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  1. Decided to have a little side project going on while I also work on my Syren. Need to have a ship build going during any "wait" time on the Syren. So all I have done so far is sort all the timbers... These imperial measurements aren't natural for me! - 1/8" and above I am fine with and can visualise - but anything less.. well as far as I am concerned its just "little" - I cant picture it. Silly thing is - I work with both imperial and metric all day with my work - but the scale is a whole lot larger. We all tend to refer to ID pipe diameter in inches....lineal measurements in meters....grinder sizes in inches.. drill bits and any "holes" in mm etc etc ec I do need a longer sorting box though - this one was originally made for the little 18th Century long Boat. Next time I take a trip out of here - I will get some more timber and MFD to build a much longer one. I find it very useful keeping things sorted. I have now cleared the table (lap top is only for MSE reference while I build and a few DVD's or music.. it usually lives on another bench) So.. I will start with a it of cleaning up laser burns and getting the bulkheads tabs glued and keel glued..
  2. And so it begins... I recently decided to get back into model shipbuilding, looked at a bunch of build logs, and ordered a Syren kit. After looking at the kit contents and the instructions, I thought it might be a good idea to get a simpler kit for practice. So, while deciding on a good (easier) kit, I may as well start on the Syren. I mean what could go wrong? The first page went pretty well. At one page of instructions per day, I should be finished by summer.
  3. My current project and my first POB model. Previous builds include Sea Witch by Scientific, built in 1975 and recently restored. Also Constitution by Revell (plastic), built c. 1965, which ended its life as a wreck at the bottom of a fish tank. Also Yacht America, Plastic by Monogram?, which sat on our mantle for 20 years before being replaced, tentatively, by Sea Witch. Other things I have built include 7 clavichords, 3 harpsichords, a rebec, a mountain dulcimer, three treehouses, a bunch of kinetic sculptures, flying model gliders, static plastic models of many descriptions. Also mobile robots and a robot arm capable of feeding paralyzed people. So I am not new to design or building but am very new to POB wooden ship models. I became very frustrated while restoring Sea Witch that I could not do scale details. [i calculate the scale to be 1:76 but it seems much smaller than that]. I am looking forward to comparing photos of the actual ship with my model. I know I may come to regret that anticipation. But I have seen such beautiful results from members of the Niagara Club that I think I have some hope of building a nice scale model. The Build Begins
  4. Hello all! I am back. I jusat found out yesterday that the site went down completely, so I have spent some time getting back onboard and navigating the site. I will go thru my notes and attempt to re-create my build log. Comments welcome.
  5. Hello all! Way back in 2010 I started a build log (on MSW 1.0) for my Bluenose from Model Expo. This was my very first wooden ship model, and I found tons of help from the forum members. The ship was completed back in 2012, but alas, the build log vanished together with MSW 1.0. So now I am attempting to re-create this log through the tons of pictures I have left. At this point I have forgotten a lot of the build, but I can hopefully remember enough to make this useful for somebody. So, apologies in advance for all inaccuracies! Starting off with the actual kit from Model Expo: And some of the source material used during the build: Thor
  6. Hello everyone, This is the build log for my Model Shipways Solid Hull USS Essex kit. I picked this kit up for 20$ from my local thrift store. I checked the components a couple of times and everything appears to be present. This is my first wooden ship model and I am still in the process of planning, acquiring tools, and generally getting prepared before I put chisel (or sandpaper, or saw...) to wood. I have Model Ship Building by Gene Johnson on the way in the mail, and I just picked up my first set of (kinda cruddy) chisels. Here is the kit as it currently stands: Here is a couple of closeups of a place of concern: I guess this bit is shallow enough that I will be squaring it off during the deckbuilding process but we shall see. Any advice is appreciated!
