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  1. I started my Lady Nelson in 2012 but I’m a little bit slow. Build Kit logs are really inspiring for me, so after reading lot of topics I decided to post my build log.
  2. So I finally have begun my Drakkar build. This is my first wood model, and my first ship. I am pretty excited about it. I just set up my turntable and stereo in my new basement with my modeling desk, it’s pretty nice and very relaxing to listen to some classic country and fiddle away with this kit. I started by cutting the center beam and ribs away then filed or sanded any excess (flash?). Then used a small vice with some t shirt remnance to hold the keel while I applied glue with a small carving tool to each ribs joint and each joint in the center beam, then used some small clamps o
  3. Hi all! I am new on this forum same as by historic ship models. I have learned many things from MSW 1 so I would like to share my first build with you. After lot of time spended on explore what I really want I started with Santa Maria in September 2012. This is a beginning of the story in pictures. Ships are arriving from Spain. Packaging. Content of the box. First steps.
  4. I have benefited from others' posts about the Revenge, so I thought I'd post my status partway through the build, with the decks complete and ready to begin the masts. This is a fantastic kit, with wonderful quality and instructions. You'll notice that I have kept the hull natural vs. painting it white below the waterline. The videos in other Revenge logs on plank bending were a fantastic help, although I found that steam + hair dryer worked best and fastest for me. Happy to share my experiences up to this point with anyone who may be at an earlier stage.
  5. A fresh start to a new build, friends. This is a Barbary coastal favorite ship of a variety of pirates during the 18th century. I chose this build for a second build in progress to relieve myself from mistakes made on the first build for awhile. I have learned a great deal from you all and really must think every stage of the operation through. The Xebec is a fascinating ship of her day. She was swift and carried a fairly good size armament for her crew typically used by Mediterranean pirates and off the Algerian coastline. I will give more history later. This Amati kit
  6. Hello all, ..... recently signed up, and the first post from me, so I guess this constitutes an introduction, as well as my first post, come build log. So then - Andi Little, and little Andi by nature. long time modeller but a first proper attempt at a wooden model. I've been a fan of small open boats since childhood, dinghies dories tenders jolly boats pinnaces etc - et al. I've been trying to find out ways of building open boats for years, and generally amusing myself just solving the problems mentally. But for some reason, it seems to have loomed larger in my mind and I've
  7. For my third foray into building wooden ships, I chose this kit for grins and giggles. Ever see the movie "Princess Bride"? If not, rent it, find it on netflix or amazon, pop some corn and watch it - good family movie. I'll wait.... Ok - so, my last name is Roberts, and my wife is a program manager whose has a reputation for being tough but fair. She quickly gained the name "Dread Pirate Roberts" and she in turn began referring to the engineers in the lab as ROUSes. I'm building this pirate ship for her to keep on her desk, proudly flying the Jolly Roger! My first two build were bot
  8. Starting my first log! This is my second POH ship and was looking to start afresh in my ship modeling seeing as my last model didn't survive my most recent move and I need a nifty new mantle decoration. Adventure is a "pirate" schooner kit offered by Amati. The last ship I completed was also an Amati in 2014 and I now recall frustrations from the vague details in the instructions provided. I rushed through that model, had plenty of very, very visible mistakes and only admired the finished product as it was my first. Luckily I found another build log here for Adventure that
  9. Sorry to see how so many works gone... But we'll be like phoenix :-) So, I'm starting from the last saved point. Made some brass nails, with round head, 0.4 mm. Drove in place. Next time will be more nails in place. Got red line lasers. Tested new idea how to mark hull. Idea works super so will make new stocks with laser.
  10. There are several excellent build logs on the HMS Vanguard already, so why do another one was my first thought. I decided what the heck the world needs more build logs. For credibility purposes, I posted a few photos of my completed HMS Pegasus in the Gallery portion of MSW. Here’s why I am a bit reluctant: 1. Since completing the HMS Pegasus in 2010, the sixth of almost back to back models over 6 years, I had shoulder surgery (which in part I think had to do with long periods holding small pieces of wood) and I don’t want to go through that again. 2. Back in 2010 I did very de
  11. A new build so I have something to do while waiting for Vasa parts. I ordered this from Maristella and apart from the excellent service Mr. Pavlovich offers I believe that they offer the best prices in Europe. My only regret is that I did not order one of Marisstellas own kits instead. But then again I have a reason saving up money for that in the future. The Xebec is the smallest shipmodel I have had so far. But the rigging is something that I for some reason wanted to try out. And it will be like a practice before I go on with my Pinco Genovese that is more like
  12. This is not really a build log as I have my Xebec completed waiting for its display case. These pics are pretty much the completed model !
