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  1. I am working on the Wasa and notice a number of members have stained the hull and decking after they have finished these parts. Can you give me any input on what stain/stains where used?? I have only painted my previous boats or coppered the hulls, so staining is a new track for me. Would appreciate any input or comments here, particularly on the type of stain and application. Thanks JM
  2. Its a new year and its time I cracked this build log thingy, so before I start typing the history of this model I want to make sure I can get the pictures uploaded. Well thanks to my son I've been able to get some pictures on the log. The model had been kicking around an outhouse for about 25 years. Some of the fittings were lost but the overall condition leaves a lot of work to be done to restore / replace it to a suitable condition from where I can progress. I think it will be a total strip down because I have no idea what inhabitants have moved in and the last thing I want is to see is a fi
  3. Hello! I've been reading this site for six months now, reading tips and tricks and looking at all the great pictures. Why? Simply because I received the Vasa kit (Corel) for Christmas and as I had never built any ship before, I really had to learn everything from scratch. So, I have started building the Vasa since the middle of January 2014. I can only work on it about one hour every day, so the progress is slow, in particular as I have to learn along the way and I find myself scratching my head and scouting the Internet whenever I hit a new construction phase. Anyway, I have been
  4. Started one year ago. Make some alteration to come closer to the original. For the planking I use pear instead of walnut.
  5. Repost of my previous build log of the Vasa by Billing boats. So, let's see if i can get out some pictures in the right order 😉
  6. This is a 48 page 9-1/2" x 6-1/2" color booklet put out by the Vasa Museum. I picked it up in "Very Good" used condition on Amazon for $1.90 + shipping! The amazing fold-out front cover photo of the stern is worth at least $2! The booklet covers the history and salvage of the ship and is a good read. Nice photos, drawings, maps and diagrams. I don't know if all used (or new) books would include them, but mine came with 3 large color postcards too. This is probably the best $1.90 I've spent! Highly recommended.
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