  7. Will start uploading and rebuilding the pics tomorrow, shame about loosing all the comments from the past but I hope you will comment on what you see moving forward from the site loss. Ben
  8. This is my first build, I haven't been able to work on it much as of late due to grad school taking up all my time. But I am going to post pictures and some info. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little work on it done here and there, I know I will have many many questions as I progress along. The typical first picture. Getting started with the build. The shape is coming together. Adding the planks. Lots of sanding happened here. First look of the inside. And we are up to date. If anyone sees anything that I might have missed or needs fixing, please don't hesitate to let me know. This is after all my fist build ever. I am always open to criticism and suggestions. I see that I am going to have to do some soldering, I have never done this, and I don't have any of the tools. What do I need to get to do a good job and make my life as easy as possible. -joshukr-
  9. I guess the sooner I restart my Sultana the better. Once we were quite a fleet but now rhere are none left. In scanning through photos this one came to hand. It shows the hull with spars temporarily pinned in place . and is as good aplace as any to begin. Kip (aka Sawdust)
  10. For my first wooden ship build I have chose to build the Chaperon by Model Shipway. I chose this project for two reasons, first to gain experience on a build without having to worry so much about mast and rigging. And second, here in Alabama we are fortunate enough to have several of these steamships. One on the Coosa river in and the other on the Black Warrior River near the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Both are in great shape and are a beautiful sight to see paddling down the river. So far I have really enjoyed the detail of these models and look forward to the build. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless So Far so good, Spoke to my mentor Sam about several of my concerns. What a great guy to offer his time to help me out with the process. The main thing I have found is understanding the meaning of the plans. Certain small non descriptive steps that I overlooked but came back and noticed before it was too late. Now I have Sam to fall back on, just knowing I have some experienced help has helped. So excited about this mentor program.
  11. Started the Syren a little while ago - but life got in the way so I haven't progressed very much. Had 4 stints in hospital in 3 different states in the first 4 months of the year.. then changed jobs to a far more challenging one. so now I am in my third week of the new job - things are settling down a bit and I have recommenced the Syren. I did spend my recuperation time building the little 18th Century long boat - also by Chuck. That is all finished now - except I have a few more oars to shape and paint. Had some issues with staining the planking on Syren - this is the second time I have taken it off - so its looks a bit rough - hopefully tomorrow the appearance will be a LOT better. THIS time I will also be more patient. I used sanding sealer and even though it felt dry to the touch - I will give it plenty of time to set before I sand and re-stain. I am pretty sure this was my problem the first time around (and the first fix was laced with impatience too!!!) So onto the photos: I need to do some more sanding/fairing of the inside. The inside transom felt so delicate - I decided to wait till it was planked on the outside before attempting more sanding. I already broke one part early in the piece - so didn't want to risk more damage. So much easier and safer when I started sanding this morning. I will finish up the fairing today. Then it can sit and wait before the stain goes anywhere near it again! In the meantime I might just get out another kit to start - so I can swap between the two when there is "wait" time involved.
  12. Before the site was rebuilt I had posted the starting of my current project. I am attempting to build the model shipways constitution largely after the Isaac Hull Model. The plan is to have the gun deck gratings open for a view of the main gun deck. I will also be building complete stern quarters. I decided to get back at it over the last day or two and I have posted the photos of my progress on the stern. As you can see I am going to have to do some touch up with the height of the uprights because i tried to bevel the deck of the counter by eyesight, in short im an idiot, but thats and easy fix. I will put some more photos of the whole ship up soon.
  13. Hi all This is my first wood ship build period, so far I am really enjoying it, thanks for all the input on my other topics you guys are great. I am in the beginning parts and have only done the Keel area and now I am about to start fairing the hull. These are my pics so far. Like everyone else any comments, hints are very welcomed. I will try to be as detailed as possible so anyone else who is new can follow. Thanks for looking at my build
  14. Joining the build here. I have been delaying my start as I was afraid of the rabbet. I have never needed to worry about this before but it is time for the plunge. Took the first move and beveled the edge as the instructions say...not without first sending a PM to Chuck for some guidance. Luckily he is a nice guy and answered my stupid questions. Gave it a light sanding to remove any grooves from the chisel I then treated the pieces with wood conditioner. I like the little bit of color the conditioner brings out as compared to an unconditioned piece. I also used 320 grit paper to remove the burn marks from all the bulkheads and have conditioned them as well. I don't plan to stain my build, I really like the color of the natural wood, but I do like what the conditioner does to the wood, so I plan to continue using it on the other pieces as well. Now...time to add glue to the mix....
