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  1. It's been a while since I started this boat, but I'm moving much more slowly than usual... It's summer, I have things to do outside the model. This is the 1934 J-class sailboat Endeavour, America's Cup challenger. An elegant sailboat with very pure lines, a design made for the race! The kit is from Amati 1:80, plank-on-frame construction, classic. Well, as usual, I will not stick to the stuff recommended in the box in terms of colors or furnishings ...: ds: I will still do as I feel, and I have some ideas! The kit is simple, even simplistic on deck e
  2. I decided to get back to ship modeling. In a 10+ years period I always had something to build on my desk (namely a Billings Mayflower, Corel Prins Willem and the Occre Diana), while the birth of my older son in 2009 brought the end of the woodworking. Kids, time, space, work, other priorities.. probably you know. But the time has came, and I looked for something really simple. No guns. No painting. Not too big, to be able to finish in reasonable time. Visible progress even in an hour. Not aiming for the perfect model. Just to work with the wood, and have some relaxing time. The Amati Coca
  3. I have previously posted this on Finescale forums but I've decided to also post my log here i hope everyone enjoys! -Jamie
  4. I have been closely following Martin and Dennis's REVENGE build logs - actually, their work was the reason I bought the ship. Awareness also exists that Apollo, Titanic87 and Malcolm are also building. Minimal experience on my part is the reason for this log. With so many advanced builders ahead of me it is my sincere hope that showing my work will invoke critiques and advance warnings for difficulties/traps that lie in my next to come steps. My kit was purchased from the California distributor the week before Christmas. Next there are comments following an inventory of the large comp
  5. A friend dug up a project that was starte quite some years ago and never finished and gave it to me The 1st inspection was about trying to see if there was any missing parts, seems a few wooden pieces are missing, all i've see so far can be replicated easily from the scraps i have arround. Some tears in the instructions along with some water damage, still everything is readable. 2nd inspection on what has been built already, news are not so great, this piece is wrong The main piece of the deck is not centered And the castle already made di
  6. Well, it has been a while when i did my first wooden ship model. Few decades ago, while back in elementary school, i joined, at that time known as a "wooden ship model club". Basically a bunch of kids with a passion for ship modeling will gather together after school in the classroom dedicated to the club and start working on ship models. Those were scratch build attempts, more-less successful. The ship models that would survive all kids adventures will be presented at the "school day", kind of celebration of the school end at what time teachers and students will present their achievements dur
  7. 1/72 HMS Vanguard 1787 Victory Models/Amati Catalogue # 1300/04 HMS Vanguard was a 74-gun, third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 6 March 1787 at Deptford. She was the sixth vessel to bear the name. Vanguard was built as an Arrogant Class vessel. Arrogant-class ships of the line were a class of twelve 74-gun third rate ships designed by Sir Thomas Slade for the Royal Navy and were designed as a development of Slade's previous Bellona class, sharing the same basic dimensions. During this period, the original armament was the same across all the s
  8. My hubby, Jerry (see HMS Victory by Jerry and/or Half Moon by Jerry), said I will get lots of help and encouragement if I create a log of my neophyte attempts to buid this beautiful model. I should have named myself "Jerry's Apprentice" because I have convinced him he CAN talk me through this build. Since I work full-time, this will be a long build not anywhere near Jerry's usual speed. But after watching him work on his 3 builds, I have caught the bug and am ready to try it myself. I am very territorial of anything I create, so don't expect the beauty and precision of one of his builds.
  9. For sale is one unstarted, new, Amati Endeavour 1700-85 1/35 scale kit. I've had this kit for several years, and would love to build it, but I think it will be 2025 before I get around to it. It's time for the kit to go to someone who is interested in building her sooner than that. The price is negotiable. Shipping will be $60 USD anywhere in the US. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hello - a tentative start on HMS Fly. All dry fitted so as to get a feel for things and to get back into building again. All laser parts are an excellent fit with small amount of sanding. I can see the plywood decking will need support which I see has been pointed out in other builds. Have been following all the great Fly builds on here and hopefully I don't let the side down. Regards Doug
  11. Hello MSW! After perusing build logs for the past week, I have finally sat down to work on my own kit. A little back story for me. My great uncle recently passed and had spent many years building ships. When last I visited him in Chicago, he had at least 5 ships on display. I had spent the majority of my family's visit there talking about modeling and found my interest in the hobby. Before we left, he had given me a box to kickstart my toolbox. For my birthday that same year, my mother bought me the Amati Drakkar kit to encourage me to pursue it. Well, after almost a year of sitting
  12. Just started The Revenge by Amati a couple days ago, after I build my new work bench. the frame is done and now I m proceeding to planking the lower deck . I Have a very basic experience and hopping to find any kind of help of support from anyone willing to do it. I just would like to apologize in advance for my English which I know is not the best being Italian my first language, so please do not shoot on the piano player 🙂
  13. Hello all I spend every day on looking at all the fantastic models in this forum so I thought it was time to share mine build. It is the first wood model I build but I have built plastic models since I was child (Airplanes and tanks with focus on WWII). I should have done this log long ago but I get messed up in priming, airbrushing, coating etc. Have to redone it a couple of times....... I have added some extra details on the ship to make it more like photos from 1934. I apologise for the bad photos but I am not a expert on photos:) I choose this kit as a l
