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  1. After 40 years, i finally retired from job, and made a small "gift"to me. It is a small build that i want to work with my grand daugther, that like to work with me (i have some pictures with she working) Hope to be a future modelist Today i received the package Wait for her to start the build, and the log.
  2. Hello and welcome to the build log of my first attempt on wooden ship modeling. I was asked by a few members of this forum to re-create the build log and I finally got to it so I hope it will be useful to some people building this kit. I will mostly upload only pictures, hopefully no words will be necessary. In case you would like to ask please feel free to do that. I have decided to bulid the Golden Star model that was suggested to me by a local seller of wooden ship kits. Before that I have tried to build a few plastic ship models but the wooden ships attracted me ver
  3. Hi- would love some help as i stated this is my First wooden Model i have started planking top half of Build now after looking on line i think i go from the bottom to the top now. But were do i start from do i start from the arrow's then down to meet the rest or from the green clip,s, ( They seem to miss this bit out it suddenly is planked so i can,t make out how it,s done from here ) the Manual is a waste of time its hopeless
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is Johnny D. I am originally from New Zealand but have resided in Brisbane Australia for over 10 years now. I am new to MSW but not to modelling, especially wooden ships. I have built 6 and still find them fascinating, complicated and rewarding. I recently completed the Sergal 1:125 Thermopylae. Though not perfect, was more than pleased with the result. I looked for my next project, the C.Mamoli 1:150 HMS Victory, but had not luck finding it anywhere, so went for the smaller Mantua 1:200 HMS Victory. Really didn’t know what I was getting into, but qui
  5. I'll be starting a log for this build. I'm finishing my current project but I've done a dry fit of center keel and bulkheads and this is as good a place ever to start. The kit is the newer version of the Cutty Sark and I have gone through the counting process. Some pieces and such were short on the count and Ages of Sail will be getting the materials to me (nice folks). I'm sure I'll be needing advice and guidence and any comments will be appreciated. For reference I will be using Longridge, Campbell and plans from the Maritime Museum. I intend to do some bashing but my goal is not to go overb
  6. Hello. My name is Rafael, I am from Russia, the city of Rostov-on-Don. I finished this model from Mantua, construction has been going on since the beginning of 2018. The blue-green “backing” is an element of the future case, still in the manufacturing process. I decided to move away from the toy look, which is offered by the manufacturer and in which previously built models of this set were presented, there was a desire to make a more realistic image. Therefore, all brass parts (staples, rings, falconets and a gun) were blackened, steel parts burned. In the work I used stains for n
  7. This will be my second build log since joining as a member in November 2018. I started building the Cutty Sark by Mantua Sergal on September 1st. Now, in late November, I have pretty much wrapped up all of the hull and deck work and am starting to work on the masts and (gasp) the daunting rigging. I’ll try to do better with my pictures. I read the build log by keelhauled, posted back in March 2013, and his overview of the Mantua Sergal Cutty Sark kit is so perfect that I’m going to borrow (plagiarize) a good bit of it and include it here. I hope keelhauled won’t be offended.
  8. Guess this time I'll start at the beginning. I'll spare the group the open box pictures. I did inventory everything in there. It's all there. The wood strips, plywood etc. look like pretty good quality. The laser cut parts are nice and clean - although I've learned here not to trust them. I'll be looking at the member logs of the same kit (Art. 789) for trouble spots. Like a lot of other kits, the blocks are terrible. The rope set and deadeyes are not too bad, but I'll replace them all with Syren model Co.'s materials. Right out of the box the keel is warped - actually just bowed. I'
  9. Here is my Log for my Amerigo Vespucci - So far I have the super structure done and I'm ready to finish putting the decks on, and to fill in time as I wait for glue to dry, I am starting to build the Life Boats - this is quite small and challenging but fun to do - there are 11 of these small boats so there is lots to do . I have one small issue with the decks - The lower deck is a different shade than the 2 upper decks, as you can see in the photo - does anyone have any ideas as to how how I can get both decks the same shade - I dont want too use a dark stain as I like the look of a lighter c
  10. Now that I have reconstructed my Bounty Jolly boat buildlog, I will redo my Golden Star log. I started building the Golden Star almost the same day I finished the jolly boat - getting hooked on this hobby It was rather a random choice to build this model - it was basically what the store had in my budget that I thought I could build. It is very much built as a learning process before I start on some of the ships I really want to build - the Bounty being one of them. Especially with regards to planking and the rigging - after the jolly boat the rigging on the Golden Star looks rather daunti