  15. I've been working on this model now for several years. After a divorce and a relocation to The Villages in Florida I'm trying to continue my build. I have been following Bob Hunt's practicum. Here are some of my pictures. I have not done any editing on them. I know that my skill level is far below what I see on this site but I'm persevering and learning as I going along. Maybe this log will help someone just getting started. Ralph
  16. Hi every one and welcome to my Modelshipways USS Syren Kit build log. (This is a re-post of my original log posted last week and may differ somwhat from that original posting) I purchased this kit from Piel Craftsmen of Newburyport, MA. Bill over there is great to deal with and the purchase experience was a pleasure. This will be my first attempt at modeling a model ship. While the Syren is a pretty complex ship for a beginner, I felt that the excellent practicum included with the kit by Chuck would be a great help and make the kit approachable for even a beginner as long as I take my time. (Which I am finding difficult, because as I progress I become more an more anxious to feel the satisfaction that comes with successfully completing each step). As you view my build log I encourange anyone to chime in when they see something I could be doing better or just to provide some freindly advice. A word of advice of my own...write your log in another word processing program (like Word or Text Editor) and cut and paste it into the forum's editor when you're done...this will save you a ton of extra work in the event that you lose connectivity mid-post or experience a page expire/timeout. Also you'll have a record of your work in the event there's ever an issue with the site. EDIT: I thought it might be a good idea to list some of the tools I found essential to the build as I encounter them here: 1. A good vise with a suction base and swivel head. 2. A Mitre Box. (I used X-acto's mitre box. but for cutting the fillers and larger pieces a large on may be useful) 3. Calipers!! I used a digital set on I got on Amazon cheap. 4. Good metal straight edge (large and small) 5. Clamps (of all types and sizes, can't have enough) 6. Good brushes of all sizes. I use a synthetic for applying wood glue as well. Just soak in apple cider vinegar between uses to keep clean. 7. A small square with a level bulb. Empire Level E255 is what I use. 8. Graduated cups for mixing stains at measured ratios (so you can repeat the look). Harware stores have them in the paint section. 9. Good set of needle files. I use an X-acto 73610 set that has several small files with different cross-sections (Flat, Rounded, Square etc) 10. A good rotary tool. I have a Dremel and a Smaller Proxxon. Use the smaller one more. 11. A small micro or pen sander, I use a Proxxon 28594 here and it has save TONS of time. The paper wears out quick though. 12. A good sanding block 13. Sandpaper: 80, 110 and 320 grits at a minimum. 14. Wood Filler. I use Zar Neutral. Wood not included with kit 15. 5/32 x 1/32 wood strips (at least 2 for upper whales) 16/ 12 x 6 x 1/16 Basswood sheet for bulwark rails. 17. Balsa for bulkhead filler blocks. Thanks for reading.... Next Up....Bulkhead Former, Rabbit and Keel.
  17. PIcking up where I left off. Below is Album 1 & 2 of the build started on 12/1/11, scroll from the bottom up for order. If you have any questions about a particular step, please ask. Album 1 http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/23966878 Album 2 http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/24176793 I'll be continuing a normal build log from this point. Thanks Dave P.S. Sorry I didn't follow the new title rules, should have read, can't edit.
  18. Well the club has finally gotten to me. It's time I start on a ...dare I say...normal size build. I plan on taking my time with this one. Ship bottling will remain my primary medium but I think I can squeeze this in here and there. I acquired this ship from the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights. A member of the club had passed away and his family was selling the half done kits and supplies that he had. I also would like to recognize 4whelr who had started his Elsie build on this forum before passing away. There was another thread where I had told him if he started a build log I would start mine. I didn't notice he had until after he had passed. I regret missing that opportunity how ever short it may have been. To me this has been a reminder to how short life is. So here's what I have. The club notices a repair made on the port side near the bow. I'll need to bring that bulwark down a little. Even with the repair the ship so far has been masterfully built. The beveling on the waist is flawless. The deck is ready for planking. I do wonder though if I should finish painting the hull and the put the deck planking in or go ahead with the planking? And what paints are suggested? I want to upgrade my paint and acrylics a little and steer clear of cheap Walmart acrylics and superglue.
