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  1. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  2. This is my build of the Deag Vasa . Having built the Corel offering I vowed never to build one again until I saw this one. The main thing that persuaded me as it has been designed with the help of the Vasa museum and Fred Hocker the museum director. It's not 100% accurate but as close as you can get with the restrictions of a commercial kit and a lot more historical accurate than anything out there I have downloaded the instructions from the build site and looking at them it's really impressive with hundreds of cast carvings and good quality wood. I have the first 6 issues and the quali
  3. Hello everyone. I am posting 2 pics of my Corel. I want to get it right and then I will add more pics. This is my second build. I completed a Mantua Santa Maria many year ago. This Wasa has been a lot of fun. I have torn sections out and rebuilt them as I have been able to view so many photos of the real ship. The stern, for example is wrong in the Corel kit. OK let's see if my first pics posts.
  4. This is a work finished five years ago,For the first production, there will always be a bit of regret left. I hope it can be made up by the next construction
  5. I visited the VasaMuseet in August 2015 and was inspired to buy the Billing Boats kit while at the museum. It's the second model ship I've built, the first being the Billing Boat's Bounty about 10 years ago. I've been building and modifying the kit, and instead of writing another step by step build log that would duplicate very good material written by Nazgul, I decided to keep this build log fairly brief, featuring some of the things that I did that might help other "first time" builders. This first pic is of the keel, frames and decks. I used PVA glue to set the frames at right angles
  6. Przepraszam za słaby angielski Vasa DeAgostini, skala 1:65, wydanie polskie. Obecnie pracuję nad etapem 50 - 55 kolekcji. Kilka zdjęć z historii budowy modelu.
  7. Hi here we go again I saw this Billings kit on E bay at what I thought was a very reasonable price but unfortunately it was an older kit with no fittings :o After an internet search nothing seemed to be available to buy so I thought I had bought some expensive firewood or paint stirrers On a whim I E mailed the seller to see if he had any bits he might have tucked away , he replied that he had a full Coral fittings kit that he would send me for free :) So the mongrel has started I didn't like the printed deck so I used some 1/16 ply as a false deck and then planked with Tanganik
  8. here is the new build thats iam going to start i got this kit used for 300.00 cad i looked over the kit all of it is there this is the 50 anniversary kit that what thay say its comes with billing slip 397 with the kit poeple say not to use but its with the kit so not to sure what to do there here a pic
  9. Hello all. I will start posting photos of my Vasa build again. Please be patient. I have about 600 photos of my build already and I will select the most significant ones. General impression of the kit * This error had to be corrected. Slot too small for main mast. I used two glues here. Regular wood glue in the inner joints and then I ran a string of hot glue over the outside joints. Seems to have worked pretty well. Rig this piece BEFORE attaching the deck Building wooden doors: Sprea
  10. Hi Everyone, I’m Frank from Massachusetts. I have been working on my Corel Wasa for about 2 years now. My parents visited the ship in Sweden 2 years ago and brought me back some books and plans of the ship. I selected the Corel kit for my build, and I have been so inspired by the fantastic work of other Wasa logs that I thought I would create my own log for your review. I will skip the pictures of the keel and framing photos and start in on the gun port construction and slowly build my log to where I am currently. (Just finishing the bow section!) Let me know your thoughts! I cut
  11. Due to the forum crash, posting some images again...
  12. Well, I got the first two issues today. Unlike the Victory and such there is no magazine, only the building instructions. There was also a poster of the Vasa. 3 frames, stern decorations, thread and one cannon is what you get in these first two issues. I promised my 10-year old son that he could "help" me build it so I have to wait until he comes home from school before building can start. I will continue later this evening.
  13. I have been off this model for little over a year, starting back and looking forward to it! My last one completed was the Caldercraft HMS Victory. This one has been enjoyable to build, not as long as it did with the Victory! Computors and I don't get along very well so I will try my hand at posting the pics.