  14. I decided to add my build log of the AMATI - Bounty 1787 which was my 3rd Build. I jumped from the Lady Nelson to the Bounty and it was tough at times due to lack of instructions that I assumed would be there. I suppose going from a level 2 type kit to a level 4 means that you don't always need the instructions as detailed and that you would already know what to do. Anyway with help from the build logs on NRG and Donny at Ships of Scale, I persevered thru it and about year later happy to have it completed and shown proudly in my entrance hall. Current Build: BlueNose
  15. It's certainly a shame that all of the data has been lost. It was a wonderful resource. I still have some of the photos of my progress on the Vanguard and I will try to put these up now. I have just competed the wales and the first of the decorative strips (above the top wale) and I will post these when I get a chance. I have just looked at this post and the photos have apparently gone up in reverse order. As well I was only able to load 9 files to the post, rather than the 10 that was advised elsewhere. The new format will take some getting used to. I hope my next attempt will b
  16. Well friends here is my HMS Fly wooden build log. As I started some 20 days ago and didn’t thought that I will make the log. Looking for the help on line I come to MSW and us it as the guide line for my build. For those who don’t know me I’m building this model while serving on board the ship during my contract. I was thinking it will be a good time killer. Tools are not an issue but except the material in the kit no other resources available till next time when return to ship so I have to be very precise not overspending. Only material I brought with me is blocks of balsa wood. I chose this m
  17. Good Day I am busy building the Bluenose by Amati. I'm new to ship modelling and are gettting all the tools ect as the need arises. So, here is the thing; Im looking ahead at the painting on the bluenose and all the accents. Now I know the hull to be black, white and red, however, Im not sure on what type (Acrylic or Enamel), what shades of the colors to use and should I use Matt or Gloss? Does the wood need to be primed before it can be painted? If anyone has built this model before (as many has) could you please advise on what paints was used ect. I want this model to look as close
  18. 1:135 H.M.S. Bounty Amati ‘First Step’ series Catalogue # 600/04 Available from Amati HMS Bounty, also known as HM Armed Vessel Bounty, was a small merchant vessel that the Royal Navy purchased for a botanical mission. The ship was sent to the Pacific Ocean under the command of William Bligh to acquire breadfruit plants and transport them to British possessions in the West Indies. That mission was never completed due to a mutiny led by acting lieutenant Fletcher Christian. This incident is now popularly known as the mutiny on the Bounty. The mutineers late
  19. 1:20 Dorade – 1931 Amati Catalogue # 1605 Available from Ages of Sail for $429.00 Dorade is a yacht designed in 1929 by Olin Stephens of Sparkman & Stephens and built 1929–1930 by the Minneford Yacht Yard in City Island, New York. She went on to place 2nd in the Bermuda Race later that year. The crew for its first race received the All-Amateur Crew Prize. However, it would be a win in the Transatlantic Race that would bring the boat its name. She completed a race that takes an estimated 3–4 weeks in just 17 days, earning her crew a parade upon the ship's retu
  20. Hi All For anyone that wants to join me and more importantly HELP me, welcome aboard. This is only my second build. My first build was a Billing Norden, so this is a big step up in the challenge stakes. I did enjoy building my Norden and I was very pleased with the finished model. However I built it to look exactly like the picture on the box , which is why I bought it, without doing much research. This build will be different and I fully intend researching prior to progressing too far and I would also like to do some scratch building here and there. I've read some of the other
  21. This turned out to be a very rewarding little kit. Definitely made a few mistakes along the way, but it wasn’t bad for my first model build. The directions were pretty specific and told me exactly what I needed to know to complete it. I ended up breaking the mast when I raised it up because a string was wrapped around it and I didn’t catch it until it was too late.
  22. 1:64 Revenge 1577 – Elizabethan Race Built Galleon Amati/Victory Models Catalogue # A1300/08 The Elizabethan Navy Royal warship Revenge was built at Deptford and launched in 1577. Revenge was a new type of warship, a ‘Race Built Galleon’. She was built following the direct ion of Sir John Hawkins and supervised, it is thought, by the master shipwright, Matthew Baker. Revenge was about 500 tonnes and carried a crew of around 250 men. Contrary to popular belief, the new race-built galleons were not dwarfed by the Spanish galleons but were of equal or sometimes
  23. Evening folks! I recently reviewed Amati's 1:50 Viking Longship 'Drakkar' here on MSW: For a good number of years now, I've been writing articles for the plastic modelling press but I'm rapidly feeling the need to do what I seriously enjoy, and that's some wooden modelling. There are so many great kits out there that I can be stuck for choice, but as I now have this beautiful and historic ship in my stash, it seemed silly not to look at it and build it. At the moment, I'm sticking my flag in the plot and saying that this will start in the next week
  24. :piratebo5:ok so I thought I would begin a log on the Bounty as their are very few around. I have viewed david's and roman's build of this great vessel a zillion times and hope to do them justice with this effort. due to my interstate work commitments updates maybe somewhat spasmodic but I will do my best. please be forewarned I'm no Damien Parer with a camera though! am going to bypass the usual pics of box contents etc and get into the nitty gritty. here goes..... I always use filler blocks its a little known fact that God created Balsa wood to specifically stop model ship builde
  25. Hi All, lets begin as promissed in my introduction post. I started this build on May 2013 with few breakouts, due to other projects. As my first wooden ship build I decided to do it out of box. I finished the hull with only one layer of planking, becouse everything is painted and no natural wood is visible. If anyone wish to offer advice, please feel free to do so. It all helps and I would be very grateful.
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