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  1. Hi folks Hot on the heels of finishing my last model, Shadow, I’ve excitedly started on what I think is my biggest challenge yet - Genesis, a 49m Luxury Mega Yacht, based on an actual ship named Khalilah, built by an American builder, Palmer and Johnson. The details of the ship, Khalilah, can be found here: https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-46797/khalilah-photos.htm#yacht-tabs As I don’t have any detailed plans, a lot of what I’m attempting is by sheer guess work, with a lot of help from a fellow MSW member (whose help and guidance I shall always
  2. I have started the construction of a new model to add to my collection, which will be number 67. It is a tartana from Liguria in a scale of 1: 200. I use as a main source of documentation the monograph of the tartana Gemma, by Franco Fissore, published in Ancre, although I will also use other sources, such as the book "Vele italiane de la costa occidentale" by Sergio Bellabarba and Eduardo Guerrieri, and old photographs of complementary form. For the construction of the hull I use Finnish plywood of 0.6 mm. to make the frames.
  3. I start a new model for my collection. It is a "Lougre harenguier" by Fécamp, based on the plans in the collection "Souvenirs de Marine Conservés" by Admiral Paris and the monograph of the "Bois-Rosé" of the Association of Friends of the Navy Museum from Paris. The system that I follow for the construction of the hull is that of disposable frames. This system of disposable frames I already showed it in my previous Build Log of the Tartana de Liguria. I believe that the photographs clearly show what the process that I carry out. I started this model about ten days ago, and the last pictur
  4. Hi! I'm just getting into the world of model shipbuilding and decided to try my hand at a waterline solid hull yacht before I dive too deep. This hull design spoke to me for some reason. I've got several basswood pieces that I'm going to laminate for the hull and then start carving. One question I have, should i just print out several copies of the hull plan to make templates from? Or should i try to redraw the curves in solidworks first?
  5. Hi everyone My miniature version of Pandora (using Anatomy of the Ship plans) was started about 5 years ago, but to this day, remains semi-completed. The reason for not completing it was ...yep...you guessed it...I got scared of doing the masting and rigging! This, in spite of building the Victory as well as Bounty and Lennox, all of which were three masted ships with extensive rigging! You'd think I wouldn't have any problems and would be eager to rig this model, but, to no avail. One day I will finish her...I promise. In the meantime, I'll update the build
  6. Hello everyone. Although my model of the 17th Century 70 gun Restoration Warship, Lennox, was completed in mid 2013, I've decided to do this build log for two reasons, one for instructive purposes (to show how NOT to do things) and secondly, as a means to offer the plans to anyone who's interested (first come, first serve). If you are interested in the plans, then pls let me know. About the model: The model is built in Admiralty style, with large parts of the hull cutaway and deck exposed so that the interior work can be viewed. The hull is approximately 29 cms long, or 36 cm inclu
  7. Hi folks. This is my miniature scratch-built model of the wooden sailing yacht, Binker. As is customary with my models, Binker is fully detailed inside, hence the partially planked deck. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. Thanks Patrick
  8. I thought that a challenge to build a small model at 1:500 scale similar to the ships in bottles might make a satisfying change from working in 1:8 scale the hull is carved from a small piece of the English Boxwood I decided to use the larger part of the block as a holding jig so I carefully fretted out the profile and plan with a jewelers saw, by not completing the cuts I was able to hold it easily until the end. The hull blank was reatached to the cut along the deck line saw cut with a little acc glue.
  9. The hoggie or hog-boat of Brighton was a fishing boat of about 9 m. of length that had a breadth of about 5 m., a tiny transom and very full shapes with a nearly flat bottom, which allowed it to cross the breaking water and float in the beach like a duck. It was equipped with a deck, had an leeboard to counteract the excess drift produced by its peculiar forms and armed two masts with spritsail rigging. The true hoggies disappeared around 1880, although other Brighton boats, which are actually luggers made in Hastings or in Rye, continue to be known as hoggies.
