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  1. Hey guys ... I'm new here and wanted to try my hand at a wooden ship model. I cannot hope to complete anything as remarkable as the build logs I've seen but I want to try anyway and you've gotta start somewhere. I chose the Syren because I like her lines without regard for difficulty. I belonged to a yahoo group about model ship building around 20 years ago although I have no real experience building a wooden model. I did build a cross section of the USS Constitution back then but I can't say I knew what I was doing although I did learn a lot. I have started several other kits but got to hull
  2. KIT: USS CONFEDERACY (1778) Manufacturer: Model Shipways (USA) Scale: 1:64 (889mm/35") Single plank-on-bulkhead hull. My husband gave me a big blue box for Christmas 2020 - it is his tradition to give me a kit with a ship that was built in the area where we now live. Yes, this frigate was built here in Connecticut on the River Thames (just upstream from my city) ... The kit designed as an admiralty model as well to show off the incredibly rich detail of its decks, furnishings and fittings. Additionally, the quarterdeck is left un-planked on the
  3. Ok, so this is my very first build, and here's what I've learned so far. This is going to be harder than i thought, but surprisingly enjoyable, trying to do this. Also, I've confirmed I am not a perfectionist! (this could be a blessing or a curse!) Step 1: I thought I'd try the harder beginning, that is, gluing the 3 bottom planks together. Apparently I took the instructions to "prepare & sand" the planks too literally, because they don't fit flush together. Not to worry, I used an enormous amount of glue trying to get them to stick. I tried to wipe off the excess with a b
  4. 04/04/21 Well I wasn't planning on starting this one yet. However my airbrush is temporarily out of order. So for the moment I can't finish the Tamiya M4A3E8 Sherman I was close to completing. 😠 Again, this will be my first wooden kit. I may have done a plastic ship or two way back in the day. This is actually the Model Shipways combo kit that came with paint, glue, some tools, etc. The first thing I had to do was to take inventory and orient myself with what was what precisely. And it entailed using a ruler, some masking tape and a pen. I wish I had more exciting progr
  5. New modeller here with my first build log. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon this site after I finished planking the dory, so this log will probably be of little use to anyone starting from the beginning. Here's where I am so far. I just finished freeing the boat from the building board and cleaning up plank edges at the bow and transom. Everything looks okay from far away... Oh my. As you can see, the port side planking is several millimeters higher than starboard. I think this is partly due to worrying about getting the edges of the planks flush
  6. I know this is not the first build of this kit on this forum, but I decided to post my log of it for my own reference if nothing else. Very excited to start, I've only ever built plastic models, so this will be a learning experience. The kit I got comes with some basic tools, allowing you to build it out of the box. I already had most of the tools, but I won't say no to extra tweezers, clamps, paint, and glue. You can make the bottom from a single piece or three planks. I chose the latter, though I did use the single piece to mark off lengths
  7. I received the kit and paint set yesterday! I had downloaded and read the manual upon ordering and so began to assemble the central spine this morning with the feeling that I understood these steps. I glued the center pieces to the starboard spine using the supplied spacers. Even so, I ended up with misalignment at the top of the spine and on both walls of the bulkhead frame slots. Should have done this under magnification. I did a little surgery and sanding at the top of the spine, and will defer refining the slots until placing the bulkhead frames. Since the profile of the spine is preserve
  8. Ordered kit on 2/8/21 and box arrived on porch today. Tomorrow I'll inventory the kit and start studying the plans is today a couple of pictures just to start. More to come Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
  9. Hi everyone. This is my first build though I’ve been making architecture models for years from basswood and chipboard. I’m excited to dive into the ultimate model making arena! As a newbie, the amazing instructions and photos for the Syren kit made the decision easy for me. Also the great build logs here are a fantastic reference for learning, and I’ll try and do a few details differently on my Syren to keep things interesting. The kit arrived on Feb. 24 and here’s progress so far: I carved the rabbet with a 1/4” chisel, sanded down, and glued the keel to the bulkhead former (had t
  10. Confederacy has always catched my eye together with USF Essex. I started with Essex but ran into so many troubles that i put it asaide until i make up my mind what to do with it. My Cruiser isnt done yet as running rigging is still to be done but i needed some wood dust on my work bench... So here it is: USF Confederacy by Chuck Passaro and Model Shipways. There are many superb build with box reviews so i skip that. So far it has been really good build with my own mistakes: bulkheads wrong ways so ribs are other side etc. But nothing major-those deviations le
  11. Well, after a relatively successful completion of the Norwegian Sailing Pram as my first model build, I'm jumping right in and starting my 2nd build! I purchased both the NSP and the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack at the same time, so #2 has been waiting in the wings. It's showtime! As I did with the NSP, I will be relying on other builders' build logs to help me through the challenges, and hope that whatever I'm able to contribute during my build log will assist others as they tackle the Lobster Smack, as well. It definitely looks more challenging than the first build