  13. So, as I said, I´ll begin some new projects while still building the Chinese Junk. This is the first of two, the Osberg by Amati. Before any sawdust comes through, I have to thank my friend Jack Panzeca for his gift. Yep, he was a sweety and sent me this kit he wouldn´t build for he already was building the Billing´s Oseberg - As I was always telling how nice it was and let it clear I would build one if I had, Jack surprised me with offering this one. Jack, here I am, building the ship - Thank you. A review of the box - In comparison to the other 2 ships I built till no
  14. Ahoy shipmates (and all that blarney!) I am back!!! After a pause and change of model I have returned to the watery kind. I got the Amati Oseberg on ebay at a reasonable price most of which was probably accounted for by the pretty box! The Viking boats required surprisingly little wood which is exactly what Amati provide. There are instructions dubiously translated into English, a good sheet of 1/1 plans, a little box of bits and pieces. Lots of small dowel to make oars with, a wee bit of deck planking veneer and some well cut laser pieces including the pre-shaped strakes, the false ke
  15. Hi Been away from the modelling table for many months but now have the time and space to get going. A common subject here - HMS Fly by Amati. I launched this log on MSW 1 as many months ago with the start point being the binnacle. Odd place to start? I just wanted to get my head around the scale of the kit having come from 1:48 on the Armed Virginia Sloop model. Fly is much smaller. I'll probably paint the little chimney black but that's a detail. I have also invested in the HMS Pegasus photo etched fittings to redo the quarter badges in the style of Andy. The Fly kit quarter badges are c
  16. I started this at work during my coffee breaks while I was building my Greek Bireme at home. I'm almost done planking the hull next is wood putty for the imperfections then sand it all smooth.
  17. Hello dear fellow forum folks, I joined this forum yesterday with an introduction followed by my first build log of hobbyzone build slip where I mentioned my plans to build a great looking model of Riva Aquarama from Amati. Having built several static models in the past, this time I decided to take a different challenge but was not sure exactly what that would be. Surfing in various ship model forums I got struck by a few build logs of a beautiful radio model from Amati, namely Riva Aquarama and then it was not hard for me to decide to go with this model. I
  18. This log will document my progress as I build the Amati/Victory Models Lady Nelson. I've always wanted to build a wooden ship model, but I've never had the time. Now that I'm finally out of school, it's time to get started! I've done a good amount of research before starting this build, but I'm sure I'll have some questions for the experienced and knowledgeable members of this forum as I make my way through the build. Thank you in advance for your help! I'm going to do my best to take as many closeup photos of the process as I can. Perhaps they will be helpful to other modelers in t
  19. The Pegasus will be my third build that I will work on alongside my current Lyme (based on Corel Unicorn) build The Pegasus is a 14-gun 6th rate sloop, the sixth built of the Swan class. Despite being a gorgeous ship (due to having been built before the Admiralty issued orders to minimize decorations (especially for lesser rates)), her history is not all that colorful. She was launched on December 27, 1776, and in October 1777, was lost in a storm off the coast of Newfoundland. The Pegasus was 301 tons burthen, 96 feet 7 inches (29.4m) in length, with a beam of 26 fee
  20. At last, the long awaited release of the Amati/Victory Models ‘Revenge’ is here, and I’m sure this will be one of many build logs of this vessel coming in the near future. Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Martin (the emelbe are merely my initials), and I live in St Helier, Jersey. This is my first ever build log, in fact it’s my first ever posting on any forum. I’ve been modelling off and on for many years so I’m not new to the hobby and have completed probably 8 or 9 model ships over the years (I’ve probably started a lot more!). My latest models are HM Brig Supply, Amati
  21. Hello folks, google's cache still remembers my original HMS Fly log, so this is what I could scrape from it: After HMS Race Horse by Sergal I decided to get a bit more serious and build HMS Fly using the wonderful kit by Chris Watton. What I miss about kit presentations in general are detailed photos of their various parts, so I decided to make them.
  22. I bought this model years ago... Then "life" got in the way. So it has languished in lofts and cupboards in three houses as well as in a "Lock'n'Store" facility. My father often asked me how "the build" was going, only to be given a Caribbean "soon come mon!". Sadly, my father "crossed the bar" last November, so he never got to see any part of the build. Now I find myself laid up with a plaster on my leg and unable to walk my two dogs (or do much else truth be told...) but what a perfect time to start building!? I went and bought a 'Model Slipway' "Fair-a-frame" that I thought would h
  23. Hi there all, I'm after some help here please... I've done most of the fairing on my first build (Amati Bounty). I've blocked in the bow and most of the stern. I now need a little help. How (and how much) do I fair down the supplied plywood blocks that are fitted at the stern/keel/rudder post? Could someone possibly describe with words and (if possible), pictures/sketches/photos. Many thanks. Phill
  24. Amati U-Boat 47 type VIIB After building the Syren I didn't want any more rigging. After building the Arno XI Ferrari hydroplane I didn't want any more brass nails in the deck. After building the Anteo harbour tug I didn't want another double-planked hull. What to build next??? A submarine! Amati offers an attractive kit of a German U-boat from 1939. You can get it for £225.00 from westbourne-model.co.uk, but I found one on eBay for much less. I've had the kit for 6 months and am finally getting started. What's in the Box The meter long box has two divided plastic bins on the sid
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