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  1. Okay, here is another place holder more than anything. I have been working on and off on the Endeavour since mid 2010 I think . I get all enthusiastic and go hard for a bit then discouraged and leave it until my enthusiasm returns. I was working on the remaining 3 ships boats before I got annoyed at myself as they weren’t turning out as well as I had hoped. Especially comparing them to a lot of other builder’s ships boats. I will get over them and continue in the near future though. I included a picture of the Endeavour at its current state right now bearing in mind nothing is fixed
  2. Hello Finally after looking at the box for almost ten years I have started on my Caldercraft HMS Victory. A lot of other projects has gotten in my way during the years and this will be a parralell build to my HMS Kingfisher build. Dunting task one might say but I could not help my self there are so many inspiring logs around here I had recently started my Corel HMS Victory all those years ago and during some research on the web for that build I came across some pictures of the CC HMS Victory beeing developed. Having realized that it was actually a kit and not a scratch build by someon
  3. After much research I have ordered the HMS Victory Caldercraft kit from CMB. I plan to make a start in earnest after the Xmas break and will post regular updates. This will be my second boat build as I've very nearly completed the AL Scottish Maid which was used as model boat build learning exercise which I really enjoyed building.
  4. Hi folks, While my wife (Frederica) is busy working on the Royal Caroline and takes no notice of me I decided to start working on my new project which is HMS Victory. Squashed in the far end of our workshop I am trying to fit this enormous and beautiful ship. Some photos of an initial dry fitting. Vasileios
  5. I started this project in summer 2012. I choose this kit after browsing and reading many of the build logs in MSW 1.0, and because it has only one mast (I’m not much of a seaman except in the rather romantic way of reading Patrick O’Brian’s novels for the second time). The box contained all the promised parts in an orderly fashion, and a very short/thin instruction booklet. But there is help: Watch and learn on MSW 2.0 (in my case especially from Tony’s Sherbourne at http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/335-hmc-sherbourne-by-tkay11-–-caldercraft-–-scale-164-1763-a-novice
  6. Hello, my first build and build log..! After looking at lots of logs on here, I have learned loads and picked up some great tips and ideas of how I'm going to build the Sherbourne, and what I would like her to look like when complete on the mantlepiece. I've been building for eight weeks on and off, before deciding to create a log, so there's quite a bit to show before we get to where I'm at now. What I've realized is I like the logs that show the actual techniques of what is built, stage by stage... what I didn't do was exactly that, no action shots. So from now on that's what I'm going t
  7. Well, here goes again - I WILL finish this one ! I've previously completed the Caldercraft Bounty (think the log got lost when the old incarnation of this forum died), but I also have two large (in fact, enormous) part-completed hulks (Agamemnon and R/C Resolve) that I'm forced to put on hold because I temporarily have less space available - at least until the pesky house sells. In the meantime, I've decided to get my teeth into something (a bit) smaller - hence Granado. First off, a huge gold star for Cornwall Model Boats (CMB) - I ordered the kit 9pm December 23rd, quite happy for it to
  8. Hi all I am starting this log to show and share the building of the Caldercraft 1/72 HMS Victory. This is my first real build of a wood ship so i can expect many errors to come,but first a little thing you will need to know. First up is the fact that this kit was started by a good friend of mine who got as far as getting ready to second plank the hull but due to ill health,he sold the kit to me in the hope that one day it would be completed. I have had the kit about 2 weeks now and i have done the second planking and i am at the point where the upper deck has been fitted and is ready for p
  9. Hi All, This is my second build log on NRG Model Ship World. I have recently ordered the Caldercraft "Nelson Navy" HM Mortor Vessel Convulsion kit. I am still waiting for my delivery of the kit, but I am more than excitied to work on a decent kit with a well documented building process, unlike my ongoing build of HMS President by Sergal/Mantura. I have chosen Convulsion due to build and display space limitations.... I spent all of this weekend umm'ing and ahh'ing about the maximum size of a model, and eventually the "Boss" decided Convulsion was "big enough" for our 1 bedroom flat. Oh
  10. Well like many others I will start my log again, what I shall do is post pictures from earlier in the build and try to show its development. Wish me luck. Welcome back every one and good luck with all your builds,. DAVID
  11. Hello, I am glad to be back on the new forum after a long silence. I am a very very slow builder. I started my Aggie in 2010... Here are somme pictures of some previous steps and the present situation. I am making a first test to see if I can properly use the new features of the site. It seems it works. You see here the way I installed (temporarly) the pedestals. Here, some planking on the main gun deck, in case they should be visible from above. First half of the upper gundeck in position. Planking of the upper gundeck completed. The same varnished. I stop now. This is a f
  12. Hello everyone, after introducing myself to this forum yesterday I received several very kind replies and was encouraged to start a build log. So here goes ... (This is my first time not only of building a wooden model ship but also of writing a build log - so please bear with me ) So far I have checked the contents of the box and glanced over the supplied plans. Previously I had already looked at the "simple hull planking techniques for beginners" guide here at the forum, so I knew the first task should be to mark the bearding line and cut out the rabbet recess - and I hit the fi
  13. Hi, and introduction. I was on MSW I until it sank without trace; I had several hundred posts including my build-log for HMS Cruizer. I was busted to OS and no posts when MSW II started up! I had completed Billings' Marie-Jeanne, a scratch-built Clyde puffer, and I posted my build-log for HMS Cruizer (which overrlapped with cancer, two operations and chemotherapy which slowed me down somewhat) and the free card yacht Viacosa. Since MSW I crashed I've done HMS Saumarez and the trawler Consul Pust in card (fun but frustrating, although no posts. I probably won't do a card model agai
  14. Hi all, Today received my Christmas gift of the HMS Ballahoo kit by Caldercraft. In the Ballahoo class I have only found National Maritime plans for the HMS Haddock, so I will try to base my build around these plans. Still at my folks so will not start the build until tomorrow. In the meantime I will post the kit pictures.