  10. The moliceiro, from the Ría de Aveiro, was born as a working boat destined for the collection of the “moliço”, lagoon aquatic vegetation that was used for the transformation of the sandy banks in the lands of labor, providing them with a substrate that favored the retention of water and fertilized them together with other organic materials. Being originally a work boat, striking unusual decoration, colorful and full of color, in which, framed by polychrome wreaths and geometric designs, highlight the four panels located in the noble areas of the boat, a bow and stern and port and s
  11. Hi all I'm building a 1:12 yacht model, the actual boat would be 28 foot hull (around 9m) & a 20th century yacht - so the shrouds would be wire perhaps 8 to 10mm diameter actual (or 0.65 to 0.8 or 1mm diameter to scale). The actual rigging would be stainless steel, so it would be nice for it to look like that. It needs to be straight when tensioned a bit, it won't look any good with kinks. Also, I think that some texture is preferable, to replicate the texture of the SS wire, but I'm open to solid... I'm be grateful for any suggestions, thanks
  12. Before anything, English is not my mother language so please be kind to my mistakes (there will be too many I'm afraid) and lack of nautical jargon. Well, this is my first build. You may think it's a pretty bold move for a beginner to model such an intricate ship as the Royal Louis but I fell in love at first sight with the model at the Musée National de la Marine in Paris a couple years ago. At the time, I had no interest whatsoever in ship modeling, which is a pity, and missed the opportunity of taking hundreds of pictures at the museum. Either way, that's the one...
  13. Back before anyone knew what a bucket list was, one of the boats on my bucket list was an Edwardian_launch Since I had not been able to find drawings of a launch I liked, I decided to design my own. So out came the books and a few hours (days) later I have what I think will be a nice hull. The cabin and seating will come later. As I was cutting out the bulkheads for the hull I happened to notice the 1:200 scale bulkheads for the Pequot that I had just finished. They were what I started with before I changed to 1:100 scale. As it turns out they are very similar to the 1:48 sc
  14. I'm going to be building a series of small traditional working boats. Each one will be scratch built and historically accurate in its details, but not necessarily of an actual existing example. Rather, these models will represent craft that were typical of their type and their time. The models will be of boats that were designed (and evolved) to suit the occupations where they were used. I say "were used" because although some of these boats are still being built today, they are not being used as they once were. Most are now for pleasure and not occupation - like Catboats, Whitehalls and Peapo
  15. Hi everyone, I decided to go with Corel's Scotland kit as my first build. I started it a few days ago, but first, an unboxing picture: Getting the bulkheads to fit into the keel properly took a lot of adjusting with needle files. Once I was satisfied with the alignment, I glued with them in place with glue gun and CA. A long nozzle attachment for my glue gun might be very useful for hard to reach places. Final result looks like this: Can someone who is building this let me know whether part 12 (3x3 Walnut strip) comes already tapered at the front end like in the middle pict
  16. Hello everyone. I'm starting build log of bracera (brazzera) traditional croatian coastal vessel. Scale is 1:20 and plans are from 1981 - Tehnodidakta, Pula. It's pretty simple vessel and maybe ideal for beginners as I am I don't know how fast will be this build because my table saw proxxon is broken and it's on service-reconstruction almost for about 5 month. I use all blocks and strips of wood and improvise as much as i can till i get my saw. I can't make a planks for hull, deck etc... Wood i will use is domestic pear and cherry. Thank you all and sugge
  17. Hi. I found this while looking into designs and methods of thickness sanding. http://www.micromark.com/microlux-drum-thickness-sander,8599.html I know it's not up to Jim's standards but... Has anyone used one ? The design look's good. Bolted down to a bench for sure. Any comments... Regards Antony.
  18. I started this build log a little more than a year ago; unfortunately it was lost in the great crash. I wasn’t too far along when life intervened to take up my time on this little boat. I’ll post the older photos and then move along from there. More photos in the next couple of days. Thanks for looking!
  19. Hello, I am finishing up the Royal yacht Mary by Mamoli, and working on the masts and spars. They are from basswood, all warped and break easily when you sand them thin. I did some research in the books I have and a website from Gene Larson, on what type of wood to use for mast and spars. They suggest the following: Sitka spruce, beech, lemon wood, lance wood, maple, cherry and red cedar. No basswood, the research says it is soft and warps. I need the following dowel diameters and I have put them both in mm and inches. 8mm or 5/16" 7mm or 17/64" 6mm or 15/64" 5mm or 3/16" 4mm or 5/
  20. I was digging around my spare room upstairs where I keep my hobby stuff and while looking for something I found a Midwest Products Canadian Canoe. I had started building the model a couple of years ago and put it away to work on something else and totally forgot I even had it. I really want to get better at planking before I start my Artesania Latina Swift Ship Kit so I'm going to try to finish this kit next. Anyway, here's what I'd had finished so far. Hope you all like it. The first picture showing the start of the build is not my picture but one I found online. I hadn't taken pictures unti
  21. I recently purchased a couple Midwest Products small boats to build until i'm more in the mood to build more on my tall ships. I bought the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack and the Main Peapod and just finished the peapod. I mainly bought the Peapod to better acquaint myself with hull planking and it turned out pretty nice. I still need to build the lobster trap in the instructions but saving that for later and still deciding on a paint scheme. I posted a build progress video on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZqn-OxwAxM and adding some pictures here also...I hope you like it.
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