  19. Hi all! My name is Tyleen. I will be repeating myself just a bit since the first part of this info is on a different post but anyway. I started building the Rattlesnake Privateer several weeks ago (Plank on Bulkhead). This is my first ship model. I have built car models when I was younger about 35 - 40 years ago. My knowledge of ships is negative 50 hehe but I think they look really cool and I was looking for something to do. Here are some pictures of what I have accomplished so far. I have been taking my time on this seeing how I do not know what anything is and have to look it all up. I really want this ship to turn out good. Not sure how good or bad I did on beveling the rabbet to the center keel. You cannot see it too well in the pictures. How do I know I got it right? I am suppose to bevel the bulkheads now but to scared to do that. Should I just do what the plans say?Seems like they want to shave a lot off on bulkhead A. Seems like bulkhead A and M are way off when trying to test a plank. So I thought I would wait and decided to work on the long boat. I see how Kenneth Powell did his long boat. I think I should have looked at his before I did mine. I stacked all the pcs together but did not realize I was suppose to take the center pc out and just use the outer part. No big deal though I had a lot of fun carving it all out with my dremel. Hope it looks ok. Cannot wait to finish it. I had stained it before I put it together. I was wanting to see what this wood would look like stained that's what the dark lines on the inside are. I carved out the counter block next (still scared to mess with carving the bulkheads). Mine is not as pretty as Kenneth's. I have never carved anything out of a solid block before, or from anything else for that matter, but I had my trusty Dremel! I love that thing!! After looking at Kenneth's counter block I may have to do mine over. So I suppose I need to bevel the bulkheads and I am asking for an suggestions on how to make sure I sand them properly? Is bulkhead A and M suppose to be so far off from the rest or am I do sand everything down to curve better toward A and M? Thanks! oops sorry hehe new to all this. I will try to explain things better. My first ship. These 3 pictures of the keel is beveled but it is hard to see. I may not have gone deep enough. I used a dremel which I think works well. I tried the chisel but I was not good at it. The dremel can sand out the area. I used the point of one tool to help shape it but I think I need to redo it and try to bevel it better. Here I punched out the pcs of the longboat and glued them together. Not realizing I was suppose to just use the outside of the pc. This is where I started sanding out the inside of the boat. I used a rounded head tool of the dremel. It does look like a puddle but it is the beginning of my sanding. This is what the longboat looks like after sanding. I use different tools of the dremel. Sorry not sure of the names of the different tools but I can look them up if anyone needs to know which ones. The brown in the boat is stain. I was trying out a stain to see what it looked like on this type of wood. It actually helped guide me as to how deep I was going with the sanding. most of the stain is now sanded off. Also I saved all my sawdust. It really helps if you sand too deep (which I did). I used the sawdust mixed with wood glue, let it set over night and was able to sand it again. You could barley see my mistake. I do not have the bulkheads attached yet. I had no troubles getting the bulkheads to fit although I did have a pc break between bulkhead C and the mast slot. That pc is so thin. I am going to be working on the bulkheads soon as I make sure my bevel is correct. Hope this works
  20. This is my first venture into model shipbuilding after building some RC sailboats and it will be a challenge. I started the build after reviewing a lot of the others here on MSW and I want to thank all those builders for some very good tips. Not only did it help in starting but made me realize that anything can be done. You see I am a perfectionist with only an apprentice skill, a struggle that will need to be tamed throughout this build. I built a rack for the wood after a great tip by greatgalleons and that made the workshop very manageable. Then on to the keel, bulkheads. So far so good. The stern stanchions gave me some trouble, not in attaching them but keeping them from getting broken. I snapped 4 of them in rough handling and sanding. After walking away, very ticked, I reset the next day, did a little repair work and began the stern fill blocks. As some of you have said this 3D work is a little challenging but I got through it. There will definitely need to be some infill between the pieces to make the transitions smooth since the repairs were a tiny bit off kilter and my fill blocks not perfect. DSCF1445.pdf
