November 16th, 2014. The first thing I did was make a list. Let's see what I can do this evening. I will post at least once a week. This is going be great fun! Best Regards from Montreal Rick Shousha
  17. Hi all, This is my first build and I am aware this ship represents an expert level kit, but I love a challenge, and so far, at least with all of the excellent build logs on this site I don't feel out of my depth. Although please be the judge of that as my efforts unfold. I elected to take the bulkhead filler block path and even though it took me a while to shape these, I was happy I did. It allowed me to see how the planks would lie and provided a solid surface to mate the planks in these geometrically complicated areas. Next set of pics to follow.
  18. So I went and done it, I shelled out 1200 simoleons for the JoTiKa/Caldercraft Victory. I won't do to you what I did to the guys at reddit and claim I found it an estate sale for $25 (even though that was really funny). But in all honesty, it's going to cost a lot more than $1200 (kit + paint + shipping). There's also the desk I had to build out of this adjustable height desk frame and this desktop. I actually had to buy two of those sets for a total of $700. One is going to be my standing height work desk with my computer on it and the other is going to be a dedicated modeling station whic
  19. I finished my Endeavour Longboat a couple of weeks ago and procrastinated over what to build next. I decided on the HM Brig Supply by Caldercraft wanting a more detailed kit with better instructions, preferably with 2 or less masts, definitely preferably with cannons and ideally something historically significant to Australia. After a couple of weeks of nervous anticipation the big brown box arrived from Cornwall Model Boats today. I quickly opened it to have a look and firstly was blown away by how much bigger everything was than on the longboat kit. However, I was dis
  20. As the title suggests - I have a Caldercraft/JoTiKa HMAV Bounty kit for sale. I've only just recently began my model building adventure. While researching a kit to start with I've narrowed it down to two that interested me the most: The HM Schooner Pickle and HMAV Bounty (both by Caldercraft/JoTiKa). I couldn't make up my mind so I ended up ordering both. After some further thinking I've decided that the Bounty is out of my skill range and started the Pickle project - the log for this can be followed on this very site. If I ever finish my initial project I'll probably move on to an
  21. Hi All, I'm currently building my first ship (Caldercraft HM Schooner Pickle) and have a question about copper plating. The instructions suggest that the 18x5.5(x0.15) [mm] plates should be aligned like this (with edges sitting against each other): I find this peculiar and was considering doing this (sides lying on top of neighbouring plate): But this makes the plates look a bit narrow. Could I ask for your opinions on this? I was also wondering about the rivet pattern - is it a technically accurate representation? Should I have a look at different
  22. Hi, I'm currently working on my first kit (Pickle by Caldercraft) and have a question relating to the false deck which in this case will be partially visible on the finished model. I'm at a stage where it should be glued into position (according to the instructions), but without any planking (which should be done at a later stage). This seemed weird, so I had a look at other people logs (of the same kit) and realized that basically no one followed the instructions on this matter. I've decided to do the planking before I glue the deck into position, but am a bit overwhelmed by diffe
  23. HM Schooner Pickle was entrusted to carry the dispatches from Admiral Cunningham to the Admiralty in London informing them of the victory at Trafalgar and of the sad loss of the Admiral Lord Nelson. Pickle was finally lost in 1808 whilst again carrying dispatches, she ran aground off Cape Santa Maria on the Chipiona Shoal, there was no loss of life. First up we have the obligatory box shots. Nothing too complicated here and I do have a few ideas for some changes, we'll see how things develop. I have made a start on her, the Main Keel
  24. Hi all, Having joined MSW a year or so back back I thouht it was time I started a build log. I am 6 weeks into my build of Victory and enjoying every minute. I shall post some photos soon but first they need to be adjusted as the file sizes are way too large. Gary
  25. The start of my second foray into Model Ship Building after the "Royal Caroline" the log for which was lost in the great crash a couple of years ago ( I have slipped in a sneaky pic of it below). I wanted to build something that was essentially a "rigged hull" rather than something that would take hundreds of hours just to pile on the detail as with a larger fighting ship. I don't have a huge amount of time available so had to find something that could be completed within a reasonable time frame. After the laser cut Royal Caroline I was quite surprised at the amount of dust in milled k
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