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  1. Hello. I have been asked to construct a Model to show the inside of a Ship. I have chosen to build the HMS Victory at a large scale of 1/36.90 Having got permission to use the plans from :- http://www.mountainhaven.com/VictoryXCP/PDFbin/Frame_Sta_( .pdf http://www.mountainhaven.com/VictoryXCP/PDFbin/Frame_Sta_0.pdf http://www.mountainhaven.com/VictoryXCP/PDFbin/Frame_Sta_3.pdf A previous topic regarding plans. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/2885-large-scale-cross-section-drawings/#entry79890 I have redrawn the plans and ad
  2. The good thing about my build log is it had just started so won't take long to get back everything, just have to rember where I put the pictures. Will post later tonight! It's just good to be back.
  3. I swore I wouldn't start building another kit before at least one of my other multi-year projects was finished, but I'm remodeling and so much more space opened up in my apartment for ship models, welp, we all know how that goes. Artesania Latinas Cross Section of the San Francisco in 1:50 scale is one of their older kits, meant to supplement the discontinued first edition of the San Francisco full model kit. Comparing the cross section to the new full model re-release, there's some noticeable differences between the ships, mainly regarding the placement of the gun ports. Side by s
  4. Hi. I present the section of HMS Victory, at 1:98 scale, which I have finished. I have started from the Corel kit, of which I have only used the piece that forms the helmet, although given the work required to adapt it, it would have been easier to have made the frames following the plans, or the books, that I used for its construction . The woods used are walnut, cherry, and ebony. The metallic parts are made of blued brass. I leave photos of its construction. I hope you like it. A greeting. (Hola. Os presento la sección del HMS Victo
  5. Dom Fernado II e Gloria was launched in Daman, India in 1843 and fitted out in Goa and took her maiden voyage to Lisbon in 1845. She remained in active service until 1878 then remained anchored in Lisbon until 1963 when she burned to the waterline during repairs. She remained sitting in the mud until 1993 when a five year reconstruction was begun. She was open to the public for Expo 98 and is on permenant display in Cacilhas south of Lisbon. D.Fenando was constructed of teak and the frame layout is different from the norms for Europe. They are doubled and the fore and aft are mirro
  6. History USS Pennsylvania was a four-decked 140-gun ship of the line of the United States Navy, named for the state of Pennsylvania. She was the largest sailing warship ever built for the Navy, and the equivalent of a first-rate of the British Royal Navy, but her only cruise was a single trip from Delaware Bay to Chesapeake Bay. She was just as large as the Spanish four-decked ship of the line Santisima Trinidad, built over 60 years earlier. Pennsylvania was one of the "nine ships to rate not less than 74 guns each" authorized by the US Congress on 29 April 1816. She was designed and
  7. Hello, this is my first attempt at building ship (ok part of ship) from scratch. I think it will be a good practise for beginning. I dare not to build whole ship yet and I also do not have so much space at home for 1:48 ship. I choose american walnut for main parts. I got this wood from my work - it is not a common species here in Europe. It is hard and has a beautiful dark colour. I made the first 3 pieces according to plan.
  8. My full model is just about finished and I am looking into an additional compliment: a cross section of the USS Constitution. I want to build this from scratch and use as much of my abilities and tools as I can muster and try to do a decent job. However, to do research into details are usually not in my bag. But it turns out that I have to . . . The midsection has been covered by others (likewise with the aft section by one adventurer (help who?)), but I would like to show how the crew lived, slept, ate and filled gun powder bags. So, I decided on the area around the ‘stove’
  9. Hi all, Having completed HMS Vulture and donating her to the Port Macquarie Maritime Museum I decided to build a Cross-section of the ship to display alongside her. I will be building the section in exactly the same way I built the original model, using the same timbers etc. This will allow viewers to see some of the internal details which are now virtually invisible. Below is my now customary Index to Points of Interest. Clicking on a Link will take you to the relevant post where the construction of that area begins. The Index will be added to as work progr
  10. First off let me say Hello to all the Lords of the Dark Side, your tolerance will be gratefully accepted. I would like to give plaudits to Jeff Hayes of Hobbymills for superb quality materials, the timber really is first class, also to Jeff Staudt for a fine set of drawings. A special thanks to Grant for all his hard work in working out the quantity of timber required and the different types, I just had to make some minor adjustments to the order. Below is a taster of the timber to be used. As you are probably aware this is a group project bui
  11. As the planning starts, so does the log. With my admiralty hull finally back home after a month road trip around town I am more convinced than ever that a cross section is needed. With a variety of questions being consistently asked about the layout of the internals and how did this or that happen, the cross section would be perfect. Being a cross section it will fit on the mantle but also bring home the resultant size of the full ship with the full main mast being present. The first question is where to define the cut lines. After looking at the plans I
  12. This will be my first full scratch build. I have chosen the Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section as an introduction to scratch building as it has all of the components of a scratch build while offering something a little bit ‘unusual’ at the same time. This build is also a ‘group’ build as my very good friend Mobbsie in the UK has agreed to do this in tandem with me, and to make it a truly international build, we are also joined by Jack Panzeca from Texas. While we will all maintain individual build logs, we will progress at a common (slow) pace and will therefore be able to help each other thro
  13. Our Echo cross-section is now complete. I have modeled her with the port side in frame and the starboard side completely fitted out. Finish is dilute sanding sealer. She is made of boxwood and holly. Dyed holly is used for the black portions. Conveniently, Admiralty Models sells both a framing package and a fitting out package so that you may choose your own style of display. The new fitting out package, milled by MSW vendor Crown Timberyard, includes sufficient boxwood and holly to finish the entire hull with plenty of extra for redo's. The price will be $275, postage additional. if you would
  14. Ok, Getting started on Triton cross section. My first scratch build. Just cut out the keel, false keel, and keelson. actually cut out two sets. Second is for testing purposes. Next step is to sand and affix the keel and false keel then wait for more plans!