  21. Hello all, My name is Todd and I’m planning (with your help) to build a model ship. I have built RC planes for many years, and I am lucky to have a large shop for hobby woodworking. A few years back I was given a kit of the USS Constellation. I worked on it for a while and decided that I needed to learn some skills before going much further. There is not much in the way of build information for that ship so I looked at the practicums that are offered for other ships and started reading build logs here on the site. While reading I came across the Syren logs and the info that Chuck had written a step by step manual. This along with so many others currently building and posting about the ship, seems to me to be an excellent way to pickup some skills. My thanks in advance for answering all of my silly questions. -Todd
  22. Well, after lurking here for just over a month, reading, studying and absorbing as much information, my first kit The US Brig Syren arrived from the US model expo after over a month delay. I must admit customer service from outside the US at Model Expo has been poor, and shipping was extremely slow and extortionate. Packaging was substandard, and I just hope nothing had been damaged in the crushed, non-padded box. 1st step is to clear some clutter from my work spaces. They are not really usable for anything at the moment. I've taken a few quick snaps of the box, the contents, and other items I've ordered. I will wait until I clear a nice spot, and distract the 3 yr old before opening the box, and getting the obligatory shots and item stocktake. This is where I do my office work, and occasional gaming. It needs a major sort My spare office is currently set up building a carbon fibre RC 6 turn brushless 1:10 buggy. I will maybe pack this away and use this zone. A very excited 3 yr old wanting to build a ship Substandard packing, with crushed box, tape not sealing all over and some random fish and chip paper. No bubble rap to cover to precious contents Out of focus picture showing the Syren box, a plank bender, some spare boxwood planks, a hull vice, micrometer, and draw plate. And here she is. The Syren in her box. I'll clear a work space, organise my tools, get some sandpaper, blocks, glue in the next few days. Unfortunately I'm Oncall for Obstetric emergencies tomorrow, and trauma Thursday, so I may be stuck at work for the next 48 hrs, but fingers crossed I get to open the box!
  23. Sorry I fell behind in reposting. Still working on posting my Constitution build. Anyway, this is my Model Shipways 18th Century Longboat which is being built as part of our San Diego Ship Modelers' Guild Community Build. There are currently 8 members building the longboat which we started in October 2012. Bob R.
  24. Hello All, This is a build log for my Model Shipways 18th Century Long Boat kit. Two very new things for me, one building models from wood, and the second posting about a process in an online forum. So here goes... I have been interested in building models since I was a teenager, and indeed built many while in high school. Though none have seemed to survive the journey into adulthood with me. In the last couple of years, that interest has been rekindled, due to a remarkably well stocked hobby store in the neighborhood that I was living in, and the fact that my wonderful wife encourages me in my many hobbies. I have since been working on many models concurrently, mostly plastic ships and balsa airplanes which adorn our son's bedroom ceiling after we are done flying them. I had been dreaming about building a Model Shipways kit for quite sometime before the opportunity presented itself. First a promotion forced us to move, and in an act of self consolation I bought myself the US Brig Syren Kit. Once we settled into our new place I realized that I needed a bigger desk if I was going to work on the Syren, so it sat and still sits patiently in it's box in my office. Soon I came across something that really piqued my curiosity. That was the Long Boat kit. I thought that it would be a great place to start, on something that wasn't quite so detailed as the brig. Additionally, it is of course a very handsome little model too. I got the kit at Christmas, and started it a couple of weeks later. I have been taking pictures during the process. Over the next week or so I hope to post everything up to where I am currently at in my build. So far it has been a very pleasurable experience, I am especially enjoying working with wood instead of plastic as a medium. I feel as though there is a life in the material itself that I just do not feel with plastic.
  25. Hi All, I'm putting this log here since this is where it seems to fit best. When this kit first became available I bought it as a Christmas present for my eldest son Joshua, who was 10 at the time. It got started and then forgotten. But recently he pulled it out and we've restarted. It's his build, and I'm being as hands off as I can be, stepping in only if it looks like he's going to seriously screw up something that won't be fixable. I can't guarantee steady updates, as it will entirely depend on his motivation as to how much we do. Photo's are from my mobile so apologies for any lack of quality. Bulkheads in. We only managed to break two in the process. Sanding the notches got a little enthusiastic midships, so it was a bit of a job to ensure things were this square... This evening we attached the sheer strake. Here is Joshua in the marking out phase and the results. He was well happy. Colin

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