  11. Hello and welcome to my log of the HMS Victory by Panart this is not a rolling log as I built the ship before discovering MSW this was my first model ship I completed it in around eleven months ,knowing what I know now about ship building I would have spent more time and added much more detail however I am happy with the results and would like to share the images with you all as from time to time in my other logs you may hear me refear to the victory thankyou for viewing and please enjoy the following steve
  12. hello to everyone, I am learning from this forum for a long time by now. Since i begun the building of the Hms Victory i have been looking for help on this forum all the time and everytime i found what i have been looking for. WIthout this forum the buid of this ship will be very difficult (don't forget that i choose this model as a first build). i am posting some photos of my first build. The ship is almost completed. I will continue to upload photos of the ship until the comletion. The kit is Mantua Hms victory but as you will see i have made many additions and i am making the rigging follo
  13. Building Log Although I have been a Member for a number of years, this will be my first attempt at a Building Log. The forum has been a marvellous help over the years, I have picked up numerous tips and tricks from following other builds particularly those of Paul Jarman and Shiffbastler have proven to be of great assistance in picking which kit to choose. Just a bit about myself. I’m now 70 years old and have been Shipbuilding for the past 18 years. I live in sunny South Australia where I am fortunate enough to be able to have a dedicated Display Room as well as a Hobby Room.
  14. Hi everyone, I am new here, and am just starting my first model ship. After reading masses of information online, studying the instructions, labelling the parts and getting all my tools, I finally made a start yesterday. I glued the stand together, and removed the lazer cut frames and keel from the plywood sheets and a slotted them all together. I have a question already, should I taper the edges of the frames (to allow the planking to sit properly) BEFORE or after I glue the frames into place? Maybe a bit of both? Thanks in advance.
  15. Dear All, I started to build this kit in 2013 and it is still a work in progress. Meanwhile I changed jobs twice and countries once, but I am optimistic, I will do finish this ship sometime... Anyway, here are some photos of the kit when I opened the box. I will post some photos on the build progress soon...
  16. Hello to all!! At last, Amerigo Vespucci has arrived! This is my second ship build. First impressions: wood quality is better than that of my previous build and the manual, consists of 9 large sheets with general instructions (compared to the step by step manual of the previous build). Attached you may find photos from unpacking the kit and first dry fit. And now comes my first question: Starting from the bottom of the keel, at which distance should I carve the rabbet line? Thank you in advance for your help Dimitris
  17. hi all! here is my new ship build kit the royal caroline i try with this kit to rebuild all that is not include in the kit like some sculptures and détail i post some picture: here is where i am with this ship....
  18. Hi everyone, In this log you'll be able to follow my built of the beautiful french tallship LE SUPERBE. Like my other finish builts, i'm not looking for a period exact ship and try to do my best with the plans that come in the kit. I suppose i'm a layback builder looking to make a stunning result that i'm gonna be proud. The colors i choose for this buit are black and gold. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i am. I have already begin the build some time ago and taken pictures during the process. I'll post those pictures with minimal explanations and concentrate writing
  19. Initial dry fitting of bulkheads Bulkheads 7 & 8. The actual difference between these two bulkheads is smaller than the degree of (in)accuracy of the plans. In the following two images you will see the comparison between them
  20. Ok looks like we all have to start again. Start with the box. Picked it up from TNT customs, as it cost way over $1,000nz dollars I had to pay import tax and Gst I think that came to an extra $480nz, the total all up was $2,500nz. Denis
  21. I bought this a few months ago to go with my 1/100 Heller HMS Victory as this is a model of the carronade located on the foredeck of the Victory. This monster fired a 68 pound shot that must have been just devastating. The kit is all wood except the cast cannon and a few other small bits that are metal. It went together quite easily, you will notice the white liquid in the fire bucket. That's a water based sealer called Mod Podge; when it dries it will be clear and look like water. I was gonna wait till it dried, but I'm bored - so I took the pictures - here they are...
  22. First step: read up on ship building techniques, to learn new things and to remember lessons learned in the past but now hazy. I found Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern by Milton Roth and especially Ship Modeling Simplified by Frank Mastini to be very useful, they are both easy to read, follow, and understand. Second step: Build a straight, flat jig to support the hull. I used some red oak I had on hand in my woodworking shop. Third step: Free the laser cut keel and frames from their boards. The keel, stem and stern pieces had to be spliced together. The factory cuts ar
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