  12. I have always loved the lines of historic ships, despite being a 'certified land lubber' who gets sea sick easily. My first model was Artesania Latina's Harvey, built over an 18 month period from 2005-2006. My enthusiasm far exceeded my nascent skill set as I progressed next to the Charles W. Morgan , which many of you know to be quite a demanding 'built almost from scratch' model other than the keel, bulkheads and Britannia pieces. I began working on the Morgan in earnest in late 2006 and worked in her on and off through 2009 when I became stuck on how to fabricate the detailed and delicat
  13. Just starting up the gunboat Philadelphia build... I just completed the USN Picket and anxious to get started on the Philadelphia. I am by no means an expert builder but having a lot of fun along the way. One word of warning,,,,, this will be a painfully slow log to follow. I know most people hate slow logs. I am not a full time modeler so I only get to work on it when I have some spare time. Hopefully I will be able to have at least one post a week. Maybe more,,, Rather than have a log and shows only the good stuff I plan to bare my dirty laundry and sh
  14. And now for your amusement and my possible edification, I’ll be attempting Model Shipways’ Dapper Tom. In a certain sense, this will be a dual log. I’ll be attempting restore a damaged finished Dapper Tom model that was on display in the Mathematics department where I work as well as working on new kit at the same time. For the new kit, I wish to work on planking the hull and the deck, (in my continued journey learn the skills of a true ship modeler). The new kit will also present the most rigging I have yet to encounter. So I invite one and all to pull up a seat and watch the hi-jinks.
  15. As I finish Syren, I decided to start on this kit that I bought some time ago. I've seen many build logs, so won't go into a lot of detail except on things that I did different. The first couple of photos are of the kit box and plans, so you can verify the kit that I am starting to build. I purchased from Model Shipways, and I believe it cost about $50.
  16. Finished the Conestoga wagon and wanted to get back to something in the water. There are a few other really good builds of this kit but what the hey, let’s add an amateurish version to balance things out. The cats agree this kit is pretty sweet. Started the keel. Clothespins to the rescue.
  17. I started this, my first kit, in January of 2020 and just recently finished it. I found this forum when I was already nearly finished so I'm posting some pics of the build here all at once.
  18. I decided to do a build log on my constitution, I wasn’t going to at first but decided to go for it. It’s my second wooden ship build, the first one was a little over 15 years ago. Just a small artisan Latina kit that I don’t even remember the name of. After looking at a lot of the ships built on here I don’t think mine can compare to the level of most on here, my skills aren’t that good but I really enjoy building it. I’ve been following bob hunts practicum for the most part. I started around December of 2020. I didn’t take too many pics as I went along because I didn’t plan on doing a build
  19. Hello everybody after some time lurking around the forums Ive started my first model. Looking forward to sharing with everyone, and thanks in advance for any advice/training. Ive spent most my life on boats and ships so it seems natural I found my way to this hobby. It looks I haven't chosen the easiest kit for a beginner? Looking forward to getting to know everybody! Ive started by setting up my work space and making a variety of sanding sticks. Bulkheads installed and fairing process begun. I quickly learned that they aren't kidding about how impor
  20. I finished this model and then I decided to post log pictures. There are lots of good build logs in this forum so I will post a sequence of progress pictures with few comments. I used a wide removable tape to spile the strokes. A pencil was used to mark the in-place strake and bulkhead marks for next strake. Tape was removed and marks joined using a French Curve. Tape was laid on wood and wood was cut and shaped
  21. With a Black Friday sale price on the screen and a long pandemic winter in prospect, I finally took the plunge I had long been considering on Emma C. Berry. Although my experience is limited, the thought of building up a ship's proper framework and deck substructure was appealing. I liked what I saw in the various logs here, and wanted the challenge and opportunity to extend my skills that ECB offers. Most of all, I wanted something to occupy my time, hands, and mind. ECB has not disappointed. I started work on Dec. 7 and have entries in my handwritten log for every day since then, Christ
  22. Hello all. This is my first model boat. Previous model experience was as a boy, plastic cars and one balsa wood plane. I don't think I finished any of them. I think I'm going to finish this one soon. I started on December 28. I did a lot of reading and gathering of tools and supplies as I waited for the model to arrive, and also read every build log on this model that I could find. I made a spreadsheet with a link to each log, and noted the specific tips I thought were pertinent or unique in each, so when I arrived at that particular stage I could identify which log applied without re-reading
  23. First of all, thanks to those that welcomed me in my New Member Introductions post. The warm welcomes are appreciated. Well, after almost two weeks of waiting on the shipping, my ships have come in! The two ships I ordered, the Norwegian Sailing Pram and the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack, arrived on Friday. I have begun working on the Norwegian Sailing Pram first, of course, as this will be my first build in the ship modeling world. Hope I do as well as SkiBee and JohnN, as I read their build logs and will be referring back to those logs as I encounter my own "bumps
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