  15. A big shame about losing all the build logs. Can't do much but start a new log and help rebuild the community This new website seems to have lots of cool features though. I have been working on my Badger, my first wooden ship model, since November 2008. It's been a lot of off and on time, with the birth of my daughter, various honey-dos from the Admiral and other hobbies. I'm on the home stretch, with the standing rigging almost completed. Next up will be adding furled sails to the yards, and finish up with the running rigging. Thanks for reading!
  16. Hi Folks, My name is Robert and I am building the Caldercraft kit of HMS Mars a/k/a HMS Orestes. It’s my first wooden ship model, and I’ve been working at it on and off since 2007. I decided at the outset that I wanted to leave her with an all natural wood finish -- no paint or stain. That would necessitate some scratch built replacements, as the kit includes “finish” parts made of plywood such as the gun carriages, capping rail and head components, that would not look right unpainted. Also, certain items like waterways were not included in
  17. I started this model in late December (2012) after much research on this very same forum. I have reconstructed my early build log, as evident with this present mass upload of photos. At the present time, I have just finished the mortar housings and I am about to begin the upper gun deck construction. I am new to this hobby and have enjoyed every aspect of the build to date. There is always wonderful tips and help on this forum and I am excited to get any and all advice that comes my way.
  18. Many thanks to Bindy for the steerage through new channels.. She is great harbor lady...:-) My ship kit has arrived in port "Woodchipper" as of April 29th, 2014. What a amazing 30 odd pounds of parts. Scary. But let the fun begin my first large ship construction. I am satisfying a 20 or more year craving to build one of these, since seeing a display of ships of 6 to 8 foot in length in the early years of Disney World in Florida. Magnificent in their stature, and built by a Floridian, name now not remembered. And for sale.. A later trip showed none left.
  19. Oh No, not another Sherbourne Build Log ! Yes, I am afraid here is another one to add to the fleet. It took some time looking here on MSW for inspiration to select my first boat. I humm'd and haa'd over what to buy, the Manufacturer (Caldercraft/Jotika) was an easy choice but the subject somewhat harder. I fancied HM Yacht Chatham, Schooner Ballahoo, HM Brig Supply and others from the Nelsons Navy Series. Chatham and Sherbourne came tops for one reason - one mast and therefore less complicated rigging. I favoured Chatham but at the time this fantastic resource (MSW) had more detail on Sh
  20. Hello everyone My name is John and although I’ve been a member for a few months now I’ve been lurking in the background and checking out all the kit builds. I’ve been modelling for many years, mostly plastic and resin kits. I did have a bash at a wooden kit, the Del Prado Bounty, when it was published. Got as far as completing the first planking but then had to put it aside and when I went back to it most of the remaining parts had warped. So time to start again. After looking at the available kits I decided to go with Caldercraft. They seem to have a good reputation and I like the
  21. Firstly - Apologies if my nautical parlance is not up to scratch but this ship modelling is a steep learning curve. HM Schooner Pickle is my second pob build, and I have decided to post a build log for a couple of reasons: Looking through MSW as a first timer was a constant source of help and ideas, the Build logs, downloadable files, and topics on the help forum got me past many hiccoughs (& mistakes on my behalf) and got me to the end of HM Cutter Sherbourne with a model that, though I constantly wish I had done "that" different etc, I am proud of. Secondly it has been mentioned
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