  14. Greetings all, I have been building the Wasa by Corel for about three years now. I'm now fitting the decoration metal castings.Does anyone know how to separate the cast figures from the sprues? I've tried everything to no avail. The metal under the brass plating is some hard stuff. I'm thankful to have the NRG website to consult. Years back to get any info on Model ship stuff you had to go to the library. Having the NRG site is like having an panel of experts in your room. Kudos to NRG and the experts on it.
  15. Hello all Ever since I was a child and start modelling I have the dream to someday build the Swedish warship Vasa in wood. Early attempts were the Airfix plastic Vasa and the not so good Igra Vasa (See this link http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/14339-help-to-identify-vasa-kit/ ). Non of them were finished and the Airfix Vasa exploded by a fire cracker if I remember right and the Igra kit was actually never started. My wooden kit building started when I was working in Russia some years ago. In a very boring moment I actually ordered the Billing Boat Vasa but when I co
  16. Hi all, This is my build of the Vasa, started as kit, but quickly changed to scratch using wood from the kit. Current side view. I will post some pictures on how it got to this stage. thanks, Peter
  17. Greetings to all. I started the Billings Vasa about 8 months ago and it's taken me until now to get my act together and do a build log. Matti has done such a detailed job with his that I wasn't sure there was anything more for me to contribute, but I have done some things slightly differently from him, so maybe the comparison will be useful. This is my second wooden ship model - the first was the Corel HMS Bellona, which I did 14 years ago. I visited the Vasa museum when I was a child back in the early 1970s, which was a wonderful experience that stuck with me, and I always wanted to bu
  18. I have decided to continue on with the Corel version of the Vasa which I started about a year and a half ago.I got as far as the first planking done & set it aside while I continued working on the Sergal kit. I have fixed a couple of things so far. I re-sized the upper row of gunports as I cut them too big to start with . Also I the slant to the companionway roofs - the kit had them flat. I also re-did the lower stern to be more square.One more thing I noticed after glueing on the false deck was there were no openings for the knighthead behind the main mast or the ladder behind the fore m
  19. The mods urged me to start a build log for my eRsatz Billings Boats"Wasa"This kit was apparently designed before an in depth study of the raised Wasa was conducted.Thus I am free from any historical nor accuracy constraints to build it as I see fit!I received it as a partial built that I am now building as a tune up build before i tackle a more modern and expensive kit.Here is what I started with;
  20. Here's a kit I bought about 20 years agowhenI was in Junior High School. It was my first wooden kit. Needless to say, it was very rough arround the edges when I finished it back then. So, fast forward to today, I found it again at my parent's house and want to refurbish it. Now so much more is avaliable for refrence and my skills have improved a little bit too Looking forward to any feedback! -Matt
  21. On a whim, I figured I needed a new hobby. Model ships? Why the heck not. Many hundred small, fiddly and fragile pieces, which with some glue, love and paint can turn into one great big fiddly and fragile piece. What's there not to like? Okay, let's be realistic - quite a lot is not to like. I'm decidedly not looking forward to the rigging, I've given up on the model being even close to true to the original and I'm starting to realize just how much of a time sink this'll be. This, however, is really part of the fun. I don't like it, but I quite enjoy it. But let's start from the be
  22. Hi everybody!! First of all forgive my poor English, hope you can understand what I want to tell. The story of my VASA started about 10 years ago, when the son of a friend visited the museum in Sweden and bought the model thinking that he could do with her dad, who has some experience in woodworking. Shortly after, they gave up trying to do it, and stay abandoned for about 8 years. One time I visit him and seeing the model he told me the sad story and asked me if I wanted to try doing it, which I promptly accepted. After reviewing the boat I noticed several errors and that it will be
  23. HI, Im Matti from Sweden. Ive been inlove with the Vasa ship since young age. For a long time I wanted to make a replica, and now decided it was time. I decided to go with the BB kit. It will be out of box, but some changes like open gun ports and some details changed. Having not built wood boats before I know its a hard model to start with. But I need the passion for the subject to keep a big project going. I have done some scratching before so hopefully I can use thet knowledge when building this. Ok, so here are some pics from start to where Im at in the build.
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