  15. Here comes the fun. I have been laying low for a couple of months due to some health problems. Yesterday was my first day back in the shipyard and today was the first with actual sawdust production. It is nice to be back. This build will be part of the group build of the Bomb Vessel Granado, 1742, Cross Sectional Model drawn by Jeff Staudt. The plans at 1:48 scale fit on 8.5x11 or A4 which is very convenient. I bound a couple of sets of drawings so that can spread them out wherever needed. I also scanned them so that I can print whatever I need on adhesive paper
  16. Ive decided to move out of the tin shed and back into the brick outhouse and re work to a better standard:) So it begins...its gonna take time, its gonna take money, so little by little each weekend I'm plugging away. I'm finally going start cleaning and converting my original brick shed I used when I first started making model boats, I moved out when it got too cold and mice and spiders and all those horrible little bugs get in, the models were getting in a mess, I then moved into the 'tin shed' BUT my tools and work area are expanding. I have a complete vision of what I want to achie
  17. Hello everyone. This will by my first model kit log and I am very eager to get started. I have done a few kits in the past, made quite a few mistakes, and learned a lot. This however will be my first cross-section build. It has been a couple years since I worked on a quality kit. I recently finished up my college degree, and I had no time before now to commit to such projects. This Corel Victory Cross Section seemed like a nice little project to refresh my skills before I start on my Model Shipways Syren, which is currently sitting on my shelf. There wasn't very many build log's on
  18. Hi All, I’ve decided to try and build the Triton cross section after seeing all your great builds. I love seeing all the exposed framing details and so just have to try this build myself. I am also hoping making this cross section will help me do a better job on the Confederacy which will be my next full build. I am using boxwood for the main structural components and my thanks to Jason at Crown Timberyard for the gorgeous boxwood he just milled for me. I plan to use swiss pear for all the planking, holly for the decking and perhaps walnut for all the deck furniture. I hope these choices
  19. Here's a kit I bought about 20 years agowhenI was in Junior High School. It was my first wooden kit. Needless to say, it was very rough arround the edges when I finished it back then. So, fast forward to today, I found it again at my parent's house and want to refurbish it. Now so much more is avaliable for refrence and my skills have improved a little bit too Looking forward to any feedback! -Matt
  20. I started on a HMS Victory cross section in a bottle. I made the hull by laminating strips of card over a form the decks are made from card as well they will be attached to the hull by strings that when pulled will assemble the model then the mast and rigging will be added. I still need to make one more deck then I can start making the details such as cannons the mast step and the chain pumps. Lextin.
  21. hi all, thought for a long time but even so I decided to show his ship. I had planned to do a whole but made a mistake in the Assembly and grinding sawed off his nose and began to do as did Carl will try to put in the nearest time the process of building seems to be all I apologize for the translator Привет всем, долго думали, но решил показать свой корабль. Я планировал сделать все, но ошибся в сборке и шлифования отпилили его нос и начал делать, как это сделал Карл постараюсь выложить в ближайшее время процесса создания, кажется, все прошу прощения за перевод ,
  22. This is a model I posted on a bit on the old site. I am presenting here as a build log of sorts.I built this model back in 2003 as a learning experience. It worked. I learned a lot about how to build a model and also how not to build a model. There are a few things I like about this model as well as a good deal I do not like. One thing I am proud of is that the entire model is treenailed. That was important to me. There are numerous mistakes in the size of timbers, as well as the way they are joined. Still, this model taught me a good deal and it sits on my shelf and it has survive
  23. I roamed around on this forum for quite a while now but never posted my own build log . As I purchased a new kit I thought is about time I shared all my mistakes with all of you. I bought the Corel kit as it was easy available and decided to tweak it here and there as I have seen a few nice build logs on this forum. As i'm an engineer on board of a dive support vessel my workshop is a bit small Start of the build with many thanks to AntonyUK who had some PDF files with drawings so I can make some mock up frames Greetings to all, Jantje
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